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Buying your fiancé the perfect engagement ring will make or break your relationship. Hope you enjoy our new comedy sketch! Subscribe to Extremely Decent for new sketches every month! Follow us on Instagram: Starring: Cait Fairbanks Nick Smith Directed by: Nick Smith Director of Photography: Patrick Lawler Written by: Jon Eidson & Nick Smith Produced by: Ian McQuown, Jon Eidson, Nick Smith, Brendan Rice, Mikey Caro Art Direction: Brendan Rice VFX & Animation: Mikey Caro Edited by: Nick Smith Commercial voice over: Erin Matthews Diamond Tracker/Ed the Fish: Chris Smith

Comments from Youtube

EarlGamer : Commenting so the goldfish can eat :(

Ross Bloedorn : This is art. You guys are amazing. I also really loved the acting in this one. Nick continues to have amazing comedic timing, and the girl at the end had the perfect freak out XD

jim : How do I give you money

Caer Ibormeith : Phil gets us the good stuff. I will never not click the Secret Link.

Jack Harmony : *Your delivery route has been optimised*

Kai Burning : Wow a video not a year apart? How amazing

The Flying Farmer : So glad to see you guys back!

Stuff : 10/10 as usual

Metabates : Oh shoot, you guys actually meant it this time when you put out a schedule for yourselves? Neat.

EJ Yohannan : “That’s what you do on a break” lol

Meteorcow : Beautiful, brings tears to my eyes.

Peter Gilroy : It be good when it do, it be soooo good when it dooooo

Nkanyiso Innocent Khwane : 😂 *Philly D has Great taste in Comedy*

Matty Matt : This is by far one of the best Secret links Phil has linked out to! Great video

Connor : Diamond is Unbreakable

Anthony Jacob : Yakubu was a strong man

dudeinco : Now you just need to start a human aide initiative to send Chinwe money, so he, and his village, can eat for a week on $5.00!

Alex Devus : Y'all need more subscribers. Sooo deserved with the effort in your videos.

Racing Stripe A/V : Oh wow, you got Mutu to courier your diamond? You lucky sonuva...

Nick Pacanowski : *Looks to friend beside me Me: "....They're back." So glad you guys are posting regularly again!

Tommy : i liked, commented, unsubscribed, subscribed and rang that bell thingy. what did i win?

Lt_Sherpa : This. This is why I've remained subscribed for so many years.

Darkan : Yeah, pretty much summed it up.

Tae Lee : Leave it to ED to bring a funny af yet reality hitting video........ I NEED MOARRR

Spaced out : I was so excited when I saw your notification yesterday! Brilliant vid as always, much love from England ❤️

Lucas Guinness : Blood diamond are forever

zah fares : GradeA taught me that diamonds are a SCAM buy MOISSANITE kids

The Wanderer : Awesome as usual guys,so glad I stayed subbed! I liked,shared,etc. Please feed Ned! Thumb up if you agree,Peace.

bayu94full : I LOVE EXTREMELY DECENT CHANNEL please make more videosss! <3

kevinno : It's actually happening? They're actually positing a video a month?! This is like Christmas! No, it's like 12 Chrismasses - one every month of the year! 😄

Josef : It's been so long! Great to see a video again

João Victor : Damn this channel is so underrated!!

Ella Bustamante : I'm clicking buttons for Ed

X X : Diamonds Are Unbreakable

Umberscore : More likely scenario your diamond came from Canada

b_D_w_S : I got a commercial for "Blue Nile" diamond rings at the end of this video.

Leo Liang : This goes to show that nothing, including any blood diamond, can save us from a Ross-and-Rachel "we're on a break" incident.

IOUaUsername : The voiceover sounds just like Peach Saliva.

Something Deep : "OK, where are the papers I sign them right now" SAVAGE 😂😂😂

Kobe doesn't need a Big 3 : WOw this is Team Coco quality. Nice sketch.

Nick Walton : Really great work with the editing and effects!

RadoslavTenekev : Feed NED!!!

Proverbialfunk : You can thank Philoy for the Sub

jquickri : Literally the add under this video is for a diamond company. Love it.

Anthony Anderson KJ : Great idea for a skit, you guys are the best

_ faceache _ : This is perfection in every way 😂

vicdmise : Hilarious and nicely done. Patreon, guys.

Kalle Hansen : Quality content as always. The chromatic aberation was quite strong, though

Dave Marx : F the Diamond market. This was a very ok video.