Drunk POV "I Wasn't Me"

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I Wasn't Me is a POV short film about one man's struggle to remember his tragic night of intoxication. Waking up naked in a park to a terrible feeling of regret, he pieces together his night, which centers around a love interest.

Comments from Youtube

Ryan 2018 : After watching this video, I don’t want to drink ever again!

oO0O0Oo .oO0O0Oo : I can't stop watching this. Um, can we collaborate somehow? I'm a studio vocalist and narrator. Give me some work to do, please.

Tubular : Fucking amazing job man, this was really well done. How did you film the POV angle?

oO0O0Oo .oO0O0Oo : shit.....amazing....

Abdelrahman Afaneh : i found this randomly on reddit and man it's sooo good, great job. like i knew it was so good when i stopped it for a moment because it was too harsh. amazing work, love it

Smazzy : Really good quality man, you deserve more recognition for your work!

we taking the youtube over join the max army : Bro this is so good like u don't even know it's so good and legendary

NuclearKnives : This was insanely good. Keep it up

gautam LR : amazing work man

Getaroomba : THIS IS SO GOOD. obviously low budget but the effort and excellent writing overrides what it lacks in $$$, keep at it you'll get somewhere great.

goluclear : That was fantastic! Subbed - I hope you share more!

Gassan Hachem : Up and coming talent in the film industry!

-OL- : Thanks for the warning for others, although this video was familiar with me. When I was drunk before, I decided it was a good idea to pull out my knife on someone because they only told me to calm down. Thankfully, nothing much came out of it because I decided to put my knife away before anything worse happened. If I was more intoxicated, I might be in prison now...

pligmo2 : This was put together absolutely great! You can really see all the hard work that went into this piece, well done to everyone involved!

stawberryDoggy Love : So Good Dude

rodrigo freitas : this is so real! I want more!!

Fvck Hui : This is really good man, keep it uppp

Salmanov : If the amount of views a video had actually reflected the quality of its content, this would have 10 million at least.

Joshua Williams : Great job on this man! I've been a fan of POV films for awhile now and happened to discover this in my search. Loved it.

Em Farhan : Masterpiece!