Flat Earth Theory - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 39

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SweDawgTv : I have a degree in physics - Said no flat-earther ever.

funkmasterjee : Anyone can put a stop to FLAT Earth nonsense in one simple question... Explain why the visible constellations are completely different in the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere ?? In the F.E model, the visible constellations would remain the same wherever the observer views from. Second point - In the F.E model the apparent angles between stars and constellations would appear to change slightly when the position of the observer changed (if you are near one edge of the 'flat disk' world, the angles between the constellations 'closest' to you should appear greater than those on the 'dome' directly over the other opposite edge of the disk world. That is not what is observed. There is essentially no difference in angle regardless of the position of the observer because the stars and constellations are so far away compared with the diameter of the Earth. The distance of something 100 light years away is 73 BILLION times the diameter of the Earth. That's why. Point three; Circumnavigation of the poles. Both poles were circumnavigated by ship and on foot in 1982. So why did they not 'fall off' the supposed flat Earth ? They didn't encounter any 'antarctic obstacle' at the edge of the 'flat earth' because it doesn't exist. Point four; Have a look through a telescope at a ship that is moving away from you. You will see it appear to sink below the waves. THAT"S the curvature of the Earth..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0ObTd7DLMw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPrTMz7a4X8 (play it at double speed) ....ohh look !! where did it go? XD Further proof.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T874RMncnAQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NTqAUgoD9g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrihjP5tTTM Point 5; Timezones, Day and Night Also.....around the middle of the day try phoning someone in a timezone 10 or 12 hours different to yours. Ask them if it's day or NIGHT. No Earth model other than a sphere explains that. If you are saying that the sun goes around the flat earth (illuminating both sides) then the antarctic at the edge of your flat plane would melt as the sun came close. Those near the antartic (the edge) would see the sun as much more massive than others see it at other places on earth. They don't because the sun is much further away than that. If you are saying that the sun goes around but stays on one side of this disk then it would illuminate all of the world ALL of the time. Clearly it doesn't. So it doesn't matter how you cut it on this point.....the earth can not be a flat plate. Point 6. Gravitational attraction; So now Newton is wrong ?? If the sun goes around a flat plate then what is this thing right at the middle of this flat plate that is attracting it ? A miniature black hole ? Why aren't we pulled in to it when we get near the middle of the flat plate earth ? Assuming there is no 'black hole' gravity acts in proportion to mass and would act equally out from all parts of the flat plate and would not allow the sun to orbit in a circular manner. The orbit would be chaotic. The flat plate and the sun would orbit each other and it would become chaotic. Show the math/s that allows the sun to orbit your flat plate earth. The math/s for the earth orbiting the sun is well known simple newtonian physics. Point 7. Size of the sun; No star of the supposed proportions put forward by flat earth's could ignite and react. It would be far too small to do that. The internal pressures (and consequently temperatures) would be insufficient. Do the math/s. I'm not going to go into it here but ask any nuclear/particle physicist. It would just be another very small planet, in fact not even big enough to qualify as that. End of argument !

Thomas Verdon : "you can't even prove that it exists, and that proves that it doesn't exist" atheism 101

ray randall : not gonna lie, for the first couple minutes of this video i thought he was dead serious. flat earthers really do sound just as stupid and pompous as he does in there videos so its kind of hard to tell the difference between stupidity and sarcasm

Kaarel Kahu : Still better arguments than actual flat earthers.


ButterscotchBanana : Wow...flat earthers think he's agreeing with them? Roflmao! Are they too stupid to recognize sarcasm?

BearKillz : pretty sure the earth is a 20 sided die

Barry Adams : Agreed - it's flat AF. I enjoy watching NASA's animation of the upcoming eclipse with the earth spinning the wrong direction.

Kelpy G : the flat earth society has thousands of members around the globe...so ya

AVZ Gone : *intentionally spells one word wrong* "everything you have said is wrong"

Vast Right Wing Extremist : Flat Earth is a colossal waste of good brain matter. Thank you for this, I laughed my ass off.

BBCJP : Earth is flat


Astrim Faith : Did anyone else get shivers from the marker? That sound is the worst

Billy godd : there's no such thing as the earth. all of reality is a hologram.

moggboi : Fucking astromoners

Thijmen Van Den Dool : I want to know just one thing. What kind of pills/drugs do you use??

