Numa Numa

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The Legendary Dark Knight Vergil : Everyone, we must never let this video die. Long live the numă numă guy! Edit: Numă, not Numa. Never knew after all these years.

MERG Clipz : I was 3 when this came out

Justin Y. : It's been quite a while youtube.

Vinny Garcia : When try not to laughs were actually funny😭bring back 2006-2010

Mackenzie Cleo : Long live numa numa guy

hner!!! : why do i get so emotional when i listen to this

Wadu Hek FAN : The man who predicted

Rodrick Smokes Dank : Nostalgia

SuperJumpReviews : I wished I had made my youtube channel around this time. Instead I started about 2014 when everything went downhill :(

NveR : When youtube was not a "Company".

Fatal Music : This man is a legend, one of a kind.

RajdeX : Who is still watching this in 2018?

Animu weeb : This is so beautiful I'm holding back tear

Dominic Sadeghi : Is any body still watching this in 2018? I miss old YouTube

The big bad wolf : I miss old YouTube

Somali pirate who's actually somali : #MakeYoutubeNumaAgain

KekseMonster : I WANT THESE TIMES BACK!!!!!!!!!! :(

Just Call Me Jason : My biggest fear is that one day I’ll be the only one who remembers this video...

Jimmy Guo : 2005-2012 > 2017-2018

Dirty Dan : Why is this suddenly in my recommended again

Pie Pivotmontier-O : Back in my day, Youtubers didn't sell out and made what they wanted for fun.

Juan Perex : (G)old

KekseMonster : When you have your first Fortnite Win.

MAX 28 : Good audio for 12 years ago haha

the dankster : The days when memes weren't edgy

Jaylen Byrne : i miss how simple youtube used to be

Tredon Aldridge : He has a snake in the background

ATay Gaming : Been stuck in my head since 2006

Vaddix 99 : Has anyone ever discovered what was in that tank behind him?

Timur Berlov : The first

PrankFiles : The first real viral video

Ethbar : I was 6 when i first watched this, I'm 15... And i keep coming back to it. :)

James Meeker : Good old memories of me and my brother when I was 10 watching this over and over again. Magic

Fire Guy : He looks so happy :) it makes me smile

Dumbestsphinx : Was this the first meme?

Starkid 1236 : Classic

Joshua Mccutcheon : I'm actually scared for my mental health

Misiak XD : 2018?

Ayeh Asuncion : anyone watching in 2018?

Michael Stütelberg : FIRST COMMENT!!! :D

Drink Water : When I first saw this video, I thought the guy was singing the "Maya" part.

Denniiis 05 : I like turtles

Jake The Gamer : this brings a tear to my eye.

5DC stuff : Man this was my shit when I was 5. Can't believe I'm 16 now.

Ddf : XD

FadedApex : Them headphones thoe lol

Potato Power : This is why the FBI goes on our webcams

daab0ss86 87 : Hello internet. I remember you before Ugandan knuckles and other old memes. I remember you before fortnite was the worlds obsession. When I first discovered you. When gaming was at its peak. This is part of the story of the classic internet. If you think deep enough it's kind of beautiful.

Logano Productions : One of the oldest internet memes. I was one month of shy of 4 years old when this was released.

Zachary : I was a kid back in 2006...I wish I can Time Travel to my good old Days!