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hner!!! : why do i get so emotional when i listen to this

Reyes Wong : The few active channel till this day👍

Alejandro Rivera : A numa c mamo

Have not ate ramen for 90 Day and feeling stable : Happy 12th birthday Numa Numa

Caffeine Molecule : When youtube used to be good

Hi There : 12 Years Old Today.. 😂👏

El Kun : This guy created TikTok.

The Only Blue Corn Scone : This video is 4 days older than my brother.

TheLateMrBones : Happy 12 years ❤️ I was 9 when this came out. Jesus...

ATLfalcons RiseUp : Keep it up dude. It heals my depression and anxiety:)

Fisherminer : The first musically

Breadcrump Pacman : Why wasn't he on youtube rewind??? 🤔

in your mind : First Tik Tok...

GodzillaFan8520 : 12 years....

ATheSeller : Who is here from theodd1sout.

1000 Sunscribers with no video? : *Well he is my father now....*

Somecringekid : So this is the part when i say WOaH Why Is THIs Is iN mY rEcoMmEndED

BFBGamer : Happy 12 years!

Jud L : 12 years 🎧🎉🎉🎆🎆

king chew : Wow, 14 years... Congrats on 14th anniversary!!

Vade&Rush : 12 year anniversary!!

Videos Of Awesomeness : i found this from odd1sout XD

ЖакКорриc37 : 12 years...

Umara Zoni : Such a classic for me! LOL

Dat Little Seagull : This was the first video i ever saw on youtube. I love this classic

WLV : Where am I ;-;?

Jack Herold : good days of Youtube..

BERTONA : Back when Jake Paul wasn't a sociopath.

Kittie Kat : What is with your lips

Aryaman Tomer : I am 14 and I wish Fortnite never existed

Krystallier : i wasnt even born then o-0

Marinela Tepuru : 80% of the comments "how long ago this was" But c'mon you could not forget that this song is Romanian.It became a meme but now it's ded😞

martinez : Very nice (!)

YTscore : Czemu mam to na głównej

Macy Dunbar : A classic.

PARKOURIST_ FILMS : Maya who's in 2018?

Mega T3Teu 11 : nao entendi

Jabronie : 12th anniversary for youtube version

Caramel Animates : Anyone in 2018 looking back on when YouTube was actually good?? 🤣🤣🤣

Greg Griffith : i finally found it. when the internet was simple and fun. when roblox wasnt crap. when minecraft was a good game. memories

tannerin : either this or the charlie brown christmas hey ya video was the first video i saw on youtube

DroneMan SK : Today it's exactly 12 years since this was uploaded

supernova Creeper : HAPPY 12TH BIRTHDAY NUMA NUMA

Styx Six : Whinks tears

Lucario7280 : I want to go back.

kentpaolo quintana : My recommendation is getting weird

FirstName LastName : 12 years ago today, good times

Brodie 09 : Any one from the oddinsout vid Our cats :3

Marinica Stoian : Queeeeeee? Eres gordo

ለໃາຖ້ለ ຕ. : Never get's old😂