The Fall of The Simpsons: How it Happened

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where is danny black : I often wonder what the Simpsons would have been like if the characters would have actually aged in each season.. almost like a real TV show

OctoMan PC's : The same 2 things that killed The Simpsons are the same two things that kill everything else in life; Time and Technology. Time made the original fan base age that now work, have families and don't have time. Time brought in new generations of viewers that have different tastes in humor and schedules. Time has changed the voices of the actors and time has even taken a few from us. Technology changed the look and feel of the original show, Technology also created new forms of media and entertainment that quite honestly eclipse the old school Prime time TV. New and Old generations alike prefer the internet where on demand is preferable, no one rushes to go home anymore to catch a show, they watch it when they can. The internet has set new bars of entertainment, youtube as one, as we are all here watching youtube, changed what we see. We have Fail army, we have thousands of hours that in this day and age are superior to what we can see on TV. Time and Tech... it kills everything

SpyroSfilms : Used to be bold and brash, now belongs into the trash

PowerThirteen : I just saw another example of a fine Simpsons joke, in the episode where Grandpa makes the love elixir. After Homer drinks it, speeds home, gives the kids 50 dollars for the movies and practically throws them out of the house then sweeps Marge off her feet and takes her upstairs, slamming the door to their bedroom. Then we get clips of a train entering a tunnel, a rocket taking off, then hot dog sausages on a conveyor belt. Then the scene zooms out a bit and it turns out it's on a cinema screen. Then it shows the Simpsons kids with popcorn and cola watching the movie, with a big sign saying "STOCK FOOTAGE FESTIVAL" on it. I didn't stop laughing for two minutes. Old Simpsons were classics. It is a shame what happened in later series.

Succ Me : Didn't realize a just sad through 31 minutes showing the death of the great show my family used to sit at the diner tablet and eat and laugh. Rip this show

Nipple magic : I like the old Simpsons for their art style also. The old Simpsons may look a little sloppy, but the show benefits from it, it's charming. You could see the principals of animation at work like squash and stretch. Now it's robotic as all hell. The modern Simpsons just looks like it has been thrown together from presets in flash or something like that. It doesn't have any heart to it's art style.

Dio Cane : "Do it for her" i still cry to this day

Janine : FANTASTIC video. The conclusion brought me to tears, very beautiful.

Mitchell Movie Productions : Ah... 90s Simpsons, our equivalent of Woody's Roundup. ...good times.

Etrip : that street sweeper scene made me crack up! Man I gotta go rewatch the old simpsons holy shit

XA Vayas : Your irish accent arouses me.

Icằŗūs Kūŗøı : Honestly you must have very high IQ to understand classic Simpsons, the jokes are vastly complex and sometimes 10 of them happens in only 15 seconds

Arman J.C. : This video is intense, profound, deep.

Goose McBruce : This should be a TV documentary. Brilliant production value

Brick films : 1-11 = golden age -awesome 12-19= silver age = meh. Pretty ok 20-29= Dark ages= Oh no another crappy sitcom

mickton shrimpton : The death of Phil Hartman really hurt The Simpsons....

Zoaz : One thing that didn't get mentioned is Flanders. He became a symbol of the show's downfall for many places like TV Tropes. He started as a loveable fuddy-duddy Mr Rogers parody, who was kind and nice and really the one true symbol of goodness and hope in the show. Now look at him. He's basically the Westbro Baptist Church. Which reminds me of another big problem in the show - the satire used to be so on point and methodical. Now it's just the kind of cheap shots you get in Family guy.

MasterZaymin : The airport joke done in classic Simpsons style killed me. It is too perfect.

Infestedhobo1 : Funnily enough, take away "loves his family" and you pretty much have peter griffin.

B L A N K : Steamed Hams

Gender Naruto : Recognizing "untitled" tells me i spent too much time rage quitting to the title

Gameplay and Talk : Fantastic video. It's been ages since I have seen a Simpsons episode, but it seems like I haven't missed much. Such a shame.

Jack Lawson : I always loved the older Simpsons, and as much as I can agree with the decline, I have to say that I don't think it did decline as early as everyone says it did. I can personally watch it up to Season 22 and after that it just gets plain boring. One of the most recent and modern episodes I watched was Homer and Marge broke up and Homer started dating this university student. It just didn't make any sense to me whatsoever, and as much as it turned out to be a dream, it was still really messed up. Family Guy have wacky storylines but I don't even think they'd write something as stupid as that. But it's after that episode that I just cannot watch any more of The Simpsons. Any of the new ones anyway. And I've always been a devoted fan but that one did it for me.

Super Koala64 : Amazing video. I agree 100 percent. Classic Simpsons was the best

palmieres : 22:48 - 23:25 This is essentially Peter Griffin, but since Family Guy was never good at building good characters and just spews crass joke after crass joke at the expense of easy targets the show is still on and not as reviled as The Simpsons has become. Geesh... people do grow bitter and mean when they feel their trust has been betrayed, but if something was crap to begin with then no one seems to care. But they still watch the crap anyway! I think I'll just stick to Futurama, through its ups and downs that show has always managed to stay above water and never disappointed me.

Vampe : TL;DR the show is almost 28 years old..

Aaron Michaels : 78K people get it...

