two leaves of this bush keep waving without any breeze etc

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youtube playlists : another recording :

Jonathan Wakeley : makes me feel uneasy

ray rid : 2:08 and onward wtf

steve buscemi : Glitch in the Matrix

S Black : Come at me bro..

Feoury : I've seen this before in my yard. I did the weirdest thing. I came up to it and shook it like it was a hand waving to me. Not sure why I felt inclined to do it. Haven't noticed it since then but I don't usually look at the bushes anyways.

Corduroy66 : About 5 years ago I noticed leaves moving inside a bush. I never went back in my backyard after that.

Go3tt3rbot3 : Running it on my stereo and i hear something blowing. It's a cheap Hoax!

Shammon Nomad : That reminds me of "The day of the Triffids"

Brooklynn : Maybe there's an animal munchin on the roots