Numa Numa
Today is Numa Numas 14th birthday

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Instagram Subscribe for more dork videos! ►►► According to the BBC article dated November 27, 2006 the original Numa Numa video has been seen over 700,000,000 times worldwide - making it the second most viewed viral video in the world. For more information and to see what Gary is up to now, check out and


RoadOmega The Pig : If you remember this video, you have earned yourself a veteran's discount.

resident1793 : Doctor: you have one minute to live Me: can I watch Numa Numa? Doctor: but that’s- God: *I’ll allow it*

Davis Winn : Take me a simpler, a greater time

VapeYeeter 69 : This is proof that a good meme will never die.

Bread : finally youtube recommendation has gave me true power

Ultimate MIF : Aaaah, the time when youtube doesnt have copyright thing

sebas zazu : Me: (at class distracted) Teacher: what are you thinking of Me: Nothing My brain:

Garry : This video made me cry it’s so nostalgia I used to watch this with my brother in 2009

Jayden Ward : This video was in my recommend even after exactly 12 years. amazing

Duvi K : When the meme gets more views than the actual song The student has surpassed the master

Extremeabyss30 : Me: Needs to pass a test. My brain: Me: *Tears*

Mewstone The Real : Better than YouTube Rewind 2018.

XXX_GAMERS_XXX 1 : remember when the internet was nice and u could do this without getting bullied

Adum Sundler : I give this video 5 stars

Benjimoji : Plot twist He was actually singing this!

FL1XZ : I miss those simple YouTube days: No collaboration with Google No ads No clickbaits No demonetization No Fortnite

Kin : When some fat dude dancing on an android quality phone camera gives you epic nostalgia

Alistair Winthorpe : Why does this video make me laugh until I can't stand up ?

El Kun : This guy created TikTok.

Llamba Pajama : This was made before I was born And made a spot on South Park Good job man

Christian Coffman : This is the most iconic meme of all time

LaroTayoGaming : *One of the greatest memes of all time. Hell yeah.*

DbDPsychoPanda : To the 12K people who disliked... You all missed. Wrong button. Try again.

DanceTheSpears : Bless this man. He’s a member of our family and doesn’t even know it.

Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah : This is the definition of epic not fortnite “epic” games

CommunistCrusade YT : Remember when you were like 7 watching this for the 1st time :(

S. Artz YT : Ha! Y'all getting this recommended, i knew this since a lotta years

CRIZZPY : all memes are dea- *NUMA* *NUMA* *YEY*

Kayden jacques : He will go down in history....

Amirul Aiman : Thank you YouTube very cool❤️

GGKID2000 : Can someone make a playlist of all the old memes from the 2000s?

B. Bayella : I got a video from 2006 recommended to me in 2019. I'm not complaining, just... wtf is wrong with the algortithm

Lucas Persico : Nobody: 2006: nervously numa numas

Muansang Hangzo : Video uploaded in 2006 Me : saw it that year Also me : sees it now, realised that I'm old, don't give a F and dances to the beat

Winston Churchill : For better music expirince I reccomend you watch in 144p

10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos : 2006...was a simpler time...

Dean Kneib : If ur watching this in 2020 ur most epic man

Newmi Gacha : 2006 - 😴 2007 - 😴 2008 - 😴 2009 - 😴 2010 - 😴 2011 - 😴 2012 - 😴 2013 - 😴 2014 - 😴 2015 - 😴 2016 - 😪 2017 - 😑 2018 - ☺ 2019 - *NOW LETS PUT THIS TO RECOMMENDEDS DHAHHSH DJEJEBEBEJRJIROZ* sorry

peanutbutter & jelly time : This was uploaded a month and 20 days before I was born XD

Halfdan Andersen : *_This Is A Historic Highlight In YouTube, And _**_-Should-_**_ Will Never Be Forgotten._*

anthony simpson : Youtube finally recommended something good to me *been a while*

President Software : 12 years later numa numa or called Dragostea Din Tei is more popular

Emerald The Octoling : 2006: I’d rather not. 2007: Hmm... 2008: Nah. 2009: I like food. 2010: ... 2011: Maybe we should recommend this? Nahhh... 2012: Now? No... 2013: Bap du Bap du Bap du Bap du 2014: hmmmhmmhmmm 2015: No 2016: N O 2017: Maybe... 2018: Actually nevermind. 2019: LETS RECOMMEND THIS!

Sufi Suhaimi : Don’t mind me, just doing my prayers

Axel : No one: Kim Kardashian: What if we spelled people like this "peeple" that would be funny I think. FBI: 0:17

Fatal Music : This man is a legend, one of a kind.

Idk what to name my channel XD : YouTube is finally recommending godly videos

Izikonope : Even after all these years, this is still amazing.

Ana Paganu : Who came from TheOdd1sOut from the cat video? Just me? Ok...