Numa Numa

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NveR : When youtube was not a "Company".

Liberale Front : The First musicaly

dexter_cockie / nbaHblN_MacTeP : *_-Alo_* *_-Salut!_* *_Numa Numa Ei!!!_*

NicksOdyssey : The internet before the Pauls

nazi : _The beginning of LipSync_

Spørg Casper : back when the internet was filled with quality.

dexter_cockie / nbaHblN_MacTeP : *_Numa Numa Guy! Numa Numa Guy! Numa Numa Numa Guy!!!)_*

dexter_cockie / nbaHblN_MacTeP : Numa Numa 2-99k likes Numa Numa-299k likes What!?

dexter_cockie / nbaHblN_MacTeP : Самая психоделическая песня на ютубе...😊😎😍😘😉

Jeremy H. : I miss the old YouTube. Before they changed the comment section and when videos had stars instead of a stupid thumbs up or down.

Fatal Music : This man is a legend, one of a kind.

Terminator Tino : 11 Year old memes: a guy Lipsynching Memes today: *E*

NattyUrDaddy69 : this was the internet's prime.

Dommz : 12 years later... I FOUND THE NUMA NUMA GUY In MINECRAFT!

dexter_cockie / nbaHblN_MacTeP : Numa Numa до сих пор не отпускает меня)😉

The Legendary Dark Knight Vergil : Everyone, we must never let this video die. Long live the numă numă guy! Edit: Numă, not Numa. Never knew after all these years.

Emiel Dreves : i have finaly reached the good part of youtube.

Vanguard : Seroiusly though, what's his name?

Higuy2005 : Back in those days No clickbate

kijiHBK : Before

hner!!! : why do i get so emotional when i listen to this

dexter_cockie / nbaHblN_MacTeP : Это навека!)

emeraldwolf1 YT : 12 years later. NUMA NUMA GUY IS IN MY MINECRAFT WORLD HELP!

killbot86 : Back when viral videos were made for fun and not simply for views.....These days anykind of bullshit is considered "viral"....

dear sister : Back when you could broadcast yourself.

Somali pirate who's actually somali : #MakeYoutubeNumaAgain

Stitchu __ : the good old days

supermad noway : old but gold.

Timo Oranki : Best years of YouTube

Accuity : Seeing this video makes me feel old cause I saw this video the year it came out and the years have gone by so quick :(

Midnight Creations : What hackers capture on people's webcams

PumaX : *Now* vs *Then.*

Ant : so much better than the shit produced today

Disney Fan Productions : Back when there were no 8 year old fortnite players and no logan paul


Rusticabcd : Athiests, explain this.

WrfSxxx : Remember when this was on Flipnotes everywhere in Flipnote Hentena

Kurama : I wonder where this guy is now

Sp33zy Gamings : 2018 anyone ??😊

Nelumbo Nucifera : SImpler times, man.

Pie Pivotmontier-O : Back in my day, Youtubers didn't sell out and made what they wanted for fun.

Mr. Nice guy : Now we have clickbait..

Mario Peach : Jonh Lasseter, es usted?

Aleximination : Meme incoming

AnnaVideos : Meya ha! Mayeha hi! Mayeha haha!

Animebrother : Back when youtube was youtube miss the good old days!

KopErms : Moldoveni?

LegoJack 324 : Anyone 12 or under is not allowed to make jokes about this and claim they “remember it”. This is the OG, if not the very first, meme. Edit: 12 or under meaning born 2006 or later

Sir GrandPappy : A YouTube staple and classic.

sad memes : I used to watch those old try not to laugh and its so nostalgic