Crazy guy- Why are you closed? Why?

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bakerXderek : That kid rubbing up against the window LOL !!!!

theSicoplayer _ : "are you nuts?" the irony

RainAngel111 : For some context, there was a protest nearby and they closed the entrance on that side for safety concerns. The guy literally could've walked around to another entrance and gotten in.

Derp DeDerp : I died when that kid showed up. LOL

Charlotte Mckenna : Literally me everytime when a game goes on maintenance. 

edcellwarrior : Those teenagers mocking him where amazing

Aivaylas : Boy x Window

Factologist : A guy who had a 2 minute yelling monologue with an aluminium door frame asking other people if their nuts.......

NinjaKnuckleJoe : US at Japan in 1850's

that90sguy : I may or may not enjoy seeing this guy react to a stoplight.

pink nut : Just noticed he's not looking through the window, he's deadass yelling at the aluminum in the middle

hairypitz123 : "b-b-but you're in a public pla-" "no no it's *_closed_*!"

timfosho : 500 years ago this guy would be some religious leader

Jon Walton : let me get this straight, you make a scene and then ask if it's a spectacle? yes it is, because you are a grown ass man acting like a five year old. people tend to stare when that happens

Mister Magic : Dude sounds like he's speaking against a dictatorship.

osmosis453 : To this day, no one knows exactly why they were closed. It's one of the many mysteries of the world. Like the creation of Stonehenge or the disappearance of Amelia Earhart

Miki Seius : People inside thinking the zombie apocalypse is up on them.

TheStRyder91 : I like that the asian guy signed to the black woman how to get in and she's like "Hold on, this might be going somewhere."

jeff25677 : Im just waiting for him to push the door and it opens Smh

Jb Sprinkles : Legend has it that the mall is still close.

rollingklouds : Now he is reportedly yelling at the video on his computer, "Why did you film me? Why?" for hours and hours.

John Locke : has the audacity to call another person nuts

Nick Hughes : He sounds like Rex from Toy Story.

cheesywheezes : me at the u.s. pokemon go servers

Jeebers Nihil : I like this man's passion. Should I be sad that I'll never care this much about anything?

arbitrary PasTime : Dude can u imagine this guy at gamestop during preorders.

JackKnifeJones : when salmon rush is closed in splatoon 2

LittleFilms : legends say he's still there

fhds hdsjh : A typical retail customer

Boo Cocky : Open in 8 tabs. Sounds like a riot.

Draluigi : He's saying "Why are you putting us through this?" when he's the only one that actually cares

Brockovich614 : If you watch multiple tabs of this video, it sounds like there is a riot going on.

Infinite : We are the Toronto *public*. We want to _shop_ !

Just a Youtuber : I think this is the video reddit used to show when they were down for maintenance.

Exarian : Open. The Mall Stop. Having it be closed.

- Arrow - : How's a dude suppose to buy his tampons if y'all closed?

platano214 : Are you nuts? The police can cut my balls off! Lmfaooo

durins_and_winchesters : .....people in Canada swear??

SillyEwe : Playing Animal Crossing late at night.

TheNukedNacho : Either this is funny or I'm an asshole XD

Rosie Brown : "How DARE you do this to us?! We are the Toronto public, WE WANT TO *SCHOPPP* !!!" And the two guys helping him make a bigger scene.😂 This is golden. Why wasn't I invited to this gathering?? 😡

Rock Huerta : honestly want to know what this guy wanted to get at the mall

problem attic : Funny until that kid came in

Guri Yuri : It would be funny if he was pushing instead of pulling. But now that I think of that, it's probably too unlikely.

mdmelnoelle : I like how the kids are making fun of him and then he just looks at them like THEY are the ones who have issues 😂

Extreme Otaku : 1st world problems at their finest. XD

Cody Evans : those two millennials that ran up to the glass triggered me

Kevin O'Connell : Sounds like a slam poem

lekoman : I love it when people think private property is "public" because it's open to the public for commerce.

Jack Griffin : He's acting like the store is a bank in 1929