The Fall of The Simpsons: How it Happened

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Illicit Films : It's like SpongeBob the first couple season were one of the greatest animated tv shows of all time then became really corporate and started spamming out terrible episodes.

Crescendo Dramatique : There is nobody more out of touch with reality than aging liberal.

superdudeman666 : Married with Children came before it.

Sinjin Smyth : Its not just the Simpsons, its the whole world has gone into decline!!! Its like and alt universe comparing 90's to current 2017 The real question is, has the world become a better or worse place??

Bob Badeer : Counter-culture is always what pushes the next cultural thing foward because it is out of what is being mainstream. This is why today's new conservative movement will usher a new era of creativity ; liberals are the one being mainstream and pushing for censorship everywhere because of their irrational fear of being offensive to some "marginalized" group. Conservatism will shape the next generation.

HubsDrunk : OH please. The fall of the Simpsons came with the rise of more entertainment options. Remember when the Simpsons began there wasn't even any internet. More options equals less domination by one program. Simple as that.

Maddy Gowers : Tbh I disagree with most Simpsons fans that the main downfall was after season 10. I think that the Simpsons was still excellent until season 20. It was after season 20 that it lost all of its charm and wit for me. Anyone else?

Markstubation01 : I disagree. I'd say Married with Children changed television, not The Simpsons.

Danny Palin : I never liked the "Lisa Ego Trip" episodes (e.g. Lisa's Sax, Lisa the Simpson, etc.) It displayed blatant favouritism from the writers. Every episode ends the same way: Bart is a failure, but Lisa feels better about herself, so everyone's happy! Lisa has degenerated from a down-to-earth comedic foil to a selfish and whiny know-it-all. The only joke I found funny was when she joined the football team just to protest it. When Ned and the other teammates contradict every complaint she makes, telling her that they've all been dealt with, she runs away crying.

John Smith : The fall of the Soviet union in 1989 ended the need for America to contrast itself with the collectivist and anti-family values communists. So began the cultural Marxist subversion of the traditional Western patriarchy.

BaconKwagga : i don't think it's the simpsons' fault the movies, music and tv shows are garbage right now. it all went to hell in about 2000-2001. i can't recall 5 movies or 5 shows that weren't total rubbish since then.

ronjon83 : It's a crime to not mention Married with Children as it directly paved the way to Simpsons getting on Fox.

Dino Spumoni : Great video. I disagree with the example of TBBT and removing the laugh track to prove its lack of comedy. Shows with laugh tracks are written with the laugh track in mind, with pauses and cadences. Renove the laugh track from any show and it will suck. But see Seinfeld for an example of an excellent show with a laugh track, and the laugh track's usefulness.

KALEIDO jess : I actually don't watch it anymore. Tv has been pretty crap for some time now. Moving on.

Pink Droid : The Simpsons is still a great show. I will watch The Simpsons, or King of the Hill, over Seth Macfarlane shows any day, though I enjoy both. Seth Macfarlane shows are so one dimensional.

MiQuel Quiles : Wow I was 5 when The Simpsons first aired they're very first episode I'm 33 now and I still really do like The Simpsons granted it's not as good as it was but I still enjoy it it's still pretty good just my opinion anyways......

votejello : That "principal and the pauper" episode from season 9 is the precise moment the fall began

Beth Fuller : anyone know what accent this is?

Fake Name : I stopped watching The Simpsons when I started college in 1996. I'm glad I didn't miss much.

Jessie Fox : Wow I'm old enough to remember when everybody had a Simpsons t-shirt on and Bart was the coolest thing ever :D

Perfect Poison : 3-7 GOLD. 8-13 GOOD. 9-15 IT WAS THE ONLY THING IN TV. 15-100 PURE SHIT.

Paul Grewal : A few things stick out to me when I think about how things went awry: 1. The show went from primarily having a locally-focused small town setting to having episodes set all over the world and the over-utilization of celebrities really eroded the show's sense of realism and made it harder (if not impossible) to relate to. In the earlier days, the stories involved every day scenarios/problems that middle-class Americans face (ie marital trouble, fights between friends, sibling rivalry, feuds at work, struggles between a man and his boss etc), with the occasional quirkier story line tossed in (Whacking Day, Monorail, Itchy and Scratchy Land etc), but somewhere along the way the show's fame and success went to the writers' heads and they started to constantly inject celebrities into not only episodes and in the case of the infamous "Lady Goes Gaga" episode, actually had a celebrity feature prominently in a plot. It's just not realistic when a show's main characters are supposedly just typical middle-classed members of a relatively small and obscure town and they're constantly running into famous musicians, sports stars, television personalities etc. Also, I agree with this video's insinuation that the "Simpsons are going to..." episodes have gotten lame and the premise has worn out. The episodes where the family goes to places like Italy and India absolutely suck (no offense to those Nation's of course; the episodes are just lame and pointless).

Peter Borak : I agree. To me, the show started dying after season 12-13. Now it's just on life support, and it breaks my heart cause I used to love the show. I hope they finally end it after season 30

Paranoid Bastard : The Simpsons clearly suffers from being written by several different people. Characters are inconsistent (Ralph for example has turned from real character to autistic one liners spewing imbecile). Also, 30 years is unnaturally long time for a TV show. Inconsistent characters and "it's not how it used to be" -feelings are inevitable.

