Spa Car BMW Hot Tub

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DeOnieon : Now this is entertainment....

Mango : He should do uber in this car

Double Dare Fan : What were Colin and Rick doing? They were Carpooling!

A Friendly Hobo : "Best thing I ever made" Son: "what about me?" "What ABOUT you? Hm?" /speeds off/

조경민 : I am your fan living in Korea. I saw your video on the ranking show on TV in Korea. Your imagination and the ability to implement it are so good

colinfurze : What a scream this was, water flying everywhere bubbles in my lungs and a BBQ that actually cooked food while moving at speed. The E30 has done itself proud (thats why you start with an awesome car) driving with nearly 2 ton of water is an experience and can not believe the burgers cooked. Wanna see more like this just subscribe to the colinfurze channel as theres more #startedwithsearch

Piyush Singh : most magical thing i have seen on youtube @ 2:46

Beans182 : Is that even legal?

Mighty Magicman : Is anything a bad idea on this channel?

David Popp : Poor E30

bad1080 : should have put the windscreen wipers on the inside :P

John David : Sooner or later you'll run into rust issues.

LEVI : This is crazy!😂

Ryan Edison : Please please PLEASE tell me you sir will still be producing free content for all your loyal viewers who have helped you become as popular as you are today. I'm very disappointed that your best content to date is now ending up under youtube red, paid content. It feels like a large F You to those subscribers like me who love watching your content, and now feel as though it may all be going away... Please good sir, you will still be producing quality content for free... PLEASE!

onsen tsumuzi : 日本人でチャンネル登録した人グッドボタン👍


Chime64 ROBLOX : At 2:09 you can see a plane half covered in fake grass

チルスデスモス : 元気もらいました最高!!!!!(*≧∀≦*)

山梨の梨ch. : 楽しそうでなによりw

Lord Lightning : Pick up someone using the Uber app in this car I NEED TO SEE THEIR REACTION

redmanneo : Register for Uber with this car

Dtae M : *This must be how they made all those old DUI commercials*

とわ : so cool あなたは最高です!

Dark Sun : What an absolutely stupid waste of time... I LOVE IT!!!

Crimsonite's Game Station : I want that car.

Witte Artistry : This guy is just so awesome. I wonder if he ever thought he would be at the point in his life when he turned a car into a hot tub 🤣

Aung Ko : ေကာင္းတယ္

Seiten Sifir 2 : R.I.P BMW

PureRushXevus : And since it's a BMW, it still works! Glorious german engineering.. xD Also driving around with a car full of water has to be somewhat... illegal, no? :P

caveman : This guy should get a OBE

Shaun Szalai : Did the heating system work, because Rick looked a bit cold when he got in the car tub

Death Bringer : 1 word to describe this man....... PSYCHOPATH

the nuclear creeper : Best bath or hot tub nice if your hungry

Han Onyme : It needs windshield wipers in the inside.

Exynos Gaming : The creative youtuber i ever seen . WOWW

AND WE DANCE. VLOGS : Most practical vehicle of 2017

Briefcase Beaver : Next step, become the coolest Uber driver ever

Shubham Thakur : Oooooo car pool party tonight boy & girl's so much ooosm

sellichA nosmaS : I hate edited comments

an nguyen : Good car

CalculatinGenius : imagine driving down the road and you just see a car with grassy sides and filled with water sparying bubbles everywhere

eli dennison : This man might be my new hero.

TommyTonk : Most road worthy vehicle to date.

امواج هادئه : مجنون

Victoria Harris : Wot is it with british boys and there toys, they just aint happy till its fast, high, or it explodes lol

kevinsmak : Relax and just ride the wave

RIVER DIXON : We all flip the pillow to get the cold side. Can you help us out with another ingenious invention?

Yohanes Mahendra : Its crazy

Infxmous Wings : Best Way To Take Out An Fire

nistra : We need things like this in Australia to drive through a 40 degree (celcius) day. Or just fill the back of a Ute up with water.