Flat Earth Theory - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 39

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JDR 235 : He tried to erase sharpie on cardboard lol i love this guy

Gaskinmoo79 : You know the world is in trouble when a guy Parodying Flat-Earthers sounds less crazy than the real believers.

RichGuano : The Flat Earth Society has members all around the Globe. How can they all be wrong?

Subzero Arctics : I've watched this video so many times that YouTube is suggesting actual flat earth theory videos to me :(

Squirrel & Wesson : He's a freemason! Lol. I am practically rolling on the ground laughing my ass off watching your hilarious videos!

Cassandra Bankson : *i thought I would be able to erase it. I guess I need more cardboard now.*

Larks' Tongues In Aspic : It's funny how a parody of Flat Earthers is less crazy than actual Flat Earthers ...

909sickle : He's obviously trolling, but he's using the exact same arguments as actual flat-earthers. Now I'm questioning reality itself.

TheBioBeast : If the earth isn't flat, then how come sausage? Checkmate, scinoobs

nathan broad : Funny asf

Dan Dimension : This video pleases me

Type R : Now, THIS is what should be being taught in schools. (Not flat earth theory - satire.) Completely lost it at 4:37. "From 1519 to 1521 the stupid SOB was making a giant left-handed turn the whole time..."

Shriram Maiya : Now I am sure that the earth is flat.

David Gardell : Should’ve put a disclaimer, people might actually spread and use parts of, or the entire video as straight up truth! 😱

Bradley Nance : When I first saw this video, I hadn't watched too many serious flat earth videos and thought this to be total parody. Now that I know you are quoting with about 99% accuracy, it makes this so much funnier. Thank you.

Crash, just Crash : My favorite statement from the video: "Gravity is just an anecdotal wet dream of Issac Newton." lmao JP, you are too much!

Frosty1979 : The globe conspiracy is so damn good, that only the dumbest of people can notice that it is fake.

jabi boo : What makes this satire so great, is that he's trolling people that believe the earth is round, he's making fun of them, and they all think it's so funny lol.

Flex Tactical : The only thing flat earthers have to fear is sphere itself

Mark McCulfor : They are completely different! XD

Eric Bourque : How does he keep a strait face...

DR. SOLO : Pause then hit the thumbs up button at the wiping of the cardboard classic classic classic good show mate. Bravo bravo

Philoso Physics : Is this guy trolling??, I think he's trolling...

Gangdaulf : Haha finally an actually funny parody of the flattards.

doomtard : You're a genius man! I see your reasons to be true. Earth was flat all along

Ganymede, Jupiter III : Even the Greeks, thousands of years ago, knew that the Earth was round, and even estimated the circumference pretty well. It's one of the best science experiments of all time. Check out Eratosthenes!

Zane_88 : "Gravity is just an anecdotal wet dream of Isacc Newton"

Julian Esteban Verdier : You are so good at parodying this people that i actually find myself wanting to punch you in the face! You are awesome!

Dr Villarreal : This is all based on assumption.

Nissim Hadar : So ... how come flights from Australia to South America don't go over the North Pole? Why don't flights from Australia to South Africa go over Asia? Ok .. so let the lies begin.....

Nxet Box : His sarcasm is perfect

Alpha Force : 4:20 - Considering that the only "evidence" disputing the apparent size of the sun and moon being testimony from govt "space" agencies, who rely on obviously fake photos and video to support their claims...there really is no reason a sound-minded person would go against what their eyes see. 4:50 - Well, how do boats and planes navigate? They track their orientation relative to the north star, or they use a compass...in either case, by following a compass or the north star, your course will be a large circle all the way around the plane of the earth if you are traveling east. Circumnavigation as 'evidence' of a ball is idiotic at best. 5:10 - That's actually true. 5:50 - Truth being presented as sarcasm... The ball earth lie is required to support the 'big bang' theory, which also requires dinosaurs and multi-billion year time spans. The truth is simple - minions of satan want humans to believe that creation is a lie when it's blatantly obvious that everything was created by God. Incidentally, realizing the earth is a stationary, enclosed plane expands your world. It's a shame so many people cling so hard to the silly lies of scientism.

Jonathan Dyer : Lmao...you know there are people who will believe this..

Sophia Lejtman : At the risk of comment wars...isn't obvious it's a joke?!

KaiserSchnitzel : I wonder how many idiotic Flerfer videos you had to watch in order to nail this video so perfectly.

cg84110 : This dudes troll level is infinity lmfao

David Thomas : The sun and moon are the same size 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

Bruce Strauss : HaHaHaHa I pissed myself.

Ben : Not sure if the dislikes are from people who couldn't get that this is satire, or actual legitimate flat earthers Either way, doesn't strengthen my faith in humanity, that's for sure

José Luis Nieto Enríquez : The earf is a sfear??? That's unpossible!!!


Dijana K : If you only pay attention to his voice, he sounds similar to Sheldon from big bang theory

Parabolic Dreams : Magellan = Nascar.

LoBro : Him: I thought I could erace it Me: you also think the world is flat

Robert Doucet : I recently saw an instagram post that used this video as proof of the flat earth theory

sm177y2369 : I hope NDT has seen this. I'm sure he would enjoy it.

Victoria Einarsson : Is he joking?

Billy McCutcheon : This is the funniest one I’ve seen so far

Hephaestus82 : Welcome to the 21st century, the earth isn't smart anymore, because it never was. Because it's dumb.

Enigmachina S Class : WRONG! The Earth is a velociraptor.