Numa Numa

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RevMatchTV : I watched 30 times back in the day!

Guitarfollower22 : This should be in some sort of YouTube archive that cannot be tampered with.

Starkid 1236 : Classic

Trevor Perry : 2018???

Janette Chayna : I just came back from BGH when he did this song it's a piano remix

dan stefan : #namesong #Dragosteadintei

Hi A : 2018 anyone?

Red : It feels weird to think this was 11 years ago.

Justin Y. : 1:06 *This right here bois is the origins of the dab*

Crocodile Cat : This is the most pure video on the internet.

IVIinutes : When you pass your finals.

CanadianMoose : The good old days of youtube

Шериф Черепаха Черепаховичь or Turtle : Guys 2018??

Hexagonal Milo 10 : as we move on... we look back... at the memes... that made youtube great...

xGaming Android : Români pe aici? Foarte tare videoclipul

Vazeren : wait this video isn't saying subscribe at the start OR end?!?!? and doesn't cut half-way into the video to promote some bullshit product? HOLY SHIT I FOUND THE OLD YOUTUBE

BlueAnt : my old intro song :D

Myers : 2018 <3

Suave Endymion16 : This is 2006 video meme everyone. Take note that this is original

CzaBlue : <3

Epic Antos : The nostalgia is real! 2018!

equilibrium 814 : *breaths in* Ah...It never gets old


Andrei Andrei : that moment when You are romanian( the song is romanian) and You see that...

Drink Water : When I first saw this video, I thought the guy was singing the "Maya" part.

douglas haskins : this meme is still amazing

Trespassing Turtle : SPREAD THIS!!! #MakeYoutubeNumaAgain

Yassin lahhit : 11 ans 😱😱😱😱😱

Unicorngirl_2506 : Lol

Porkpiggies : This vid was 10 years ago and then you see comments from like 1 hour ago

Unicorngirl_2506 : He looks like a dork

Andrei Rblx : Old memes is back yay!

起司 : 台灣人卡個

Shianne Jester : He was on South Park.

peblezQ : Fucking classic

Kyle Tsubaki : Nice captions YouTube

Ramieverse ! : Lost artifact

MadMaddox : It is crazy to think this video is 10 years old... I feel really old

Joel HafThor : Wow!! After 12 or 13 years this song suddenly came to my mind again and came to see it.. Whew

Sebastian L. : I wonder what is he up to now

Riko' z : 2018

tsiou tsiou : My childhood hero


Fatal Music : This man is a legend, one of a kind.

GueNe ! : wtf

Minck Gaming : Best anime opening ever

Kicia Does Gaming : This sounds like my language a little bit.

Maxi Maus : руссич?

Kyran Lyden : Watching this in 2017 still laughing

Me Me : Do people still watch this? Cuz I do