Karaoke of the Hill

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CJSwisha : If this was uploaded in 2017, he'd have millions of subscribers and a channel dedicated to Hank Hill doing karaoke. Guy was before his time.

eerereps : He needs Propane Accessories...

FORGOTABOUT Cam : I'm fuckin dead that this is 11 years old. This dude is doing the lords work because I never knew I wanted a King of the Hill / RHCP fusion until I saw the Reddit post 💀

orgy57 : this is actually amazing

TheVJProduction : the boy aint right.

alstinson : That's hilarious and authentic.

Propane : Well dang. This here's pretty su-goi.

bobwayne17 : This is freaking awesome. Thanks for sharing this back then, I’m glad I found it today! Your palpatine speech is AWESOME.

abdul ahmed : reddit sent me here, I tell you what.

YepImTheToaster : Bwa-a-ah!

Joe Malovich : Came form reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/7jevxu/hank_hill_sings_chili_peppers/ Great Job!

Pacebeats : "oh gawd, just cut the camera off"

Sean Duffy : Dude you nailed not just the voice but the character too I laughed heartily

GreatNewsVideo : Im gonna kick this guys ass if he doesnt do another one.

solidsnake2085 : What a strange feeling it must be to have a bunch of notifications on a video you made 11 years ago pop up in 2017.

lekoman : An 11 year old YouTube vidjya. Not too often you see one of those these days.

Natasha T. : Hahahaha

Serpent Lee : This is great.

Sabbalab92 : 11 years ago? Talk about a hidden gem. That impression was spot on. I'm impressed.

Bevy : That's a redneck Leonardo DiCaprio

Nigel : I love it. I love every propane-fuelled second of it.

MMA Hype Watch : Lol this is amazing! We need him to come back!

LawlaffTV : Hah. amazing m8. should make some fake 'interviews' :p

Aaron Skinner : That song ain't right.

evenios : LOL great!

Krissy Diggs : OMG. YOU ARE GOD.

0prahTV : Mother of God! It's all toilet sounds!

Vodkacannon : I wish i was this good

Nitish Chauhan : Never. Stop. This is gold.

dewdewdewdewdful : too bad he didnt sing the zinga dinga part lol

dwoollery : LMAO!

Liam Barrett : This guy could redub hank moments from the show to say anything we want.

teast214 : Please make more 😂

ryanabc12345 : gold.

WARPSPEED! : OMG such an awesome impersonation well done man that made me ROFL

J W : incredible

George Brumfield : Made my day. Love KOTH.

keegan clanton : This needs to be a regular thing. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, whatever. Way before your time. You, sir, are the propane salesman we need.


sdub86 : I really wish this guy would do more videos. He's brilliant.

spiralout112 : Does a fine job representing the honorable Hank Hill I tell you what!

john s : oh my, hahah great video!

Aiden Snacklad : top 10 anime intros

Ruthven78 : man, if you ever see this comment, you should make a facebook page and start doing these again, unfortunately the short form doesnt do as well on youtube but you'd do well on facebook, or even Vine 2 (yeah someone is bringing back vine)

oAirehko : There needs to be a King of the Hill movie. Start it off with Luanne's funeral or something.

The 64th Shadow : Sent by Utorai. And moose.

nickwstp : haha, parody cartoons are in your future

nickwstp : haha, parody cartoons are in your future

Brandon S : Please do more!

Bennet Fox : Ain't even 8 a.m. And that boy ain't right!