Flat Earth Theory - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 39

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SweDawgTv : I have a degree in physics - Said no flat-earther ever.

ray randall : not gonna lie, for the first couple minutes of this video i thought he was dead serious. flat earthers really do sound just as stupid and pompous as he does in there videos so its kind of hard to tell the difference between stupidity and sarcasm

Kelpy G : the flat earth society has thousands of members around the globe...so ya

wombatau : Hahaha I thought this guy was a spoof, then I realised he’s just a friggin idiot.

555 go ahead : The earth is just a big dump for thoughtless billionaires , flat or round .

Rufus Stevens : 1. Due to the curvature of the Earth, flights almost never go in a straight line. Also, the projection you used to disprove this is distorted, and your flat Earth map is just slightly less distorted on northern latitudes. 2. Whilst the flag would disappear as your friend walked away if you were on level ground, the high ground completely offset your maths as if the distance between your 2 altitudes were over ~5 feet this would offset your maths so you could clearly see the flag provided there was nothing in the way.

Shahir Ahmed : dude you have a pro level sense of humor!!!

Texas Mann : Funny how he makes the connection with coconut oil (don't believe them then) but believe them now. 😊 Want proof, with over 50 years in space there must be thousands of pictures of Earth from space, just go look them over... Easy

AC 4643 : I thought he was serious at first but slowly started realizing he was kidding 2:40 was when all uncertainty when away

Cynthia Eng : I want to know what the edge of the earth looks like. I want videos of people jumping off the edge.

attk177 : the stupid hippy didnt even need to open his mouth, I could already sense there will be bullshit

Golden Freddy Gamer : How do you explain that boats disappear if they go over the horizon line

Thomas Verdon : "you can't even prove that it exists, and that proves that it doesn't exist" atheism 101

Perry Kallevig : Most of what he says is true yet the fact that he's saying it in a joking manner will make people dismiss the research immediately. Yes, not everyone who's a flat earther is worth listening to but there are many researched, intelligent people that have asked questions that the general public cannot and does not want to answer. And to answer your question about why they'd hide the flat Earth: it's to hide God. The world is the Bible flipped on it's head, once you see it it becomes obvious.

Leslie Andrews : He trusts NASA about our planet and not the American Heart Association about coconut oil? I agree with him on the coconut oil, can but not so much Nasa. He looks like he knows a lot about being healthy. He is a better looking version of Carrot Top, and that's not a dig. Carrot Top is buff as all get out. I personally trust neither NASA or AHA but I still love this guy.

Ben Roberts : NDT: "earth isn't flat dummies now buy up every dumb thing I say about GMOs"

Truth Prepping : I think your the smartest person I've ever not met.....? Hold on does that even make sense? Or does it just make dollars?

Torgo Torgenson : i want to see the flat earthers fight the hollow earthers.

Sparkitus : This guy is great. Id enjoy seeing his character in a story arc. Some sort of self-affirming conspiracy theory, maybe.

DJ_K1LL5 : Don't do drugs kids.

Andre Abreu : Mother Earth has the right to decide its shape.

GayLitesFTW : This is art. Thank you for making my day. Will be subscribing. I need to show this to the members of my family that voted for trump. They will love it !

TheBigBison : This isn't the correct use of the word theory. You're stating a flat earth hypothesis rather. Yes I see the satire, and well done sir👍🏾

Melburys Brick : This is funny. Flat Earthers are such an easy target, because everything they say is ridiculous. Watching regular fantasy frisbeeland videos can be just as funny. (Of course the real fun is in the comments section.)

DeLissaplitz Anonymous : For the first 4 minutes here the sarcasm was so subtle I legitimately couldn't tell it existed.

1963geistaffe : So sad that your parents didn't have any children that lived.

Aislinn Freya : Guys stop hating. He's a comedian.

Yuihei Chow : this is just total bullshit

Marie : Flat maps of a round Earth are going to be inaccurate with Miles wise and where the states are placed cuz it's a totally different thing you can't properly place the states and have them miles correct on a flat surface when it is originally copied from a circular surface their video saying this and then that stick figure with looking at the flag that stick figure is way too big and the Earth portion is way too small


Sylvie Bernier : Flat Earth is not a conspiracy but a sign of cultural decline.

x2yll l : okay this is fucking hilarious

drone diangelo : What ever drugs you took...it did not make you any less stupid

Fighting Mongoose : Is this guy real

Jason McAllister : JP, you convince yourself accidentally? I think it's great we have some divergent thought. I don't mind if someone believes something ridiculous. We all believed in Santa at one time and that's fine.

Virtuosyc : 6:12 goddamn it, you should have said something like "to make people think the bible isn't to be taken serious" or some shit like that and it would have been perfect :(

william dowling : Lmfao. This was gold. Well done. I lost my shit at astromoner

Mathi Beau : So this is comedy? This guy dont beleave the Flattard Theory? I just want to be sure before like or dislike the video.

Jhonyrod : You must love being mocked on the internet!

Jon Umine : Why didn't the flight just landed at Hawaii? It was 10x closer than Alaska.

The Binary Box : I’m fucking losing it XD

dar'man beskar Ordo : If the earth was flat you could see the entire world form the top of a mountain. Yet I can't see China from West Virginia.

2sdd : why the f am i watchin this

Phönixs : Ok i've watched so much Flatearth videos that i can't decide whether it is a sarcastic hoax or a real flatearther how trys to convince us to belive in the flatearth.

Jonathan Goodman : I love this satirical video lol!!!!!! It’s hilarious yet people take it seriously. One of my favorite parts is when he says that everyone at NASA is a Freemason lol.

Roohollah Shahrami : Is this a joke. Right?

Julia Sanchez : Is he fucking with me

Max Wood : Do you ever look in to the camera

CoachPiuze : I bought the same red towel so Spirituals  shop at wall mart too :P

mimothememe : I was almost convinced he was serious. I'm disappointed in myself lol