Xbox Big Comeback in Online Gaming - Bundled Game Pass - Colteastwood 4K60

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Urban Yeti : Damn this is a great idea i would buy a new xbox right now if they did it, my ps4 would collect dust lol if this happened

IIISixStringIII : Number 3, for sure. Do u know how much this would expand the online multiplayer base? It'd be crazy!

EtienneGame World : Free multiplayer with party chat

UnknownTimelord : I think it's so funny how many people voted they would prefer paying. So many people really think they're getting a deal, but they aren't. I get the same deals, online access, and much more with PC. Maybe I'd have a console if it were free, cuz I loved my PS3.

FontuneTheTeller : I agree, no one should Have to pay to talk with friends

Chony Recarte : This man is a genius, Microsoft hire him.

Stimpson J. Kat : i don't pay for any of it man cause i don't use it. i don't care about multi-player to each their own who use it. but if it's free i'd use the free games. as for them calling these games free currently, i don't see how they are free you are paying X box for membership that's paying for those games as well

Adam Barker : I would stop playing the ps4 and pick up an xbox one if they would offer the silver option

d and c savage : I just emailed Microsoft about this

Time2hunt : You buy a game that has MP built in, but you must pay for the services to access these parts of the games. Isn’t that as bad as loot boxes? Just wondering. Edit: you mentioned it in your video I agree completely. That’s one more thing a PC has the edge on. Subbed 🤘🏻👍

Ron Don : Phil Spencer NEED to watch this video.

J Fonzerrelli : Great video Colt. You make a good argument here.

Phil Sim : 3, i have super low income

Samantha : Let' s Spam microsoft with this video lol

Cpt MudcrabIII : I like how this type of subject is starting to gain traction

Travo Nukem : If u want the 48 free games a yr then u should have the option. Gamers preference. We already pay for internet plus the games we like plus the console. It wouldn't be hard for us to give us three options

YOCΔSCO : Number 3

siloPIRATE : I'd rather play for free. I don't buy an Xbox because I have a PC, so it would be pointless to have an Xbox. Sony, Nintendo and various parties on PC proved you can do it for free. Unfortunately Sony and Nintendo buckled

Moneymanbrendo : You can chat free with silver

SamsStuff : NUMBER 3

blast master : this is great someone needs to send this to microsoft

Carter O'Dell : It would be nice to have free multiplayer though.

Jordan Padayachy : someone needs to send this to microsoft

Oblivionator36 : I shouldnt have to pay to play a game I alread bought. I never have played anything from gold, I only use it for multiplayer

I am in the comments : Definitely Gold Silver

spurius187 : 1 AND 3. You could get free multiplayer AND upgrade to gold for the deals.

sean love : 3

TSM_Ghost _17 : 3 I have spent thousands of dollars on Xbox live

renaldo v. : At least you could use the xbox app and talk to your friends without live

CyberJay1226 : We had Silver back in the day, what happened? Yeah, back in my PC gaming days you played multiplayer by just having an internet connection. All these extra costs now make it hard for even a gainfully employed adult/parent to justify the expense. And bring back more “couch co-op” games, dammit!

Moggy Mog : Think I am good with Steam to play online for free and not paying Microsoft,Sony or Nintendo to play online that is one reason I have not bought state of decay 2 and do not plan to unless they put it on steam.

Nuner • : Dude, everyone in the Xbox LatinAmerican community is saying the picture you created here (4:51) is a leak lol

stay Daboss : Think about this more people are going to bye there consoles and get more money doing it

thagamereyes 1 : I would pay the $160 per year

Eye Ball : free multiplayer, definitely

SkyWarrior :3 : if i never had gold i would have never played forza horizon 2

SegaDisneyUniverse : If they make online multiplayer free then I would definitely consider getting an XBOX One! And I have never owned an XBOX console in my life!

Jip the neon inkling : Fam that's a genius idea

Eliegh Topham : This man is a genius.

TheHaven007 : Just saved $60 on fable trilogy. Thanx to live gold. It was only $15!

JameOne : Should I download State of Decay II?

eliazar lainez : This is a good video and good idea I would probably pick 3 a lot of people would play xbox if they took your advice

FJLR Gaminging !!!! : #3

Brock Smith : Number 3

Leonardo Flynn : Number 3

SnapJD : If they made gold free I would immediately sign up for game pass

Hieu Vo : Number 3

Brady Wittmer : I’d sacrifice the 48 games with gold for game pass

BlazingKnight101_GameZ : I think it should be free it’s free on every platform

YOUSEE 101 : If they actually do this, I'm switching to X Box