Goodbye Youtube.

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Marzia : Thank you all so much for being so understanding, and so incredibly supportive! I have been very anxious to post this video, and I've been in front of my computer reading your comments since publishing it. I wanted to simply add a quick note in response of people asking for the old videos: in order to move on, I need a clear head. Having videos up, after making this decision, would have seemed like taking a step back. I've selected a few that I really liked, which I'm going to leave for a bit - for the 'adjustment' period - but taking my videos down, in my mind, needed to be done. I hope this makes sense, and thanks once again, for everything! <3

JennaMarbles : Omg I cri I love you

asdf asdf : this is the only person who makes a video called "goodbye youtube" and doesnt upload another video 1 day after.

JPL Toy Experience : There was this interview where Felix said he and Marzia struggled financially back in the day and they would fight over a noodle. I am really happy for you two, Through thick and thin! Good luck on your journey Marzia and Felix :)

KiddKoalaz : Aye, everyone start liking this video, it's on 666k likes. We need to protec Marzia from anything evil while we still can lol

Glatatos : Can you at least make a vid (either on this channel or with felix on his) when u get married talking about the wedding n stuff? Cause I'm gonna be soo fucking sad if I can't hear your thoughts when the day finally comes :(

A Duck : First time in history that I've actually wanted something to be clickbait ;-;

Sela58 : She's legit *THERE ARE NO ADS* Edit: thanks for 2k guys

Kartikey Subramanium : Lets help her reach 10 million subscribers and get her the diamond play button as a last gift from us.

GodCorrupt : First and actual "quitting YouTube" video ever uploaded to youtube

꧁Skippy꧂ : Her boyfriend seems funny. He should start a YouTibe channel

Ilike Turtles : 11k people disliked bcuz they dont want u to go

Hudson Hardin : How much is t series paying you

Triplekia : Basically, she's reaching the peak of Maslow's Hierarchy.

Christian's Dog Vlogs : The dislikes are T-series supporters

Masud Abedin : The fact that these two are getting finally married is making me feel old. Wish you and Felix the best of blessings ❤️❤️❤️

Bunny Official : My interpretation of this video is that she is done with living in her famous youtuber boyfriends shadow and wants to try something different for herself.

Drop That Bass : *Marzia* I wish u Good luck in the next steps in ur life and thank you soo much for making smiles on every single one that used to watch your videos. We will never forget you❤ All The Love To U....Goodbye Marzia❤❤

Polaris Holister : PewDiePie and Marzia introduced me to YouTube Now I lost one of them :(

THE TUTORIAL CHANNEL : Jesus!! I'm crying.....I will surely miss you....u are my favorite youtuber after Felix..... I can't describe my sadness....Jesus!! I'll also miss your sweet voice.... By the way... Best of luck for your life onwards Edit: A humble request from a fan..... Please keep making your appearance in Felix's channel....please....Marzia❤❤

akidearest : I think you did the right thing prioritizing yourself. Good luck to you, Marzia :)

Sarthak Jain : Now make babies

Lord Spyro : She's such an angel. I haven't seen a lot of her videos but I'd be lying if I said I won't miss her. You don't come across many people like her. Good luck in all you do, Marzia. We'll all miss you ❤️💛💚💙💜

Seth Coe : Brother I’m crying a little 😭

iDubbYou : fai brava Marzia, ti voglio bene... :'(

Ulliaz Lol : *Top 10 sad anime endings*

Secret_SweeT : *This video is a try not to cry challenge, and I failed 😫😪*

Za Ze : you shouldnt delete all the videos at least we deserve this.

Jizzy Fizzy : She has the cutest voice evr

GreaterFeatz : I’m telling you.. T-series is blackmailing her.

Keerry Mariee : I’m proud that you are finding your own path. I just wish you didn’t delete the videos. Not just for us but for you (or friends/family) to look back on and for your children to enjoy just us much as we did. I’m gonna miss watching you make things for your pets or something as simple as you having a movie night. I’m gonna miss you and I hope you and Felix post something for the wedding 💖

Julian Taylor : oh i just found this channel now...

Manolo Alatorre : im rich now i dont need you no more, thanks

GGC : Weird flex but ok

ManiYa : This is so sad, Alexa play Hej Monika.

Salty Bunny : Ok. Go. Bunny won't stop you

Edward Kenway : Saying This Without Crying Proves a Lot That u are so strong and powerfull .. ❤ we will miss u Marzia ... Good Luck 😢 ..

Abu Shahid : Well sorry marzia fans Bt i ll b seeing her in pewds video.. Hey you all can do that too.. Just smash subscribe button. Peace😘😘

Chi Kim : Omg is voice is so *SOFT* omg

Zach Choi ASMR : Not gonna lie, I was never subbed to you, but this was on trending and I decided to click. Now I’m sad you’re gone.

Bhavik Singh : This is kind of what modern feminism is supposed to be. Not other petty things

Gazelle Tanglao : I W I S H T H I S W A S C L I C K B A T E I ' M S O S A D

Fire Phoenix : Anyone else wondering why this is in their recommended?


Danielle Mansutti : Thank you for everything Marzia. All the best for your future ❤️

Genius Peanut : I was expecting HowToBasic to come out and throw eggs at her. I don't know why.

Izaak : When MrBeast was the one who introduced me to Marcia 2 years ago at 700K subs

Somedude Weirdaguy : You do you boo boo

xd xdxd : BewDie BYE Marzia 😭 Even though i watched like 6 videos of you, it's sad that you will leave youtube. Wish you the best 😙

Melih Durmaz : I think this is the most convincing evidence that she was doing youtube because she enjoyed it. And I like that. Don't feel bad Marzia, I think you had one of the sweetest, cleanest, controversy and drama free channels on this site. It's nothing but something to be happy about when you look back. I wish you the best on whatever next comes your way!