Perry Kallevig : Most of what he says is true yet the fact that he's saying it in a joking manner will make people dismiss the research immediately. Yes, not everyone who's a flat earther is worth listening to but there are many researched, intelligent people that have asked questions that the general public cannot and does not want to answer. And to answer your question about why they'd hide the flat Earth: it's to hide God. The world is the Bible flipped on it's head, once you see it it becomes obvious.

Stay Tuned : The flat Earth Society has members around the globe!

Olivier L. Applin : "You can't prove that gravity exist, so that proves that it doesn't exist" LOOOOOOL perfectly wronged logic just like flat-earther hahahahaha wow thanks

MorningStar Rev 22:16 : It is flat

Claudia Juarez : A lot of work went into making a video poking fun at people who question what the liars who run this place tell us. It's some kind of sick Stokholm Syndrome for people to believe anything their owners tell them, as if their owners actually want informed slaves! When people grow up in mind and not just body, then we will be able to start investigating what's real and what's fake. Until then, we get this nonsense.

Michael : Why was this recommended? This guy is a douche. Do some research people. I challenge anyone here to learn how an Attitude meter works on a plane...then ask yourself what shape the earth is... pretty simple

Lars Fällman : Very funny. Waiting for the globe earth theory. That will be even more hilarious

Brynhildr Valkyrie : BTW for all the non believers... lets get something straight here. if you are up to date with anything space related these days... it has been said time and time again that they cant leave earths orbit.... let alone pass the van allen belts. so with that being said its impossible to ever get a full picture of the earth if that is true. and the fish eye lens is what makes it look abit curved in real space footage. also the camera seems to never go any higher. plus we can see the sun and moon are closer than claimed..... so BOOM. The earth IIS* flat. shut your cake holes and go ice those hurt asses. because there"s no way that can be debunked no matter what argument you try to give. the facts are simple. go look at them and stop defending your indoctrination.... that's just sad already and weakAF. awaken ye fools.

Larre Kato : U the man!

Finnhan : Flat maps of the globe earth aren't very accurate to a sphere map.do more research you, dumb idiot. And I checked on the globe earth map that it is possible for them to land in Alaska. I feel bad for you people...

Alexander Morbid : I wouldn't been able to keep my face straight for 10 seconds. You are genius :D

Pyro Technik : Take a flight from South American to Australia

Mason Crawford : Please. Please tell me this guy's a troll. He literally said it was illogical to use scientific evidence as proof. Please tell me he's a troll. Please.

mini dwarfdude : Well gravitational pull actually does not exist... Technically. Someone prove me wrong

Gaming With Madness : Maybe the people who are joking could all change their avatars to the same thing so I can tell.

FeyScribe : We all know the earth is actually hollow and filled with alien civilizations, and giants.

scuba steve : Sarcasm is the best!

That_ 90's_for_you : This guy is my new favorite guy to watch😂😂😂

Tony Roberts : They lie about round earth because they don't want us to know how big the planet really is.

Wayne Travis : I thought this was a recent video, you should do a follow up... things change.

saulm453 : Nasa is full of shit. No one has ever been past low earth orbit. So no one knows the true shape. So globeearthers and flat earthers are both full of shit.

Scardan Youmans : Sorry, but NASA Earth stream is the best argument against flat Earth Theorie. And light travels around the Earth too.

Sharla Harris : I don't think I've ever laughed so hard when I found out this was a "thing"! This is even funnier than that moment!

SAM Cook : If this guy is typical of flat earthers, no wonder people have a hard time believing in them.

Zaco Cast : 1K people don't fucking get the joke. I weep for humanity

Lyricist1anda2 : What is the purpose of a flat Earth?

David Gaudette : "one time I had my friend darren.." haha lol

Ann Hoffman : It took many months of diligent and consistent study to prove to myself that flat earth is not just theory, but fact. The thing that weighed heaviest on the FE side was the behavior of water. It doesn't curve, period.

yeoworld : I graduated from Trump University and I'm a flat earther


Chris Vega : 98% of people are laughing but every single thing he said accurate including his math. Everyone likes to comment on what the shape of the earth is but don't have the attention span to do the research.

TheGreen Jarret : Good lord. Mercator maps are NOT a accurate representation of earth, damn it. You have got to be profoundly retarded to not get that.