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Spørg Casper : back when the internet was filled with quality.

KolegaTV : Back when YouTube was a place filled with good people and quality content

Dagan Ward : Good to see they were doing important things in 2006 lol

booksNstuff : 12 years later and it's still in my recommended. Legends never die.

FB I : back when people made lip sync videos without Tik Tok

Rishikesh Mohite : 2019 and this is still the best video on youtube.

Echos : You know, after watching the whole video, this really ISN'T cringy; he actually did a damn good job lip-syncing that, totally in rhythm and everything

Aggelos M : When a stupid old video hits you right in the feels because it reminds you you used to not have depression....

liam ferbrache 2 : I find it interesting that this video has more views than the original video he was parodying.

G O D : Retard be like: is this t i k t o k

ƝveR : When youtube was not a "Company".

Raul Alb : The golden age of internet

Brett : This is the dawn of YouTube history. A legendary classic to be preserved and archived for all eternity.

StarClones Productions : Can we just go back

Gopro bro : Neighbor called the police on me for playing this too loud. He got arrested

PrankFiles : The first real viral video

Bogdan M : *kisses YouTubes forehead* thank you for recommending this

Max Ford : When she’s proven not pregnant(0:17).

Leonardo Figueira : When Youtube was the perfect place for share your creativity.

CHRONACULAR : God, youtube used to be so good during 2006-2012. Now it’s just pure shit.

Pie Pivot-O : Back in my day, Youtubers didn't sell out and made what they wanted for fun.

Withered : I’m so sad. When videos quality were so bad it was so good just listening to these kinds of songs brings tears to my eye

Ace Cabbage : A legend, a myth, everyone’s first meme, everyone’s first laugh. This has a charm that nothing else can grasp

Raiat Gupta : Still better than most music videos.

Temuka Lekveishvili : This guy is living in a mansion right now

Jaylen Byrne : i miss how simple youtube used to be

Felix Culpa : It's symbolic of an era... the era of complete and utter useless awesomeness

Octopancake : Jesus Christ I saw this when I was 4 How did I ever possibly come in contact with this masterpiece once again

Brain : Even after 12 years, this is gold.

Zhunter5000 : Old, but gold

Midnight Creations : What hackers capture on people's webcams

You_ Tube : 2019?

0g prodigy : Me in the middle of the night...

Abdelrahman ibrahim : Who here in 2019?

TheOddBanna : Im gonna be blasting this all night the night fortnite dies

hner!!! : why do i get so emotional when i listen to this

MurZilka : Сижу, ищу русские коменты....

Toast Noodles _トースト麺 : Mission try to find a 12 year old comment

FalconGamer58 : *The fact that this video is older than most current Minecraft, Roblox and Fortnite players...*

jaymon99 : Remember when memes were actually fun and interesting not the shit they produce now

Oliver Kirkland : 12 years ago huh? wow, time sure does fly...

Braden Hebert : 12 years later, just getting this in my recommendations

teng096 : anyone watching this in 2019??

I LOVE GAMES SO MUCH!!! : So this is what they did before I was born Im so proud

Right Republicans : I wanna see the same guy do this 13 years later

GlitchxCity : Still one of the greatest videos to this day :]

Hamzah Elshwike : This guy is the father of all memes...

kiwistar 21 : We had this on in form😂💀 lmao DEAD😂

anthony simpson : Youtube finally recommended something good to me *been a while*

Daood Zafar : 2006, the year of YouTube