All hell breaks loose on Adult Swim's Stupid Morning Bullshit
All hell breaks loose on Adult Swims SMB

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Jody Crissman : I used to fake nose bleeds so my teachers would think I'm cool.

666tbird : It takes place in Atlanta, I think this is the beginning of The Walking Dead. Who knew Sally was Patient Zero?

Vincent LO : Ladies and gentlemen, it's the Eric André Show!

hahasimp : When I first saw this, I thought this was an elaborate prank.

nicholas cato : at 1:01 she closes a bottle of fake blood and tries to hide it behind the laptop when she notices she’s on screen.. staged. Also notice how she starts to studder and fluster when she notices she was caught..

John L : :57 she has the fake blood in her hand.

Anthony D. : this guy really puked from seeing a nose bleed...

Theyungcity23 : Sally is losing control of her telekenetic powers. It's actually a common problem with young women.

Robert Raabe : The ghost of Sam Hyde haunts their set

boijorzee : Lol she has the bottle of fake blood in her hand.

Thomas Williams : this was hilarious and on top of that later the painter knocks over his stand and he got really mad


zdzdzd zdzdzd : This was either accidentally brilliant or a brilliant accident

Abe Linkin : Hahaha Awesome!! 😆p.s slow up on your cocaine use Sally ☺

choncy barbosa : I was watching this live. So good.

Gshift : Only on Adult Swim.

ProjectFlashlight612 : This is flying turbo-cancer

catcrapinahat : Sally is the hottest human on the entire planet Earth.

Marcus Sanders : Sally, whew, THAT GIRL

Mark Thibodeau : Did this really happen on Friday the 13th?!

Alienus TerraFirma : She's been doing way to much coke. Adult Swim is full of cokeheads.

Jef Bowles : Don't know if you really had thing happen hope all is well 😶bless be

h3xu0W : this is how demons play dominos

Tennille Patterson : Either the studio is haunted, or it's Monday 😊

lazy bacon : Candyman playing in the background made this so much funnier.

Specialflip : The pinnacle of late night television. Gg adult swim

ernie purmer : C U R S E D

Gil Terrero : Sally is underrarted

Europa Aura : People who are saying this is not fake, c'mon....

Travis Allen : Much staged, very bore.

DeterminedGoat : "Durrrrr, shenanigans durr, NO WAY could someone get a nosebleed at the same time a t.v. falls down."

its the current year : I know what we are all thinking. She looks like a coke head

Raa McDaenne : i feeel like jono leftand this was a contributing day

The Real Josh Ford : Lol might of sniffed too much cocaine 😂😂

Eric Muschlitz : Fox and Friends, you have just met your end.

Sir Douglas Howel, 5th Seat : this just became my new mostest lovest

loosingmymemory7 : I think this guy has a blood phobia... I've seen bones sticking out of people before, so white they looked like John Cleese's teeth after a dental visit.

Poop : this whole thing is just great

Mr. Super Fly : This is so Adult Swim

Nealon Ledbetter : Best morning show I've ever seen.

Jono Painter : Bro they got ghost.

skills1ent : STALE!!!!

Joseph Fazio : Professional

Matt Burkard : The more I see Sally the more I love her and want to send her sock puppets in the mail. Hail Satan

PachinkoSimp : This is possibly the most adult swim thing to happen on adult swim

Tegan Phair : this is the most adult swim thing ive ever scene

Vertical Sombrero : Idk man, just not too funny anymore

ethan : I never had an nosebleed before

Faulk Akers : SHOOK