Flat Earth Theory - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 39

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Cassandra Bankson : *i thought I would be able to erase it. I guess I need more cardboard now.*

World Peace : Flat Earth Theory is Illuminati test to see how gullible Humans can be and Humans can be freaking gullible! I still love you all:)


Orhan Çadırcı : Ahahaja. Very good parody

Eric Bourque : How does he keep a strait face...

El Guapo : Dislikes from people who think he’s being serious and flat-earthers who realize he’s making fun of them

mimothememe : I was almost convinced he was serious. I'm disappointed in myself lol

sketchart photo : i have some cardboard if you would like it......it's yours. it's flat though!

Glynn Tarrant : This guy hits every single point that Flat Earthers use lol

The Large Hardon Collider : _he tries to erase the cardboard..._ oh god I died.

Jonathan Goodman : I love this satirical video lol!!!!!! It’s hilarious yet people take it seriously. One of my favorite parts is when he says that everyone at NASA is a Freemason lol.

Mad Hatter loves Whiskey : The earth is a cookie

Jackson Wagner : Next best thing is reading this comment section and realizing just how much momentum the flat earth movement is gaining all around the globe.

James Morrison : In Isaiah 40:22 it mentions the "circle of the earth;" "circle" Hebrew Strong's word # 1754 meaning turning or rotating ball, and 2329 meaning "circle, circuit, compass." One word gives physical description and the other gives perspective. So thousands of years ago, it was known that the earth was a sphere. I am fairly Biblically literate, and realize that there are many illiterate dumbasses out there drawing followers after themselves. I do not want followers, but want people to make up their own minds. I believe science is the knowledge of creation, not it's opposite.

IZUDIN ASDI : Sarcasm to its finest

hades angelos : Giant left turn hahaha

Duchesse de Berne : The Romans would be proud of you, Ginger Jesus

yO5h 5trOy : when you circumnavigate the globe you are also going in circle..

Jrknooppers : The earth is infact an attack helicopter

Gdeep 5 : One word - beautiful sarcasm

D PIW : So if I go to the top floor of the Wilshire Grand Center buildilng in LA which would have a direct line of sight to antartica on a flat earth, how come no matter how power the binoculars or telescope I can't see the ice wall for myself? You could also do this experiment from Hawaii, Maine, Nova Scotia Canada, northern russia, etc. Yet millions of people with powerful telescopes never can see the wall hundreds of meters tall of ice that is antartica. why is that? ps - if you're going to "because government conspiracy" on me, explain the physics that work in your delusional universe or its a non-argument.

Mermaid : This earth is flat not. This earth NOOOT flaaat!!

White Wind : is this a joke, because his description says nothing about it, and this seems so dumb that it gas to be!!??!!?????!,

arynne hempstock : Omg how can anyone be so funny?!

AlexLun : Internet logic** "oh I see that you've made a good point, however you mispelled a word right there so your point is worthless."

Will Ripley : I actually thought this was a comedy video until I rĕad the description and he was serious!

Lyre Bird : I cried a little.

SheldonLudlow : "... he's a free mason."

Will Stevens : I didn’t realize this was a joke until he crossed out the not...

Viking Worrier : The earth is round just like a pancake.

Observ45er : Excuse me! Magellan, actually that guy that didn't get killed in the Phillipines, made RIGHT turns !

Lavender Moon : that was epic!

Otori Shingen : Wow thanks prof it all makes sense now 👏😂

Jacob Smith : Thought he was serious for a second😂

Flatearth Fatboy : Truth disguised as jest. Love it.

BigPapi : Also maps are not accurate in any form

matthew popp : Do Creationism next.

jerry welch : Nice

Star Knight : 🌎 🌍 like, doo thA thinc im Stoopid or somethin?

Jan Hansen : bad choice dude ... you look like a impossiballist

Prince Tiger : Wowwww this guy is POWERFUL. I Like your style bro !!!

Chrisanthea LeVert : I wonder how many times he had to record this to keep a straight facade and get it just right.

Neil Milliner : The Earth is flat. NOT!!!

TheFurryFox : EXPLAIN THE HORIZON EINSTEIN Also the earth is so big you can't see the curvature

Philip Sistonen : Universe is most likely flat though

Michael Fish : I didn't think you could top the 'how to be gluten-free' vid, but this is pure brilliance!

Frodo Falk : easy answer is: check out black holes, gravity bends light.

Patrick Hilder : Someone told me the earth was flat recently. I was pretty bummed about it. But I think whoever thought that was true thinks they're more intelligent than real physicists, the total happiness in the world increased. So whatever...

Seroga07 : had a good laugh

Ra Sunlight : Never trust a Freemason.