Goodbye Youtube.

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In this video I tell my Youtube story, and about my decision to leave. THANK YOU all for sticking around for a few years, I really did have an amazing time, but hopefully my reasons come across in this video. Music by Ikson You can still find me on IG and Twitter! Instagram: itsmarziapie Twitter: MarziaPie


TadaJeux : This is when you wish video titles were clickbait

Sean Meza : Your not a fraud marzia, you just went for the one you loved ❤️

Matt Y. : Papa Franku quit YouTube and now Mommy Marzia quit YouTube too *I want to die*

ziploz : Whos here after Pewdiepie reached T Series again?

Krellay : I havent watched marzia for years, Im quite surprised how much her english and accent improved wow


L : 8:06 well...Marzia Just predicted the article 13

Sponge Bob : I always saw you as your own person and never just as Pewdiepie’s girlfriend Although you two are so cute together ( I like how comfortable you two are around each other)

JusstDanny : Me: Totally understand Marzia. We love you anyways 2 seconds later: 😭 😭😭

Lia A : Let's get her the diamond button! We need to show her support!

Cizhni YT : She protecc she attacc but most unfortunately she never come bacc.

Leticia Vargas : Is it just me or did she get better at English throughout the vid

Gaurav, your Subscriber : If marzia will do meme review then tgay will definitely loose

IlGrandeGamerYT : Marzia è Italiana. Sottotitoli: Cinese, Inglese, Vietnamita. L'Italiano dov'è?

Bibek Acharya : Join again and help ur man beat t series

Random Raps : I’m blaming t series for this

Shiva surya : This felix guy should start his own YouTube channel.

rainbrows : i miss you, thanks for leaving some videos for people like me to come back to. hope you are doing fine.

PotatoTuber : Get her to 10 million so she wilk get a diamond play button for the wedding giftttttttt

ExtraMerc : Even though you quit we all gotta sub so you get a diamond play button as a wedding gift

OnlySteph : When you realize marzia doesnt do clickbait...

phill trash and ??? : gOD DAMNIT IM JUST VISITING TODAY AND noW wHY

divark : We’re waiting for your comeback Marzia, no worries

stuligin dahooligan : Let Felix know his 87 million 9 year olds are 100%behind him, and you.

The Gaming Skyflower : Why are all the videos gone? Theres only 6 videos left :(

Alberth Phillips Christofer N : Come up sometimes at felix's video would be great

Bluedragon967 : Let's get her to 10 mil as a wedding present

Erin Lee : Awwww Marzia ;'( She's such a cute girl You and Felix is the best youtuber and always will be in my heart

Nicholas LeMoine : This video must be fake FELIX HAS LEGS IN IT

Cassi Devs : I'm not sobbing 5 months later you are. shes so humble and pure and deserves the world and I'm so proud of her oh my God someone send hugs I'm sobbing

NewAgeMemes : I feel like I just got dumped.

Good Mythical Kentucky : Wow. I have never seen this channel late. And I already like it. It’s sad I came so late. Now I’m sad 😂😓

ST - SOLOTristan : Marzia - I love u all and I will miss u!! Pewdiepie - ......... T-Series ain't nothing but BI**H LASAGNA!

LaDameWhoFellToEarth : I'm coming back to this video again and again because I still miss her videos so much

Alison Gil : I became obsessed with you just when you left YouTube, life is so cruel

JennaMarbles : Omg I cri I love you


Alex key : I will Miss U FT. FOREVER!!!♡♡♡♡°•°•°•°•°•°

Mr. Panda : Cmon bros plz subs. diamond play button for her wedding!!

Ess Cee : Does anyone else still come back here, watch this, and cry because you miss her but you also completely understand where she's coming from?

Germany started WWI : Only time you want to be clickbaited

Namjoon ster : Im a new BRO, and well I have to say, I love this family. I use to hate pewds for no reason but then I watched one of his videos, and I loved it! So I started to binge watch his videos, and by the time I even realised it, I grew closer to not only felix but marzia too. Marz, you are an inspiration to many. I mean, this video made me cry but it made me to find the right path for me as well. Thanks.♥

X Flex_Effectz X : Gets 7.6mil subs after 6 vids and leaves ahah love it

Burning Halo : Wow were almost same birthday my bday is oct 22

Triple Swag : You have 6 vids but still more subs then almost everyone on youtube

s a k e : The First lady of Youtube

Mr. Perfect : im begging u come back PLEASEE

Helpless Devil : 3:34 You didnt explain how he got those fake legs.

Katie Kickass : I subbed.... Let’s get this lovely lady to 10m! 👊😎👌