Baby Bunny Attacks

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크리크리왕짱 : *When you're trying to zip up your jacket but you have to keep doing it over and over again until the zipper goes up*

Anime is Cool : Something is wrong with your dog😕

CaptenMurica : The live action of zootopia looks great

Dark Angel : If a rabbit is screaming, it means it's tollay scared / in panic Poor baby rabbit Wow. Didn't think anyone would see this (PLEASE be nice in the comments!)

Nuon : That's a weird looking motorcycle.

Jake Jacoby : *W O W S M O L R A B B I T*

Sarthak Luhadia : Clearly a paid actor

HipHopSniper7 : "Mom! Thumper is doing drugs again!"

The Outsider : Most adorable attack ever.

Tramaine Bennett : Rabbit: I SAID BACK UP BRO!!! YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME!!!! Yea thats right you better run🐇

Jake Jacoby : *Wow, so vicious.*

Kermit the frog : His balls are bigger than Chuck Norris's

Dan Lee : _He attac_ _He protec_ _But most importantly..._ *He got held by the nek.*

LEGO BEAST PRODUCTONS : The killer rabbit of GAORBANNOG Cmon’ Monty python holy grail

A P : Reminds me of pokemon for a reason

PRANKurFACE : Rabies is a hell of a drug..

DEBBIE AHK : Jungkook when hes angry at his hyungs😂😂

Malik King : 0:07 *REEE* *REEE* *REEE*

꧁Slay Queen꧂ : Bunny please share what you smoked.

Bethany Lawrence : He's hoppin' mad

Petrified You : That’s a rabid rabbit

Madalene Vicini : When short girls get angry

MetroVerse : 0:06 when someone drags you to a horrible bar, and you weren't even planning on going out to begin with

Gonzalo : *PETA would like to know your location*

Mnakekeli Ngcamphalala : He attacc He protecc And he squeecc

World Of Stickboi : 0:20 *Rattata Attack*

Rasberry Pie Soda : Because he has rabies.

The_magical Unicornskyla : Why would you touch a wild animal in the first place if you would like animals to respect us respect them first

Jay : Feisty little fella. Should've kept him and trained him to hunt rodents..

Nood les : Eso sí es un bad bunny no la cagada calva que canta como si no tuviera dientes

Rebelle : How dare you touch me foul human! Release me at once! NYAAAAAAAGH

Kermit the Toad : It thinks it's a cat.

MOHAMMED ZUBAIR : When you're trying to zip up your jacket but you have to keep doing it over and over again until the zipper goes up Yes , I copied that comment

Маша Barannik : Ты вопще нормальный человек? Зачем ты над кроликом издеваешся?Тебе делать нечего?Если над тобой так относится будут, тебе понравится?

Bir Çift Kalem : He protec He also attac But most importanly He is a duc

E.L meowmeow : North korea leaked nuclear weopon

Squirrel Girl : I feel THREATENED.

Do wonnink : What were you doing with that sweetie?! You scared him/her!

M 7 : Why do not you have mercy that is only a small rabbit?

-RANZER- 228 : Да это же Валера в молодости дабдабдаб

Justin Y. : It's all fun and games until you get bit in the hand

Stenchers Games : Зомби-апокалипсис:начало

Jaiden T : That sounds like my sister When She Watches yuri How Interesting

S.r. 3a : What’s the wrong with you It’s just an animal it’s can’t protect itself !💔

Sela Kantu : Essa braveza toda é dessa fofurinha! 🤣🤣🤣 Tadim

Smegul14 : What's up doc.

Elmo Coso : Irá nomás del puro día del plátano :v

LJR 1062 : **knock** and the homer goes to the parking lot!

ʀʏᴀɴ ᴋɪɴɢ : Cute as hell tho

Jennifer Braselmann : Wie meine kleine Ziege 🐇