Xbox All Access - Microsoft Bundles Xbox Game Pass to make Live Free? - Colteastwood All-Access

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Urban Yeti : Damn this is a great idea i would buy a new xbox right now if they did it, my ps4 would collect dust lol if this happened

IIISixStringIII : Number 3, for sure. Do u know how much this would expand the online multiplayer base? It'd be crazy!

FontuneTheTeller : I agree, no one should Have to pay to talk with friends

Eye Ball : free multiplayer, definitely

Chony Recarte : This man is a genius, Microsoft hire him.

UnknownTimelord : I think it's so funny how many people voted they would prefer paying. So many people really think they're getting a deal, but they aren't. I get the same deals, online access, and much more with PC. Maybe I'd have a console if it were free, cuz I loved my PS3.

Glasses Jacket Shirt : It would be nice to have free multiplayer though.

Bust3d Knuckl3z : You buy a game that has MP built in, but you must pay for the services to access these parts of the games. Isn’t that as bad as loot boxes? Just wondering. Edit: you mentioned it in your video I agree completely. That’s one more thing a PC has the edge on. Subbed 🤘🏻👍

Travo Nukem : If u want the 48 free games a yr then u should have the option. Gamers preference. We already pay for internet plus the games we like plus the console. It wouldn't be hard for us to give us three options


Fox : If they ever make gold free I will legit be the happiest person on planet earth

blast master : this is great someone needs to send this to microsoft

YOUSEE 101 : If they actually do this, I'm switching to X Box

Cpt MudcrabIII : I like how this type of subject is starting to gain traction

SHIN BAKI HANMA : Everything people say to defend paying for xbox live gold are blatant lies. There are a ton of hackers. There is no better security. Microsoft is literally charging $60 because they can, because people will pay it, because people are morons. People are literally giving them FREE money. They don't use any of that for any server costs. They maintain no servers for games they don't develop. The cake is a lie. Microsoft gamers are idiots.

hotstufff 7 : You earned my like hope this makes it to trending

SegaDisneyUniverse : If they make online multiplayer free then I would definitely consider getting an XBOX One! And I have never owned an XBOX console in my life!

sal arias : That's a hard decision but if I buy a game I should be able to play the full content of the game like online

Oblivionator36 : I shouldnt have to pay to play a game I alread bought. I never have played anything from gold, I only use it for multiplayer

mini gamere9999 : Number 3 thats why im looking at this video

Eliegh Topham : This man is a genius.

some guy : Xbox live gold should be free Here's what you have yo pay 1. Electricity bill 2.WiFi 3.Xbox cost (only once) 4.battery for the controller (depends) 5.the membership

renaldo v. : At least you could use the xbox app and talk to your friends without live

tyrone davidson : I would also go back to Xbox just for free multiplayer

1000 subs no videos : I would pay the $160 per year

Stray DABOSS69 : Think about this more people are going to bye there consoles and get more money doing it

Jip the neon inkling : Fam that's a genius idea

Dominik Hodos : This is a amazing idea. Microsoft please do this

SnapJD : If they made gold free I would immediately sign up for game pass

BlazingKnight101_GameZ : I think it should be free it’s free on every platform

spurius187 : 1 AND 3. You could get free multiplayer AND upgrade to gold for the deals.

Giant buddy : YESSSSS MICROSOFT GET THIS DONE 😁😁😁😁😁😁😃😃😃😃😃😆😆😆😆😆😆😎😎😎😎

OPTIC SNOW1998 : Hire this man asap

AceeYT : You don’t need ps plus to play fortnite online on PS4

Étienne Tremblay Gravel : Free multiplayer with party chat

iliescu ANDY : I whant my free games thx :))

PC Barber : xbox would get a hail of customers if they made multiplayer free

Gabe Kramer : Silver.....everyone like and share this video so Microsoft could see this

Raymond Webb : What you do is what I do. This time of year you can get 12 month xbox live gold for $42

TheEliteGamer YT : What game are u playing like the look and the style trying to know the name if u could tell me it would greatly be appreciated

Chris Simms : That's to much money for live $160. It should be free.

VexinZ : Everybody,step out of your way to send Microsoft a message. "Cool I got an online game for 60 dollars and now I need to pay 60 dollars to play this game every year?!?!

HandmadeShark 26 : Honestly if the online was free then everyone would just pay for gamepass so the wouldn’t really loose much

Robert Rodriguez : Idk if it should be free because the money we put in for Xbox live is to make servers better and run better especially a security base that will prevent hackers from hacking the severs. Look at what happened to ps3 servers were shit constant lag, and they got hacked on daily basis

TSM_Ghost _17 : 3 I have spent thousands of dollars on Xbox live

zzerofps : I would choose 3 because the games they give for free aren’t really that good well at least for me

llxCashOutxll : Option number 3 because majority of the the free games that comes out are old xbox 360 games and they are not that fun to play and alot of them dont allow u to play multiplayer

BLACK HOLE : If xbox do this they could takeover ps4 cause free multiplayer and they can make more money hope they do this thoe/edit plus people would rather buy xbox than ps4

AxedusDevexius : number 3 no doubt you know why because not everyone lives in country with a high currency value and if i wanted the first or second option i would need to pay 10 times the amount so ya microsoft get your shit right

Mustafa Aldardafi : My be I'm late but I'm playing on pc bcz of two reason 1st mouse & keyboard ( primarily fps games ) , 2nd free multiplayer with easy access to discord & teamspeak. about that 60$ subscription I prefer 25$ ea/origin access . I start looking for x platform games after the news about support mouse & keyboard on xbox , I will buy next gen xbox if Microsoft will give us access to the free multiplayer game side . Sorry for the long comment .thanks.