F R A N K : Lmao did you just use the hotline miami soundtrack on a simpsons video?

Garlicjr Made : 4 thousand big bang theory fans didn't like this video

Mr. Nobody : You are gorgeous ! You are completely right , I really resonate with you , but , how I perceive now , it's really horrific , we live in a freaking sad depraved devolved world , everything is gonna destroy itself , and who knows what's the cure for this zombie parasitical virus ? Maybe it's not happening randomly all of this... I don't believe in coincidences , maybe it's meant to be downgrading us , to brainwash us and enslave us under a umbrella of money enslavement mkultra entertainment worshiping the nihilism , chaos , non-sense , we really are in the end times , the idiocracy , we need change , a true change!

MutantManFish : *Gluttonous Glutinous means sticky or viscous. Y'know, like glue.

TheAngryBoi : The people who disliked are 8-12 yr olds who still like the Simpsons.

LobsterParty Man : So rick and morty is basically the new simpsons. A big middle finger to a lot of modern stereotypes and dull repetitive stories. Hopefully it doesn’t take a downward spiral like the simpsons did either

FanFanatik : #Season8WasStillGreat

andykishore : 4:59 I have that book.

Mr. Camel Bluez : Well, I guess I need to play Hotline Miami 2 because this soundtrack is h-o-t. Fantastic presentation! Keep up the great work. Subbing.

Chibi Who : Amazing video! You lay out the points clearly and gives a very in depth look! Also your voice is really easy to listen to!

Garlicjr Made : i noticed it a few years ago too, shortly after family guy made its groundbreaking come back to fox, they threw out the old and started pulling obvious Family guy "like" jokes. I knew it was gone forever after that.

Tim Hare : You just earned a sub

Jackson Wright Music : Awesome video. I agree that it's not bad that the good 'ol days of The Simpsons aren't still happening... almost makes it more special that it's a limited amount of seasons to entertain us and evoke nostalgia. It is crazy how clear the drop off point is, when season 8 starts becoming hit-or-miss. I can't think of another show that fell THAT much in quality and was that obvious. That said, there are a few episodes in later seasons, like "Gone Maggie Gone" or "The Haw-Hawed Couple," that manage to get those three special qualities across at least a little. And episodes like the Lego one, where they just completely warp the Simpsons' reality, I look forward to just because they're fun ideas in general, if I separate the fact that it's the Simpsons from everything else, it's pretty entertaining.


Chris C : It was Mike Scully who ruined the show IMO

kristenburnout1 : This video is beautiful, a brilliant piece of work. I find it interesting how the animation itself, although probably coincidental, seems to degrade the same way the writing does. It begins as dynamic and "alive" (if not a bit crude), capable of displaying the characters full emotional spectrum. Over the years, apart from the added resolution and "polish", it evolves to become bleak, dull, rigid and devoid of emotion and life. Example: Old intro vs the new intro.

Dreaming Demmy : Love your Irish accent.

Galaxy Dust : This is a great video and explains it well, but I personally think that the Simpsons in later series is better. Originally, the Simpsons was based heavily on the plot and didn't include as many jokes. In newer series, a lot of their jokes aren't as complex, but they are more common. You also included a pretty good example of old Simpsons and a pretty bad one of current Simpsons. Now, every line in the Simpsons is a joke. These jokes build up to create the episode. I see what you mean when you say that the jokes are simple and unfunny, but there are still some funny and complex ones in there. Also, I see myself laughing more at the jokes in current Simpsons than old Simpsons because old Simpsons wasn't really based on jokes and they didn't try to mix in jokes with the storylines. Instead, they have some random jokes that make the episode seem a bit messy although, these gags are still funny. Another reason is because of the quality. I watched Simpsons ever since I could remember. Growing up, I didn't understand the plot or the jokes, but I enjoyed watching animation. The animation is really important and actually really helps convey the storyline. Whenever I watch an animated show, I always focus on the quality of the animation. This is an important aspect of the Simpsons and animation takes a lot of work to do. Having the quality of the animation improve gives off a lot more effect. It makes the show easier and better to watch and helps convey the characters feelings and personality and the episode's storyline. It also shows that the animators put effort into the episode. This is why I personally believe that the Simpsons is still good. Congratulations if you have read all of this.

Stuart Pot : I love how the writers of this show still think fat jokes are funny in 2017.

Cranberry the Cat : After watching this video, I better understand why my dad loved the Simpons all throughout his college and young adult life.  (Basically 1990 to 2000.)  This was one of the shows that was always playing in the background during my childhood, and I remember a lot of the old episodes even though I wasn't technically the one watching them.  My mom had an opinion of the Simpons that was very much the same as the former President's: she found it crass, stupid, and even evil on certain occasions, and it caused a bit of strife between my parents.  In doing so, she failed to understand all the reasons my dad held the show in such high esteem.  The old episodes' comedy is downright masterful, and really like how you explained how the jokes were set up and delivered in this video.  All in all, I think the Simons has rightly earned its place in Americana, and your video has made me appreciate that all the more.  Great analysis!  I really look forward to watching your other videos.

Quix : hotline miami much

BrunixTp : Honestly Sideshow Bob, the only likeable simpsons character nowadays (and that's a leap) should just kill the simpsons and end it.

Kitty McPuss : Your voice is so slow and monotone