All hell breaks loose on Adult Swim's Stupid Morning Bullshit

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Kody Jackson : i gotta say this is the most adult swim moment i have ever seen before.

Jody Crissman : I used to fake nose bleeds so my teachers would think I'm cool.

nicholas cato : at 1:01 she closes a bottle of fake blood and tries to hide it behind the laptop when she notices she’s on screen.. staged. Also notice how she starts to studder and fluster when she notices she was caught..

666tbird : It takes place in Atlanta, I think this is the beginning of The Walking Dead. Who knew Sally was Patient Zero?

hahasimp : When I first saw this, I thought this was an elaborate prank.

Vincent LO : Ladies and gentlemen, it's the Eric André Show!

catcrapinahat : Sally is the hottest human on the entire planet Earth.

Robert Raabe : The ghost of Sam Hyde haunts their set

Anthony D. : this guy really puked from seeing a nose bleed...

John L : :57 she has the fake blood in her hand.

Phasemental Supranatural : This was either accidentally brilliant or a brilliant accident

Theyungcity23 : Sally is losing control of her telekenetic powers. It's actually a common problem with young women.

ProjectFlashlight612 : This is flying turbo-cancer

Thomas Williams : this was hilarious and on top of that later the painter knocks over his stand and he got really mad


Abe Linkin : Hahaha Awesome!! 😆p.s slow up on your cocaine use Sally ☺

weean : Awful. No idea why this was recommended for me.

Gshift : Only on Adult Swim.

Matt Burkard : The more I see Sally the more I love her and want to send her sock puppets in the mail. Hail Satan

choncy barbosa : I was watching this live. So good.

Jonas Themonkey : this is how demons play dominos

Hinarf Narfy : Is it irony that today Sally is not on the show? Rubbing her nose all show? COCAINE MISTAKES!??! AND NOW SHES IN TEXAS RUNNING COKE FOR MIKE LAZZO!?!?!? uh.. no. It's not. Because that's not what happened.

boijorzee : Lol she has the bottle of fake blood in her hand.

Jerrell Allen : this is it

2 Brains : People who are saying this is not fake, c'mon....

҉ : bring back World Peace

雷BattleTardigrade : Mornings don't suck because this is on. SMB is unmissable. <3

Zoes Dada : Oh she's so classy. That dude is the world's biggest beta.

Wout B : I'd do her

had a gay name, i changed it : I know what we are all thinking. She looks like a coke head

Mark Thibodeau : Did this really happen on Friday the 13th?!

ernie purmer : C U R S E D

lazy bacon : Candyman playing in the background made this so much funnier.

K O : Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

michael ashcraft : Sally I wanna have your baby

Faulk Akers : SHOOK

Sir Intellitoke : Only a soyboy would puke at the sight of blood.

rothantik : damn so spoopy

Emily Jaskwhich : bloodfeast did this

Travis Allen : Much staged, very bore.

ethan : I never had an nosebleed before

Alvin Harris : Dat aint pepsi its coke

martin lynn : Laughed so hard

Anthony Galvan : Ghost


Brandon Shusteric : Just a normal day at Adult Swim

Ricardo Guanipa : better call a Priest to make an exorcist in that place just in case

Specialflip : The pinnacle of late night television. Gg adult swim

Joseph Fazio : Professional

Inebriatd : Christ... how humans de-evolved...