The Fall of The Simpsons: How it Happened

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will x : i always believed the show married with children destroyed the traditional family sitcom

Killer_Queen_ : Yeesh the animation really went down hill. The opening now looks as bad as a Family Guy episode.

nothing dotdlmsc : all those school days when i told my mom i was going to my friends place to do homework and would light a fat joint and watch the Simpsons

Trulz21 : Bro please buy a pop filter your SSSSS are killing my ears.

SCORPIO06061988 : I've long given up with The Simpsons. It was hilarious and had such heart once upon a time, but now the characters aren't the same and the writing is lazy asf. I didn't really like the Simpsons Movie either tbh, I dn't like that they make Homer out to be a purposefully neglectful dad, sure he was always lazy, but as this video pointed out, he loved his family and there were a ton of episodes where he acted selflessly and showed this, in the more modern episodes he's a useless dad and an even worse husband and constantly acts selfishly, which just feels so out of character from who Homer Simpson used to be. The writing is terrible too nowadays, nearly every episode of The Simpsons nowadays is a piss poor 'parody' of an existing story, be it a film, or a book, hell, half of the ideas 'parodied' are not even things that are culturally relevant anymore, they 'parody' stuff from years and years ago, stuff that's already been 'parodied' to death by other platforms. I honestly think the only reason people still tune into The Simpsons is out of Nostalgia for what the show used to be!

MagnusMaximusinWales : An incisive and well crafted critique. Could parallel issues also be; You can only do the same gags so many times before they get stale, and the world moves on with new series like 'South Park', 'Family Guy', 'American Dad' etc. stealing some of their thunder.

Stephen Vaughn : I would argue the next step from satire is Absurdism. Ala Andy Kaufman, Mel Brooks in Blazing Saddles goes from satire to total absurdism. Don't blame lazy writing on absurdism because a lot of our favorite comedy comes from absurdism (Fucking Monty Python!?) I agree the latter seasons aren't good but the blame lies largly on the audience, just as much as the writers and creators like with any consumed media.

Vincent Phillips : Just before the Simpsons Married With Children show changed the format of family television.

Dale Brush : 20:15 Oakley and Weinstein were still the showrunners for season 8. Why are they blanked out here?

George : Why u talk like this it creeps me out

Nick Phillips : Someone likes Hotline Miami. I would be cool if you make a video about it!

hdang555 : The opening joke and the first minute of this video make this entire video irrelevant.

Andrew Scheuerman : This is what happened to the left-wing

J.R. Caldoon : Brilliant dissection here. Thanks so much for making and posting this.

wikum3 : As a child of the 90s, the Simpsons played a key role in shaping my sense of humour, and I'm sure it was the same for most kids of our generation. All day at school we would be reciting Simpsons quotes and jokes. It's also crazy how well those early seasons played to people of all ages. Rewatching them as an adult I appreciate the subtle references and satire that I was oblivious to as a kid.

Lucas Delongi : 14:54 I agree totally there the stories became senseless

the craft : damn man! this video is great

d trezy : Great video I still love the older Simpsons but by around season 10 11 or 12 I started to lose interest in the show. It should of finished around then. Anyone who thinks the show is still good at season 28 is kidding themselves

Phantomshadow224 : Yes, they had a good run, So should they finally bury the brutally beaten dead horse (and keep it buried)? Keep ratings from getting even lower?

Mark Jamieson : The Simpsons didnt start out as a stand alone show, it started on the Tracey Ullman show as short little clips....

Panache Mode : Nerdgasmed a bit when Moon - Dust played.

Derick Martin : favret show in the world

TehCanadianSpartan : Millions of people still watch The Simpsons according to the current US viewers on Wikipedia

KeKKi : 9:35 that's actually called reversals. Just heard Shake Black talking about it on another channel describing action sequences. Syncronicity in action

Airjet2582 : Celebration of the rich and famous? That’s been going sine your beloved raunchy early 90’s season. They had a episode in which a group of celebrities (Bette Midler, Luke Perry, Johnny Carson and Hugh Hefner) band together to help Krusty revive his show and rating from a ventriloquist performer. Or that episode where Homer and Bart attends Lollapalooza and meets members of Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins and Peter Frampton.

Brian Burkhardt : Thank you for this video. I've been having trouble pinning down just why the newer seasons are so bad. You nailed everything.

Dr. Harry Douglas : Great video. But Phil Hartman didn't just "pass," he was brutally murdered by his psychotic wife. Saying that he "passed" makes it sound like he died of natural causes resulting from old age. Hartman was murdered. Why can't anyone just face up to the unpleasantness of life?

Madrigal E : I frankly just can't agree with his thesis.

wulstefan : Can you do the same with South Park?

Nwudo : This was excellent and well-researched, but I think your facts did not match your conclusion. It sounds like the new writers were lazier and less invested than the orginial creators. The show definitely could have kept up it's identity (which you so clearly outlined in the meat of this video). All it would have taken to bring that same "edge" to 2017, is use the exact same formula you detailed and apply it to current events. And one would have hoped that with a fresh staff, the pop cultural references would changed even if the identity of the show, it's characters and it's style remained the same. But it sounds like the new writers did not do research, were not invested and were just plain lazy. Image doing an OJ Simpson joke using the Season 1-7 formula, or a joke about instagram or YouTube? Unless you are saying that people who are psychologically like Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie, Bart, Milhouse, etc. are fundamentally irrelevant to the modern era, then I could see how you would come to your conclusion. But I still think there are lazy, sympathetic, crumudgeon people like Homer in the world. They just work at Intel instead of a Nuclear Power plant! What if Homer's job got outsourced, and he had to apply for a new job at some tech company. He could still be the same Homer even though Springfield is changing. My point is, The Simpsons' slow decline was not inevitable; and I even think it could be revived if people are serious about it. But even so, unless someone who is on fire in a way that you rarely find these days shows up, chances are that it will go the way of Radio Shack and ToysRUs. I will miss it. :-(

Bojo Mojo : The bike fell apart because it was being held together by the dirt. brilliant...

