Insane First Person Parkour! (POV/GoPro/Headcam)

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Shourov Chakma : Stay safe; don't die.

GAMING BLACK HATS : You are the real ninja's awesome I SALUTE YOU FABULOUS...

Alex : Só eu do Brasil??

Maria vitoria Soares souza : BR ?

Maksim Bro : Хах с обосраной жопой побежал

Firenight475 Fire demon : When your report card comes

EllieTheHorse : This is one way to get around town...

Anwar انوار : You are amazing 😌

ANMOL AGARWAL : If u have to go to same road at 1;42 so why did u cilmed the wall and come back by atairs

셀카여왕 : 미쳤다

David Hopkins : Great vid, but the opening suggests you're jumping all over town with unwiped shit in yer pants. XD

Share the Love : Me too

Share the Love : But so scared

Mira Kóska : 😱

davran vali : I don't like those video games

Yanett Lopez : He didn’t Wash his hands... I wouldnt want to Shake his hand🤮🤢

DazStCraft : Idih belom Cebok :v

Its me Syifa : Wow amazing

สายเปร์ถ้าโดนเท ก็เปร์ต่อไป : mog

Rafifah AND Scherly l : Wow so cool!!!?!?!?

Raui likes Pakour : Awesome

NN nenee Channel : แค่ตึก2ชั้นที่รร.กูแม่งก็จะฉี่แตกและนี่เล่นซะ

Msp Ece : Bunlar rahat rahat hırsızlık yapar

ambre sinsau : 4:00 OMG !!!! Good job guys

เพลงแดนซ์ซ่า สะใจสุด : WOW

Noobify_OOF : He left the door open.

MaximumShutters : Amazing I'm inpressed but...Just image them accidentally missing and then they just fall from about a 6 storie building and as they are about to fall on the ground the camara just cuts and then you never know if there alive or not...

莊梨鳳 : 👍🏻👍🏻

Oualid Benimmas : leader price, toujours la

Gewoon Luca : Sick

I’m_an _ARMY : Parkour looks so easy but once I try it I can’t even lift myself up 😂😂😂

Evella : Кто русский го в заимку 🙂

Clarisse Lugtu : Dont copy this becouse it will put you in danger be safe and dont go to the dangeruse place

Türkan Zeynep Horadik : Montaj çok güzel

Otgonbayar Nasanbuyan : holy the moly! ur amazing! and please dont die AWW!!!!

Aakriti Rao : unbelievable

Fluttershy chan : Queste cose sono pericolose scemo

xiaoyun jin : OMG! Cool

gaming Roblo : do you clean you but? i thnk you don :/

Vitinho Ferrarezi : caio

Roger Mario Herald : 3:45 , 4:00 😱😱😱

Vitinho Ferrarezi : caio

boi boi : easy pezzy lemon squeezing

Красная Красавится : Сколько костей поломали??

Warak Limbu : Yo didn't wash you're bomb

LightYT Roblox & More : 1:15 roblox parkour jumps

florida haedes : Ya me imajino todo con mierda se fue y la gente beia un troso de ella 😂😂😂😂

emad Abdou : god he didnt find his toilet paper so he ran like a monkey?why?? and im pretty sure he didnt zip up his pants lmao

Sophia Grígerová : Súdobri 😎

Fauzi Purna : WOW amazing