Extremely Sharp Dent Repair on a Toyota Sienna Lift Gate| Dentless Touch

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christopher m primm Sr : He likes his job and it shows 👍 You are an artist Sir 💯%™

Mike Sawyer : If had not seen this proceedure with my own eyes, I would not have believed it. Great job. Kudos to you.

Ganjar Portnoy : what kind of hammer do you use? how did that hammer not making a scratch to the body? yep...you're an artist on this 👍👍👍

Bruce Lee : its a mini van shouldve just put a baby on board sticker on it and call it a day

FDSeoul : YOU got skills man, very nice out come.

Victor Alejandro : Nice job. Thanks for sharing your skills

Gerald's Videos : Jeebus, a stinkin' master. I couldn't have done a better job using Photoshop's clone tool.

Pluto : Absolutely freaking amazing....very excellent work indeed...where do I find you if I ever need you? Thanks.

Real World PDR Training PDR Training : Beautiful video! always impressed with your repairs and quality content!!! setting the bar very high for the rest of us!

R Reynoso : The man is an artist !!!! That is amazing work! & Dont get me started on the fact that this man just fixed a creace on metal too perfection! WOW!

American Citizen : This is like magic. I mean, how the hell can one fix a dent using a hammer 🔨? Damn. Amazing 👌 😉 👍

Micknsoul87 : Master at work brilliant.

David S : I would be amused at how badly I would mess this up lol

john m : Fricking AMAZING !!!!

FOAD RIGHTNOW : Absolutely outstanding work, my friend! You are a miracle metal manipulator! BTW, how much did you charge for that repair?

Steve Butler : Pretty sure his lady friend appreciates the time & effort he puts into his play. Takes his time. Keeps the area warm. Doesn't quit till its satisfactory.

bpmiller87 : I'm 100% convinced that's a different car and he's just trolling us....otherwise, this is proof wizards do walk amongst us.

DAYDREAMINGMAN : Totally amazing to see a master at work. Fantastic, almost witchcraft. Well done that man. Top notch . Thank you. G

MrDoctorDIV : Man, I love finding other perfectionists, especially when they've mastered their trade. My jimmies are thoroughly rustled.

Raymond Ray : Your like the Bob Ross of paint-less repairs

Max G : Excellent work! Very impressive.

flipper : you are the best I have seen so far, salute

Dobermanator : I could do that, it would look worse that it came in though, oh and the back window would need replacing.

Tommy Bennett : you are driven and take pride in your skills continue this path.

sendheron1 : Wow,this man knows what he's doing for sure,absolutely brilliant 😎😎

Kenneth Chan : lots of patients great work

Chris O'Hara : I would have never thought this was possible. Amazing work.

Leoneidas : Nice video. Very cool. Do you have a PDR you recommend in Los Angeles?

Michael Poole : Nice work. If I had guys around here that could do this level work I wouldn't be learning to do it myself!

firebirdude2 : Damn. I must admit..... I'm impressed. Nice work ma man!!!!

Alex Yallop : Master craftsman, great to watch!

bitukukuasukgremany3 : Time and pressure the Andy Dufresne body shop

pandarama67 : You are truly a master at your craft.As a person who never did any body repair whatsoever and never even really worked on a car I was curious how this was done. I only wish you could of had another camera from the inside showing exactly how you were doing it from that angle as well. It left many questions as I had no idea what you were doing on the other side. But regardless thanks for the video great job you are a true pro.

Michael Wayne : Wow fine job!I was not expecting that to turn out so good.

uppe : Very nice work! Thank you for the detailed video. I enjoyed watching it! I have a similar sharp dent in a motorcycle tank, it fell into a door frame, do you think it would be possible to achieve similar results given the difficulty reaching behind the dent in the case of a fuel tank?

FynnFTW : Impressive. All you really see now is a small line where the dent was. Which is most likly the caused by the Pain since it was pushed in and out. (which is to be expected)

CKG : You have a rare gift. Very few people can pull this off. Good job

Marvin Mejia : I really enjoyed this video, specially because I can see how much you love doing your job, absolutely awesome 👏🏻. Great job 👍🏻

thomgun1 : Proper craftsmanship great vid

Tomo Reso : Amazing, someone I look up to! Thank you for showing me that something like this is even possible.

bruchpilot747 : if you're just interested in the actual action of dent removal: 8:00

robdbzgt07 : that was awesome ,, good work brah.

npx20 : This may look good through the camera but, in real life the repair is easy to spot and looks rubbish.

kidda74 : amazing, worth every penny!


mike x : nice work...………..I,m impressed.

Rudy Diaz : Like magic I am always Amazed keep it up great video...

Mr Glock23 : Nice work. Take pride in you work always. It's speaks for itself and u will always stay busy 👍👍

Rob C. : Meticulous and methodical ,Well done!