Insane First Person Parkour! (POV/GoPro/Headcam)

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Insane First Person Parkour POV — Enjoy the video. Rate, Comment, Share... Thanx Subscribe for new compilations: If your Video is in this Compilation please contact me to be credited for it or have your part removed, thank you. Credits: Hit the Road: Facebook: Samy Belmahdi:

Comments from Youtube

can i get 20 subscriber with no video : i should also do parkour 1 day later in hostipal

Benzina Moktar : 2:40 these guys are also looking for toiletpaper

abdirahman ismacil : AWKWARD HANDSHAKE AT 2:30

Nyo Haz : I would also risk my life for toilet paper

arinator lyfe : what happens if he slips.. or lands on the wrong place?

That's Wonderful : We gonna ignore the fact that they did all of this WITHOUT WIPING?

SUMO .G : He doin parkour w/a poop in his butt

Camila : h Thousands of years ago, we evolved to stop being monkeys. Are parkour going backwards in evolution? or is it a hobby to lose time?

Lottie Westwood : Your like monkeys ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ( btw that's a good thing )

Thiccc CHUNGUS : Looking for toilet paper Them:does insane parkour Me:gets in my car and drives to the closest store

Cookiecrunch232 : He didn't wipe his arse then went free running. The sweat from his Gooch would soften the shit and his buttcheeks rubbing together would spread it around his boxers. This guy fully shat himself

Actually_ daniel : Mission Impossible Mission: get a toiletpaper Vehicle: no vehicle, you must parkour PARKOUR ONLY JUST BECOUSE TOILET PAPER!?!?!! WHAT KIND OF MISSION IS THIS?????

Violet Hunt : Imagine it’s a nice summer day, and you’re chilling outside on your balcony, and then for a split second you see someone jump on the railing and keep moving to the roof next to you

No one : Shit I have no paper toilet Imma just go parkour then

jtmorris : 2:30 when you meet someone new and you say bye trying to be cool

*Kcha Mlik* : 1:15 roblox parkour jumps.

LoodyGawra PTG : Bruh, hes running with his dirty a** 🤦🏻‍♂️🤯

The Monopoly Guy : The fact he’s running around with an un-wiped ass ruins it for me

Samarah Carney : who tf just leaves w/o wiping

livia liv : Wow the cops would never catch them

Iris Feather : He does insane parkour to get to a store for toilet paper when he could drive and quickly get it.

addison E : Hontey I would die on the first jump 😂

The Flash : 2:30 Completely missed the fistbump

im dead : are your pants okay

Balakrishnan Pv : 3:50 and 4:00 is osam

Sherab Dorjee : Aaaaaa I see you guys climb all the way up then parkour down:)

Lilyana Romero : Me when i get caught for cussing at school

Thanos Chungus : *Did* *He* *Flush* *Though* *?*

Thiccc CHUNGUS : That handshake @ 2:30 lol

Fury Rage : Extreme realistic vector

Jimmy Mash : all dis cause he had no toilet paper lol

Joseph perez : All I do is yell MOM!!! I NEEED TOILET PAPER!😅😅

Chubz Jr. : couldn't you have used a clean-x or drive ur car

Aidan Petersen : *randomly starts parkouring*

Gho0sT _ : Não acredito Ele saiu do banheiro sem lipar o cu

techpromason the_real : Lucky to make these jumps, I do parkour and they are scary

Kapil Roy : Like A Ninja 😘

TheLycanRock Girl : “The Human Spider-Man of 2019”

21 : He probly crapped his pants already at the begin of the parkour

Ralph Nader : omg that was a good run

David Hopkins : Great vid, but the opening suggests you're jumping all over town with unwiped shit in yer pants. XD

Daksh kumar : Ak bulding se kunda wala parkour

xxxkofi xxxkofi : Insane huh

Lolita Yazzie : Those nights make me nervous 😰😰😰

Fernando Porras : Perfet you


Chaturbhuj Singh : I am not feeling so good

Altrak Zer0 : -Ended toilet paper??Use asphalt as well Edit:its not the best idea for a plot but mk..

Xx_FireFoxx_xX : When I see a bee O-O