Diamonds Are Forever | Extremely Decent

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Extremely Decent : Nothing says "love" like human rights violations! See you all next month!!

Stuff : 10/10 as usual

Peter Gilroy : It be good when it do, it be soooo good when it dooooo

EarlGamer : Commenting so the goldfish can eat :(

Nkanyiso Innocent Khwane : 😂 *Philly D has Great taste in Comedy*

The Flying Farmer : So glad to see you guys back!

jim : How do I give you money

Caer Ibormeith : Phil gets us the good stuff. I will never not click the Secret Link.

Jack Harmony : *Your delivery route has been optimised*

Ross Bloedorn : This is art. You guys are amazing. I also really loved the acting in this one. Nick continues to have amazing comedic timing, and the girl at the end had the perfect freak out XD

WireMosasaur : Incredible....

Kai Burning : Wow a video not a year apart? How amazing

Bryce Hagan : Wow, so glad y'all are posting again. you've always had the best sketch writing around!

Meteorcow : Beautiful, brings tears to my eyes.

B_D_W_S'_Animation_ : I got a commercial for "Blue Nile" diamond rings at the end of this video.

Metabates : Oh shoot, you guys actually meant it this time when you put out a schedule for yourselves? Neat.

EJ Yohannan : “That’s what you do on a break” lol

TekaiGuy : I can't think of anything to say that would add to this video. It speaks for itself so well that it probably doesn't even need a comments section. It's a certified masterpiece.

Anthony Jacob : Yakubu was a strong man

Liam Shark : Is that a kanye west reference in the title :o Hope so

Matty Matt : This is by far one of the best Secret links Phil has linked out to! Great video

Chewd : Diamond is Unbreakable

dudeinco : Now you just need to start a human aide initiative to send Chinwe money, so he, and his village, can eat for a week on $5.00!

Danny Fantum : Love how you guys modeled it off the Domino's waiting system. Always thought that thing where you could change the modes was retarded.

Racing Stripe A/V : Oh wow, you got Mutu to courier your diamond? You lucky sonuva...

Lucas Guinness : Blood diamond are forever

Tommy : i liked, commented, unsubscribed, subscribed and rang that bell thingy. what did i win?

jotax94 : I missed you guys

t0msan : was i just rick-rolled by philip defranco ? i clicked on his secret link and it was only this very long commercial from craft jewelers

RadoslavTenekev : Feed NED!!!

Anthony Anderson KJ : Great idea for a skit, you guys are the best

Nick Pacanowski : *Looks to friend beside me Me: "....They're back." So glad you guys are posting regularly again!

Herman Andersen : Secret liiiiiink

_ faceache _ : This is perfection in every way 😂

KeZaRo0 : What are you, Ross ?

UltimaN3rd : Really great work with the editing and effects!

Blair Davis : So glad to see you guys posting.

Leo Liang : This goes to show that nothing, including any blood diamond, can save us from a Ross-and-Rachel "we're on a break" incident.

zah fares : GradeA taught me that diamonds are a SCAM buy MOISSANITE kids

SevenShadesofSorry : Cait<333 :,D

Proverbialfunk : You can thank Philoy for the Sub

Sandwich : Produce regular videos!

NerdyHomosapian : Oh dear

Rachael Snider : Finally an acknowledgement of the horrors supported by the diamond industry. I told my now husband ages ago if he ever "thought I was the one" and proposed with a diamond it would be done then and there. Which in itself doesn't address the manufactured "guideline" of the 2 months' salary bullshit being directed to men for generations! Or the falsified rarity of and stranglehold of supply by the DeBeers cartel.

X X : Diamonds Are Unbreakable

Tae Lee : Leave it to ED to bring a funny af yet reality hitting video........ I NEED MOARRR

Josef : It's been so long! Great to see a video again

Nomad : The return of the kings!

Jordan Tobin : Yaaaaassss!! Keep it coming boys🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

Griffin Fuller : W H A T ?