Lourdes ricafort : Can Rick and Morty suffer the same fate as the Simpsons' fall?

BrunixTp : Honestly Sideshow Bob, the only likeable simpsons character nowadays (and that's a leap) should just kill the simpsons and end it.

Ziyad Issa : This show is still amazing....

Shirondale Kelley : 22 minutes in, your breakdown is perfect. I did not laugh at the modern Simpson's joke, but your delivery with the fix got me to literally laugh out loud. I wish that the show would get back to that sort of comedy.

Jesse White : I think that the introduction of Family Guy and South Park played a large role in the decline of the Simpsons as well. They came along and took things to another level of social commentary and "offensive" comedy. Simpsons then tried to change to cash in on that and couldn't keep up.

HarpsiFizz : I distinctly remember a time between 2001 and 2004 when there was a string of episodes I really loved. And then a few more around 2004-2008 (specifically I really appreciated "there's something about marrying"). I gave up on The Simpsons after seeing "Once Upon a Time in Springfield" (Season 21). That episode was 100% THE WORST thing I'd ever seen. Romance plots are lazy to begin with in ANY medium (book, tv, movie, play) but this one didn't even tell a story. Second, Lisa Simpson would _never_ fall for Princess Penelope bullshit! Lisa would see right through this and campaign against the very notion of Penelope and everything she represented and stood for! Third, WTF was that ending?!? I was done. Or so I thought. But then came Treehouse of Horror XXII (Season 23). "The Diving Bell and Butterball". Oh. My. GOD. i thought I was done then? I didn't know the MEANING of done before this. The Simpsons rarely resorted to making jokes about _that_. I think they did _once_ vaguely reference it at the end of the King Sized Homer episode (Bart starts to say something about it being ironic that Homer was blocking the pipe). That was a thing for the infantile, lazy, Family Guy. And here they were devoting a whole segment to it. Not only that, but they were doing it while mocking the book "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly". I know I'm going to come across as one of those "easily offended" types, and I swear I'm not, but I'm sorry, if you read the wikipedia article on that book and find out how it was written and just give yourself three minutes to think about what that must have been like, you'll understand why it was such a stupid, infantile, know-nothing piece of crap "gag". While I did vaguely enjoy the "hipsters move in" episode and parts of the Waverly Hills episode and clips from the episode about rich girl Harper and that one "Miss Lucy had a steamboat" clip, and I can appreciate that they had Lady Gaga on there (she means a lot to me as a transboy) I'm not even bothering with Simpsons anymore. I'll probably go back one day when I'm sick in bed and watch all the episodes after Penelope, but other than that, forget it.

SweatahVest : Hans Moleman is the best character, there is no disagreeing with this statement. It is fact

TheGuardian : May be one of the reasons why Simpsons lost their touch was thanks to other cartoon series that came along at the end of the decade. It was not original anymore.

tuffasgong : I love it where he is dangling trying to get the pie and Santa's little helper eats it and you see his disappointment.

Gary Bengtsson : ah love dat canadian accent

John Trevino : Fuck this video. Season 10 was gold!!!!

Anthony Broaddus : Sounds like some "hipster snobbery". The Simpsons is still funny to me. You sound like the Comic Book Guy.

Alphatrout 9741 : What if the new seasons are barts *ANGRY DAD* TV show bart made after he stopped being a bull doze driver (or is that a later season episode of the future???!!)

Reuben Walton : You are annoying and pretentious and a pompous douche, it's not that serious.

Calvin Cullen : Can we all just admit family guy won

Jose Maria Rosales y Gallegos : I don't give a fuck what they say about the simpsons, I love that show. I grew up with that show. When I was 3, I started to watch that show. Now, I still love it regardless of what anyone says!

kurokocchi sama : Please do "why you should watch fullmetal alchemists brotherhood"

6slayer6sam6 : What about married with children in 1987 though....or the simpsons skits, also in 87? I watch seasons 1-10 regularly...and agree with this video. Now let me talk about something that bothers me...Rick and Morty. I like it...its ok...but it's not THAT good. It seems like there are 2.5 developed characters, and just a bunch of random shit, written by guys who fart in snifters and chortle about their brand for that day. I toy with the idea of getting the rest of The Simpsons' dvd's, but haven't . It's painful to watch. I guess I will stick to R&M for now...but it is seriously not anything even close to anything this show has done, even in weaker seasons.

King Calucha : This was my favorite show. Then it became shite. I just can't watch it anymore. It's been around 20 years now... so sad

Robert Deskoski : Nope. 'Married With Children' began in '87, which sent up the perfect nuclear family first.

Gratowl : What about South Park? That show has grown and evolved with the culture for 20 years and is still going strong.

Blaze Radio : at 14:45, is that the hotline Miami end level song?

sco bra : A full half hour analyzing a cartoon. Good to see you don't take things too seriously.

LordBitememan : "The Fall of The Simpsons: How it Happened" It's no fucking mystery! It stayed on the air for 30 goddamn years! You tell me what show stayed on the air for just as long without exhausting the conceivable plotlines and devolving to crap!

John Smith : The greatest TV series of the 20th century is "Married With Children"