Poteen Irish Moonshine

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bill Ron hun : My right ear enjoyed this

Wigwam : redneck fun fact: Nascar has it's origins with the moonshine runners of prohibition, who needed cars faster than the cops to ply their trade. Their informal competition has today become the boringest sport known to man

Adam Power : Real professional lads.

goodsirknight : Glad that the Irish came across well in this clip

chronischtelaat : I've had the pleasure of enjoying moonshine multiple times, it's just lovely! Especially when it's full moon, that's the most beautiful.

Alright Kidder : And they say my Carlow accent is strong haha

splo1nger : Instant psychopath juice.

Gamingboy223344 GB234 : h i a

Jeremy Berryman : Wish there was a higher quality version.