Big_T_1987 Travis : I loved the Simpsons! Would watch every episode, but haven't watched in bout 10-12 years the show lost that spark

Matt P : Everyone will have different opinions about which seasons were the best or worst, like a lot of people i think the glory years of the Simpsons was seasons 1-9, my opinion is that it started going downhill in season 10 and by season 13 it wasn't watchable anymore, but give all the staff credit for keeping it as great as it was for so long, and it's still on the air so obviously it's still bringing joy to some people, can't be mad about that, and personally i think The Principal and the Pauper was a really funny classic episode, it's not like Skinner's character changed for good, he just had a different backstory, even his name was changed back to Seymour Skinner in the end, and let nobody mention any of this again under penalty of torture

Karlton Miko Tyack : Very astute commentary! I think there were some points that were sensationalized a bit in the narrative. For example, "and then season 8 happened" quickly tempered with "has some of my favorite episodes" etc etc. and the mention of newer cartoons satirizing The Simpsons. The incorporation of more absurdism, I believe, made that season strong. There was absurdism in the very early episodes, fans liked it, so they put more in. It wasn't until, as this video points out, it took over the show that it became a problem (similar to Family Guy and their cut-aways). As for the satirizing of the Simpsons in new shows, it was definitely done in reverence and not mocking. Moreover, I think the complete decline in quality happens in season 12-13 -Dead Homer Society draws the line there as well. Finally, there was a bit of a renaissance in the show around the time the movie came out (which only supports the theory of how commercial the show has gotten, phoning it in until there's money to be made!), and still a season's worth of award-winning one-off gems post-season 12. But yes, I agree and I think everyone agrees that overall the show has massively declined. My suggestion to Groening is that he get the old team back together, at all costs, bunker up in the writing room for as long as it takes, and end the show with one last strong season.

Jacky Lee : this is one great simpsons episode, perhaps its real 'last episode'

Jason Braun : after season 12 the show became unwatchable. the jokes were weak and stupid, the characters were dumb and vapid. I tuned in to a recent episode and watched through the whole thing without laughing once

HaSTe_CM : they should've just ended it after season 8.

Gari Sullivan : A very well put together and reasoned documentary. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Thanks for making it.

NewGoldStandard : this was a great video; really well crafted and very thoughtful. thank you.

Batosai11489 : That Big Bang Theory laughter track thing was eye-opening.

Robert Pierce : Married with children did it first, but the Simpsons did it better.

Rick Bossen : Well done with a keen eye.

Sindiso Tebele : Who else is crying after watching this

Frank Fahrenheit : Calling a reduction from 8.7% to 6% a fail is just desinformation.

Potato Vlogs : I like all the episodes they all make me laugh, but I’m only 11

Master Hents : They should make season 30 their final season and try to make it as good as possible, maybe it takes 2 years, maybe 5 but The Simpsons should go out with a bang, not like that

Todd Abbott : Actually Married with Children came out a few weeks even before the Simpsons was first shown on the the Tracey Ullman Show. There were other shows like Roseanne, Dukes of Hazzard, Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Soap, Taxi, A Team... that while sometimes taught morals, like The Simpsons does, they also had families and cohorts that were misfits. Even older shows I think there are still good episodes now just like there were bad episodes back then. The main thing that has changed is the world around it. It has been over 30 years since it was first shown and trends, news, politics, and culture has changed. Maybe part of the reasons the Simpsons did so well is there were better news and other shows they could draw their humor from then now. Come on... nothing is new now. How many of the blockbuster movies the last few years were sequels or remakes? Pretty much all of them. I find similar things in Futurama and Family Guy. They all have good episodes and bad episodes and you just have to deal with it. I still find even a bad episode of any of these three cartoon shows to be 10x better than a game show, soap opera, reality show, or sit com past or present. I've always been a cartoon junky. If I could not find cartoons then I watched documentaries. I liked the Sci-fi shows I grew up with, but unlike the cartoons they do not hold the test of time. I have watched all 3 of these series from episode 1 to new about 3 times and still love them. I would say though if I had to rank the funniest episodes or even single jokes it would have to go to Family Guy. For the best stories (not necessarily just jokes) I would say Futurama. Averaged out the Simpsons mixes in there quite well, but I have grown to almost hate their Treehouse of horrors, but Family Guy and Futurama both have short story episodes like that and those usually get pushed to the bottom of the list of good episodes. I think Family Guy and Futurama tried to push things a bit too far... especially with the Simpsons movie. It just did not feel at all like the Simpsons, like Homer flipping off people and Bart showing his penis. This just goes against what the show was. Futurama is the only one of these three I do not think pushed things too far every now and then. Family Guy is the worst for that. I am still came out. I wish Futurama was still going. These shows struggle against YouTube/internet content though. I dropped cable several years ago and I am glad.

All Day Anime : make a video like this for dragon ball :D

anthologyofinterest1 : every time they have one of the characters mindlessly call out a celebrity, a terrorist is born.

Requiem4PandaZ : Brilliant video. I was wondering if you can do the difference between dragon ball z and dragon ball super. There is something just wrong with dragon ball super.