Michael Keaton - An Evening at the Improv

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Bobo Momcilovic : Who would've thought that Batman started out as a Joker.

Kwality Kontrol : His "HEY" guy is Beetlejuice.

Recaf.Decaf : Thats funny! Hard to imagine he's also the best Batman to date

Valid Core : Bruce Wayne before his parents were killed.

air port : These people had no idea how fortunate they were to see Batman before he donned the cape.

Russell Dolter : I've never seen his standup before. He was really great!

J Schwahn : Good Ol Michael Douglas

McCallos One : comedy, like food or film, evolves. its different now than it was 35 years ago, or even 10 years ago. im sure back in the day my dad would have thought that this was hilarious. appreciate it for what it is, a confident performer doing something he loves.

Stephan Ur'Kel : I heard Beetlejuice when he said "hey"

Im rick james bitch : *Cocaine is a helluva drug*

LONDON MACE : He looks like Angus Young.

YouTube-tied : It was and still is the best way to get into movies and tv. Just show some natural ability, humor and some confidence on stage and you can kill it as an actor. Keaton was only doing stand-up for a couple of years, if I'm right, before he did Night Shift and then he was on his way. You'd rather have some fun doing stand-up and hoping to get noticed while paying some dues than going to drama school or the like.

Samson Crosswood : It’s like an audition for Billy Blaze in ‘Night Shift.’ One of his top three best performances - next to those in ‘The Dream Team’ and ‘Batman.’ Fight me.

PowWowChicken : Bettlejuice or Batman?

Karen Williams : Young Beetle Juice! 👍🏻 💚

Man vs Plastic : I didn't laugh at this but I wanted to

James Boaz : Whats with the bleeping?

Mr. Tulip : This was fucking great. He's still a huge comedy nerd nowadays but I really wish he'd go on stage again.

onpsxmember : With two bottles of vodka, I can transform him into a 1990's Doug Stanhope wearing one of his favourite suits from today.

Ivan Craig : If you haven't already, check out The Dream Team. It's one of the better 80s comedies. Keaton is great in it. It also features Christopher Lloyd and Peter Boyle, who are also great.

Evan Crissinger : God I love this guy! Part of my childhood and very grateful!!!

Winged Freak Terrorizes : Michael Keaton explained, "I do know that the old saw about [stand up] comics being angry and frustrated people is true in my case. So getting the roles I've been getting have been therapeutic. Bruce Wayne, a man who is dark, angry... Batman was a good experience for me ... put my fist though a wall. The coolest thing about Batman to me was that he wasn't your typical superhero. He has no superpowers and basically has to rely on his intelligence to create things that will protect him. Working with Nicholson was a definite incentive for me... Comes to life right in front of your eyes." http://www.1989batman.com/2014/08/vintage-magazine-article-comics-scene.html Tim Burton explained, "Comedy really does come from anger. Michael [Keaton] has this explosive side." http://www.1989batman.com/2013/11/vintage-magazine-article-newsweek-june.html

mrbondohrama : I forgot what he looked like with hair. Then I remembered him in "Night Shift".

T. Ship : Cause I don't want no scrubs

DavidSixSixFive : I did not know he did stand up comedy.

Dino F. 82 : We're gonna eat a dolphin Steve!

Pablo Cervantes : I thought it was 2018 Michael Keaton with a wig..

signifi delica : Damn, solid set! Didn't know he did stand up, good stuff, has some early Carlin feel

Joe Farrell : I can't believe we're seeing him before he would go on to become Jack Butler.

Derek Seven : Thanks for posting this thumbs up anything with Keaton is always good.

Rick Moreno : All i see is beetlejuice

bigsteed007 : Highly underrated funny man!!

Ben Power : MMmmm Cocaine

TechTVusa : I like the guy overall but I just didn't think the act was funny.

rutabagasteu : A young Batman.

The Sprawl : He's pretty good. I had no idea he did stand-up. Always liked him. The Timothy Dalton of Batman actors for me.

Jack Burton : Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!!!!

Giorgio Gazzola : 80s hair....

JJ Ryan : This is what southwest Pennsylvania does to you.

RushInNinja : Batman everybody! Who knew he had a great sense of humor behind those eyebrows!

Clark Vent : That stand up looks like the guy from Batman, only with more hair and less funny!

YouSmellLikeACat : I hope we see the vulture in future MCU movies

K August : I remember this show...but I never saw this. Thanks!

Darren Lynch : One of my favorite celebs of all time

Internet Viewer : Brilliant comedian an actor. I think he's great. Great stand up.

Peter McGrady : Bravo.

Bryan Lahog : This is a man who could sell me a ketchup grenade at a wedding.

Joshua Hammond : Wtf

Celeb Stats : It's funny, I see a very mediocre comedian with obvious acting chops. Worked out ok.

Trey Stephens : He is a cool guy.