Baby Bunny Attacks

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크리크리왕짱 : *When you're trying to zip up your jacket but you have to keep doing it over and over again until the zipper goes up*

Jake Jacoby : *Wow, so vicious.*

Jake Jacoby : *W O W S M O L R A B B I T*

Thomas Clayton : He protecc, He attacc, But most of all, He bring rabies bacc .

Keyser Soze : Imagine that little guy guarding your home.

World Of Stickboi : 0:20 *Rattata Attack*

NinjaPenguin77664 : Hippity hoppity you're my property

Tom Marvolo Riddle : Congratulations. You found a rabid bunny.

Reddie {Female/Human Version Of The Tords Robot} : 0:06 *Me Doing Homework*

ドーナツとコロッケ/Buñuelos n' Krokke : 😂😂😂😂😂Im sorry but That bunny was so cute I couldn't take it seriously!

PRANKurFACE : Rabies is a hell of a drug..

RavioliOnYoutube : Hippity Hoppity get off my property

SuperSonicHedgie : 0:19 trap remix over here

Aldea 200 : Bad bunny baby :v

swigitty swooty I'm coming for the booty : He protecc He attac But most importantly . I have nothing.

Justin Y. : It's all fun and games until you get bit in the hand

Shyam kumar : i would say defending not attacking..

UnicornGonePink : Leave the rabbit alone please. However, If your moving it so it won't be hurt that's good

Thiago Black Goku : 2018?

Ȕ҉ȴ҈Ϯ҉İ҈ ɱ҉ã҈Ϯ҈ě҉ : He protec He attac But most importanly He attac?

E.L meowmeow : North korea leaked nuclear weopon

Zaween Exists : The thumbnail is me when i nut on my face

Fulix Stoner : He attac very well, but can he prottecc?

k a y l a s w a n s o n : That poor thing. No wonder it attacked!

Lps Alana 1289 : Don’t hold the bunny like that 😭

Rebelle : How dare you touch me foul human! Release me at once! NYAAAAAAAGH

The Adorkable Cockapoo : This is horrible dude why would you pick up a wild rabbit let it be.!

rotip309 : *A N G R E R Y*

satanic wolf : Jajaj lei bad bunny attack

YourAverageGuy : Cute and scary at the same time

Jaume Argelaguet Castillon : Bad bunny...

Gabby : Jeez what happened to Bugs Bunny

YellowDuckGaming : He thicc boye He also attacc An protecc But he mosly *a* *t* *t* *a* *c* *c*

Dank Matter : That thumbnail made me click instantly

ApeX MoDs : *0:19*😂What a GTR Sounds Like 😂

call_me_Hubert : 🤣

Jade : I'm on the rabbits side. Put him down!

Dog Master Tv : A no mames te atacó bad bunny con sus rimas y su reggaeton :v

Phone Gal : *pressuse washer intensifies*

ッ해초 : 아니 미친... 토끼가 싫어하잖아요... 토끼같고 뭐하는거야... 에휴

Legima : Coelho sensível 😨😂😂😂😂

Jacob Alvarez : The cutest way to get hurt

Fixy Bitz : *When your friends doesn't share food with you*

Almighty_Demon_Slayer95 : Why he sounds like my car when it’s trying to start? LMFAO

DP-28 : Is that the Killer Bunny's child?

A nobody : *ReEEeeEeeeEEeeeeEeEEeEEeee*

xFaDeDx xVeNoMx : Lmfaooo but no seriously this was stupid but funny

Archie : Very dangerous attack boi

Smegul14 : What's up doc.

Gabriel Sanz : More than a rabbit looks like a Pokemon (Eevee) hahahahaha 0:25