Drunk POV "I Wasn't Me"
A criminally underrated short film about being a drunk asshole

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I Wasn't Me is a POV short film about one man's struggle to remember his tragic night of intoxication. Waking up naked in a park to a terrible feeling of regret, he pieces together his night, which centers around a love interest.


Legend O Nor : This captures very well why I don't get drunk in the first place

oO0O0Oo .oO0O0Oo : I can't stop watching this. Um, can we collaborate somehow? I'm a studio vocalist and narrator. Give me some work to do, please.

accentplaya18 : I hate that this was me so many times. You brought the regret to life. Thank You, Sir!

iga1 : WOW. This is amazing and you deserve millions of views. Keep this kind of work up and I'm sure you'll get there!

Smazzy : Really good quality man, you deserve more recognition for your work!

videodima : Amazing short, well done

goluclear : That was fantastic! Subbed - I hope you share more!

Abdelrahman Afaneh : i found this randomly on reddit and man it's sooo good, great job. like i knew it was so good when i stopped it for a moment because it was too harsh. amazing work, love it

KristenLucasSoprano : Wow, this is extremely powerful

gautam LR : amazing work man

Salmanov : If the amount of views a video had actually reflected the quality of its content, this would have 10 million at least.

pligmo2 : This was put together absolutely great! You can really see all the hard work that went into this piece, well done to everyone involved!

we taking the youtube over join the max army : Bro this is so good like u don't even know it's so good and legendary

NuclearKnives : This was insanely good. Keep it up

stawberryDoggy Love : So Good Dude

jackkenefick : Why does this not have over a million views yet??!!

Gassan Hachem : Up and coming talent in the film industry!

oO0O0Oo .oO0O0Oo : shit.....amazing....

Sean Z : Really well done.

Ryan 2018 : After watching this video, I don’t want to drink ever again!

Conor Waters : Where you steal this from?

Getaroomba : THIS IS SO GOOD. obviously low budget but the effort and excellent writing overrides what it lacks in $$$, keep at it you'll get somewhere great.

rodrigo freitas : this is so real! I want more!!

killah5x X : Das why i stick to weed💚

-OL- : Thanks for the warning for others, although this video was familiar with me. When I was drunk before, I decided it was a good idea to pull out my knife on someone because they only told me to calm down. Thankfully, nothing much came out of it because I decided to put my knife away before anything worse happened. If I was more intoxicated, I might be in prison now...

Fvck Hui : This is really good man, keep it uppp

nicotate07 : Amazing!

smaulee : That was me

Joshua Williams : Great job on this man! I've been a fan of POV films for awhile now and happened to discover this in my search. Loved it.

Chayton Weber : What is the song playing when he gets into his car

Jack Holden-Rhodes : Reddit sent me here. This was great!

Nick Shapiro : Wow I think this video can connect with a lot of people. Many of us have had a similar experience many times over. I am going crazy over Penny. Her ambiguities literally make me want to drink. What kind of past do they have together? Could they work out if he had his shit together? Why does she keep saying “no” while going into the bathroom alone with him and intimately closing her eyes during their kiss? Is she hiding her feelings for him? Is she as messed up as he is (in her own way)? At the end of the movie I literally FEEL his need to get hammered again to muster the courage to roll the dice again with her. Give me the answers!!! :p

Em Farhan : Masterpiece!