Frogs eat EVERYTHING Compilation including Frog eats Mice, Snake, Tarantula Spider, Frog eating Frog

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2vain4u : lol the frog at the end has a death wish

Mohammed Ghani : that is not a frog that s a crocodile

Mohammed Ghani : PEPE i always knew you were a savage

isolation 11 : The music is so happy tho Its not a happy event when you got eated alive lol XD

Skidoosh Layman : Bullfrog don't care. He's hungry, sees his kid brother, CHOMP. He don't care. Snake too big for stomach? CHOMP, bullfrog don't care.

Kevin Wewa : Frogs are mad asf

Guilherme Fernandes Dias Canalli : So thats how jiraya defeated orochimaru

Vanta Black : The sound effects tho

Charo Joyce : Seriously had to mute the cheesy music and the fake gulps.

Business Shark : *cheery music while animals are eaten alive*

detective potato : This is a nice compilation but I'd be better if the frogs said nom as they ate their prey

DirtyMack : 2:30 Really nigga?

Metal is Life : The Muppets done lied to me

caleb blackburn : why this music

Agustin Rutiaga : Delicious

Richard Perez : Man... frogs are vicious!

Cool Dudes : Why frog eat snake plss Someone tell what's going on 😇😇😇

Mr Nacho : Frogga the hut

No Mike : LOL that ending tho! 😂😂😂

isolation 11 : The music is so happy tho Its not a happy event when you got eated alive lol XD

Frogigy : So cute

Tudoou Music : Happy music?

ᴊɪᴍᴍʏʏʏ : Hypnofrog

Jake Mallinson : D:\

Izzmil Bukhary : but school teach us that snake eat frog =..=

Chris Mayer : I'm beginning to see why Jabba the Hutt was modeled after a greedy pac-man frog...

Ruby Varrow : I never knew how savage frogs could be

Hey! Arnold Lama : I guess it's true. You can play a happy tune and turn any horrid event. Bravo 👏🏼

kj nolberto : It even ate a scorpion savage👌

Squirrelrizo Rizo_17 : 2:29 to 2:32 trador

YOSHI mega 640000000 exe war for ex : The frog ate Tuesday thing

Miles Shaw : i think you stole this video....

JackassJunior627 : Bullfrogs are the ultimate eaters.

hellsnightmare : mmmm...froglegs (drool)

hazu once : The music is so intimidating

thu real sicario : frog bull

Past Gaming : RIP He died of diarrhea. We will allays remember how you ate 17 rats

Edwin De Los Santos : Song?

John Rosenberg : Am I the only one that got scared when the frog ate the centipede (or milipede Idk)

THE SUN WILL RISE AGAIN : 0:21 cat is like " alrighty enough drinking for today "

TV생물인박건달 : Newmangasoolr

Tom Alrep : kinda cute :3

Tang Jolie : The frog has his birthday but the Other frogs don't care, That's how frogs started cannibalism, He find worms but they don't care too, He find snakes but they too, don't even know, then that frog rule the animal kingdom, (except pets)

01000011 01001011 : who chose this music and added the soundeffects tho

Felix and Lyndon Films : I wonder he e Big it would have to be to eat a human

J Espinola : i thought that cat was missing part of its tail for a bit

Leo Antonio : Your table manners are a crying shame You're swallow your food like there where no tomorrow, Now, if you eat yourself to death You'll just have yourself to blame So eat it. Just eat it.

Drews Quick Fixes Ideas And Hacks : lol you have the cool sound effects but nothing in the description about the species of frog?? Could be more educational ha ha

WetwotTV : Loool the music is so unfitting 😂

Static Board : Mice have it the worst man.