The Spa Car Drivable Hot Tub

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AND WE DANCE. VLOGS : Most practical vehicle of 2017


GAMER BOY : brother your genius

abenezer markos : U should drive that in public and record the reaction of people!

A Friendly Hobo : "Best thing I ever made" Son: "what about me?" "What ABOUT you? Hm?" /speeds off/

achintya bhavaraju : Psycho genius.

richie wheeler : 1000 ways to die. Put soap bubbles in hot tub car while driving on the highway.

epicblackopsguy : Colin, your supposed to wash the OUTSIDE of the car!

Alexander Davis : When the tag popped up saying "get yours"!i thought it was talking about the car but instead it was his book, F***!!

Zecurix Helion : A carpool

JackPlaysVideoGames : This.Is.Genius.

WackFPV : Can you pee in it?

Michael Martin : This channel is the new Top Gear

NolePtr : This has to be one of the stupidest things I've ever seen. Well done.

Krzysztof Mazurkiewicz : The only thing it could actually use is a splash screen between the cabin and the BBQ.... I mean lets not flush the coals when accelerating ;)

kevinsmak : Relax and just ride the wave

mr silly : please make a back yard rollercoaster with a proper harness  please have 1 or 2 loops like if you would like to see it

N9o0or_ g : The bast BMW 🤙

Judge : Это то чувство когда не успел принять ванную и залил тачку водой и в ней же помылся

Conicuz : Try make up a fire under a car.

bad1080 _ : should have put the windscreen wipers on the inside :P

Ега PTS : Хуеть

Andrii Povkh : Car of the year award!

Levi : This is crazy!😂

StabbyRIPaChu : I want one.

SavageRascal : Now this is entertainment....

Jaden Corner : 3:00 I think Colin got a bit to exited

MadDog Mate123 : Hey could you make iron man's suit?? Plz

_*Alles*_ : "furz" is german and means fart xD

Ryan Edison : Please please PLEASE tell me you sir will still be producing free content for all your loyal viewers who have helped you become as popular as you are today. I'm very disappointed that your best content to date is now ending up under youtube red, paid content. It feels like a large F You to those subscribers like me who love watching your content, and now feel as though it may all be going away... Please good sir, you will still be producing quality content for free... PLEASE!

Witte Artistry : This guy is just so awesome. I wonder if he ever thought he would be at the point in his life when he turned a car into a hot tub 🤣

Ace Ravanera : Fuze can you make a big robo spider that Walk pls

Let's get GEEKY : Omg Colin you should make a seat attached to like a big fan with a parashoot behind it so u can fly


Johnathan Francis : WHY COLIN? WHY YOUTUBE RED!!!! UNSUBED!!!!

Reviewy McReviewface : I wonder how long he'd have to drive before there's no water left in the car? :)

Mighty Magicman : Is anything a bad idea on this channel?

Suresh Gajjar : Very goood video bro

Nelson Industries : A fully modified hot tub car.

Double Dare Fan : What were Colin and Rick doing? They were Carpooling!

TheLegend27 _ : Imagine the fucking face of the cop that would pull him over

Storm Aurora : I fucking love this guy

ViralCarJumps11 : I'd just like to know how warm the water actually is

Abdallah KISWANY : WoW

Melissa Simmons : I LOVE IT!!!👍🏆💖 BEST CAR OF 2017!!!👍😄🚗

TycoonCoin : "Wat a load of rubbish." LOLOL

htr ツ : only in the uk.

Half-Blind : It looks...really cold.

learner an English language learner : omg this is fucking crazy

Shaun Szalai : Did the heating system work, because Rick looked a bit cold when he got in the car tub