How to Form Bulkheads Ep.13

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hmcnally : This Old House just posted on their FB page that they're creating a "DIY Blogger Network" area of their site.  I encourage all EC fans to suggest EC for this!  (TOH has already "loved" my own suggestion--time for the pile-on!)

Chris Towerton : There is a quote here on my wall I found somewhere that's a goodin', “As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.” ― Harrington Emerson ... :-)

Yidris : My daughter was born today. and you posting a video is a very comforting thing for me as I sit in the recovery room, watching my wife sleep while I attend to my newborn daughter.

Rick : I watched an AvE vid earlier today and have been binge watching your stuff ever since.  haha  You're a great craftsman!  Thank you for the content.

punkloader : Came here from AvE, now i don’t build anything except the odd birdfeeder or chopping board but i find this very interresting, thanks. Subbed. :)

Mike West : This is not a "the cheapest axe on Amazon" video. This is pure gold.

Isaac Treat : I've been working in the trades in various arenas for a couple decades now, starting as a young teenager working with my dad. I've had a lot of men teach me how things should be done and why they should be done, several of whom were master craftsmen, but Mr. Wadsworth, sir, I was never lucky enough to have a teacher of your caliber. I can count the men I truly respect on my fingers with room to spare and you number among them. You'll have in me a faithful viewer for as long as you care to make videos.

The Hairy Farmer : Glad I subbed before AvE blew your trumpet - makes me realise I can still make GOOD decisions on my own.....thanks for another good one.

arkansas13 : EXCELLENT, you're a true craftsman! You did a super job of explain the "setup".....and from my standpoint a great teacher. I'm a person who has built a lot of bulkheads and poured a lot of footings....and I thoroughly enjoyed the work. I like concrete!!!!!! Great video work and great forming/steel work....bring on more! ....13

NicholasLouw : Could you narrate my life please ? Much love from South africa

EJ Wall : Boom! Your advise at the end about letting the offended guy go was on point! Work with people that you enjoy being around. And also loved the Christian song you played. Keep it up! I can totally see Jesus all over you.

Motor 2of7 : Scott, Just watched the latest AvE video, he gives you quite the shoutout (after he remembers your name). At the end he offers you the saw he recently took apart, for parts. Might be a nice gesture to reach out. You both make great, but VERY different videos.

compressTarGz : Wow, 13 episodes and you still haven't started pouring concrete. I'm not complaining, I just had no idea how much prep work went in before you even got to really "building". Also Nate, I like the title card at 0:23. And you do a really good job with the audio; it really adds a great professional feel to these videos!

YrocATX : Watching you and uncle bumblefu...dge/AvE... is reminds me of the old cartoons where they have the angel and devil on their shoulders. I appreciate the wisdom and skill you are showcasing and passing along to your viewers!

Duncan MacKenzie : Great progress, can't tell you much I look forward to seeing that YouTube notice that you've posted a video. It's a drop everything and watch moment. Thanks.

Nathan McIntosh : You are doing a service to humanity, teaching generations of men and women who may of never been taught with respect or a knowledge base such as yours, thank you for teaching me something new every video, thank you for keeping me honest and increasing my level of integrity and ability. Please keep up the good work

Roberto Brenes : Wow!! i Just found out of you from AvE And it blows my mind how nice, interesting, and educative this is! Thanks for "Make Cool Shit And put it on the Internet" Grettings from Costa Rica! Pura vida

bc65925 : Is that a new saying? "All of my stakes are in the ground."

C P Industries : Yet another great little vid, i think i worked out where your plot is on google, as i found the airport....looks like a nice place to live !

W D : I don’t know anything about construction but I love your videos!

Mark Schmitz : I see the new Mag 77.

Graveltrucking : Your sure are spending a lot of money in site prep before you can even build on your property, a person that would have bought that property without construction knowledge would have been in for a big expensive surprise. It could have been enough to blow their budget and they would have not been able to complete their project. I'm not a patron so I don't know what you've got into it but I estimate by the time your done your retaining walls it will be minimum 30,000 dollars.

