Numa Numa

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Fatal Music : This man is a legend, one of a kind.

RevMatchTV : I watched 30 times back in the day!

FadedApex : 2017?

Outrageous pterodactyl : 2006:Man this is fun I hope it stays like this forever 2017:You look like your sister is the girl you have sex with

GlitchxCity : Still one of the greatest videos to this day :]

Jaylen Byrne : i miss how simple youtube used to be

A bag of Doritos : I think I'm gonna shed a tear...

Dirty Dan : Cocaine is one hell of a drug

Leonid Kapchiev : Where old time were better before the family friendly content shit came in 2016

UltimaDude : Animation vs. Youtube brought me here

DillonJamestv : Youtube in its prime

Justin Y. : 1:06 *The origins of the dab*

Gabriel Bierly : I really hope the old Youtube is coming back

FadedApex : Them headphones thoe lol

Philysteak : Still watching in 2016

Serenade : I remember I simpler time.. When this exploded the internet and I was 4 years old. I love this song, this video, but now song today are trash. Well most of it is. Most songs today are about sex life and its..AAHH I HATE IT! Basically, as a 2000s kid, I miss the old internet. Its not like I hate everything now I just prefer the old stuff. Thank yoi for your time you may now move along LOL

pootis luv sandviches : If all the new memes are killed... at least we still have this

GreatMow : what a fucking legend

PinkieSonicHedgepie : Ah, yes.. One of my first YouTube videos.. Memories ♥

Not a Troll : This was the pinnacle of comedy back in 2006

whenigrowupiwannadie : Back when the internet was fun


Dynamix_ 956 : I miss this YouTube before the faggots Paul's before click bait before trash music rip old you tube

Tripleaskills UPSB : Before fake giveaways and merch. Good times!

Tamar Dillard : I here 2017

SuperKRDoesThings : The greatest video to ever grace the history of the world. That is all.

none21 : Remember when random videos went viral When every tutorial video used songs from Audio Swap and free recording software When people made videos for fun instead of bandwagoning on whatever retarded shit is trending for views Before drama replaced actual content Before every fucking video gets copyrighted for no reason When Minecraft and Roblox were fun and new games to play with friends and the stupid kids who infest the game now weren’t born yet The star rating system No Jake Paul RIP YouTube 2005-2010 The worst part is it’s only going downhill from here

Ijaas Ahamed : who else is here from FBE?

Savage Redhood019 : I still come back to watch this gem to remind me how good YouTube was.


Hudson Kerr : Happy 13th anniversary, Numa Numa Man.

Dandilus : Visiting every original meme before net neutrality ends.

Bageliser : I think the only reason why he is this hyped is because he wearing headphones. 🎧

MrSpoon : Anyone her in 2017?

Butters Scotch : How does it feel to have been on southpark 9 years ago?

Reborn X Master : Where a legend began

Tremlett 96 : I miss the old YouTube every video was funny now it's full of hate and clickbait and bullshit

Porkpiggies : This vid was 10 years ago and then you see comments from like 1 hour ago

Turtle_ Kiwi : The original

Thomas Venema : why does this remember this of my childhood?

J- Fee : Brings back memories

K C : 2017 wow 10 years ago time flies fast

ChesterNumbnuts : we get it, you miss the old youtube.

aylin : Happy 13th anniversary!😍

Pino : 2006: Haha very funny 2017: He created a dab. Shut up

RailGuns360 : Who else feels nostalgia from this video?

bluecarloz : we did it reddit

EVXN : Willne anyone?

iiBluB_HuB : Finally.. I got that annoying song outta my head.. "Watches This video" ...Please Kill Me

NimbusTheMixʕ•ᴥ•ʔ : Happy birthday numa numa