Jon the Roofer : Number 1 thanks for the vid! Number 2 thank you so very much for oiling that framing gun before use! I'm pretty sure it appreciates it. number 3 for the love of Pete and everything that is good, would you please fix that dangling pouch on your bags before I lose my mind!? . . . Keep on buildin' brother :-)

MixtapeX : I have zero experience in construction and all of this is super complicated however the way you articulate the steps and processes gives even a dummy like me a better understanding. Thank you for taking the time to make these. All of us thoroughly enjoy them and look forward to the next.

Brad Pierson : i cant find the song at 10:45 any help? i checked the lyrics with the guy you credited but cant find anything.

Eric French : Scott it's like my dad used to say, "there's more than 1 way to skin a cat, but what is the 1 way that everybody knows?" HAHA 😄 So often a designer would fax me a "drawing" of a piece of custom furniture that they had sold and need me to bid/make. That drawing was little more than a rectangle with some squiggly lines on top to represent crown mold. Much like your engineers I was merely given certain parameters of width-height-depth along with wood species-color-etc etc etc. And I would need to turn it in to working drawings/order quantities/cut lists/ joinery techniques/lead times/assembly procedures/delivery options and payment dates. The client would typically not even LIKE the particular piece until the designer came on site and said "yes this is what we talked about" It was maddening at times to see the absolute power and trust these designers had over the client, yet were only able to draw a rectangle and a squiggly line!

Alex Kim : I can't wait to see how this project turns out :) I love your content

Daniel Munoz : Greats vids! Started the carpenters union last year been framing and tilt ups and love your vids. Keep it up you got a great channel.

echoheadxx : As a contractor I love your thoughts on customer-trade relations there. A customer shouldn't but a trades chops but they shouldn't be afraid to ask questions either. And anyone worth their salt will be able to talk about it with a customer.

blipco5 : Beautiful forms. Do it it once.

NRCustom : Is that a 3 point hitch backhoe on the Kubota? If so how well does it work? I'm interested in one for my tractor.

tMattLZ : Love the little monologue at the end. The working world needs more decent men like you.

Michael Mumau : Symons forms are fun to work with, built many walls and foundations using them. Getting the footings flat as possible is key. Great video., Thanks for sharing

phien839 : Absolutley wonderfull stuff! I'm learning so much from your videos. As a man born in the 90ies, skills like these are unfortunately severley lacking in my generation. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Philip

Sixty Grit : @13:04...The 150# pcf formula is hydrostatic pressure. Hydraulic is a liquid moving in a confined space under pressure. Hydrostatic is liquid pressure exerted at rest. It is also important to know that vibrating can increase this pressure. I enjoyed the video.

TheBearGrylz : Are you hiring? Hehe. Always love the vids and the detailed considerations.

Anthony Pfohl : I feel that not only are you building a house, but you are giving life lessons for everyone to learn from. Nice lesson at the end, I agree, if they are not pleasant to work with, it might be time to find someone else to work with.

Brian Marcum : Very good job.those are not going to budge!Awesome work as usual. Thanks E.C.

Mark Pederson : i love this series so far! do you ever run out of knowledge ahah. thanks for posting!

Will Kellogg : How has someone given this a thumbs down? Haters everywhere, man. Piss on 'em.

Sean Smith : Even though I know this information I love how you explain the process for everyone to understand....well done....

austin neufeld : definitely one of my favourite you tubers

stephen dickinson : I have met a few amazing men in my life. You measure up.

Jeremy Hattenstein : Ave said some good things about you the other day


Ewing Sharp : Merry Christmas Scott🎄 Glad to know so much more about the loads put on forms. Looking forward, as always, to more of this build👊🇺🇸

rpietros : Love the house vids!!!

Joe Man : Really enjoy your content. Love the details you provide. Can't wait to see the finished product.

arose460 : slow is low fast is high to go up slide down to go down slide up.

FF Barry : I’m pretty pumped to see the Crete start to flow.