Little Kid is too innocent for VRchat

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Syrmor : If y'all would like to help support the youtube channel and the stream, you can get a LIVE GOOD DIE GREAT shirt here After talking to Jordan's mom he's received one himself


-トワイス : “You don’t believe in god?” his disappointed little voice please protect

-トワイス : i love how everyone just protects him 🤧

Super Golden Blur : Jordan's a sweetheart! o(〃^▽^〃)o

Clout God D.D™ : *DON'T TOUCHA THE CHILD!!!*

NateIsLame : this is the most wholesome video i've ever seen i love it

Eevee RealSenpai : *_"WE GOT CONTENT, BOYS!"_*

Darkcyndermaya : This child is a puppy in the form of a human being and a cinnamon roll; to sweet for this world.

-トワイス : awwww 🤧💖💖💖😭😭

Nicks : This is amazing, thank you.

Elzeta : I want to protect him

uncle hank : This is the most wholesome video I've seen in a while.

Spartanmomo : Kid obviously has a great support system and family around him

Skarpantre : Jordan freed the VRChat community from their sins

Nervøus Wreck : Tell Jordan he has cured my depression

simpleplanfan011 : "We're all good angels." I'M NOT CRYING, YOU ARE.

lamplava : Most of us were all once a Jordan. Then life happened.

skypie 700 : (Inhales) *JORDAN*

Jessica Escobar : I love his idea of what God is, he doesn't have the typical idea of what he is but his own

That person does stuff : He's to cute. I swear if someone hurts him I will kill them

Wilburgur : sneak ♪ cross tha street ♫

ChaosMyth1012 : I just... I wish all players were this nice, the child and the people playing with him. Maybe I’d actually enjoy online multiplayer games, but there are just so many mean-spirited and arrogant players online; I just wanna play a wholesome game of whatever, and have some legitimate fun, without being told how bad I am without any constructive criticism, or how good they are without having achieved anything, or how their dad works at [insert place here] and are gonna get me banned or some dumb shit like that, or how I *hacked* a game because I had a particularly good play. The community surrounding online multiplayer games is just really toxic and it ruins the whole experience for me. I’m immensely happy with how Jordan was treated and interacted with in this video.

Buttercorn Gabby The sans fangirl : He’s so cute even when shooting people XD

2cluelessgurls : awww my heart

Maria Minadeo : I was really not expecting this to be so wholesome. It's wonderful. The world of gaming needs more content like this!

SolFunc : Such Innocence must be protected

Lena Doot : “If people hate you don’t hate them” *single tear falls* thanks Jordan

Daniela Gonzalez : *This world doesn't desserve him.*

AnimeLoverTill The End : 1 like= 1 respect for Jordan

Kittencapuccino : This made my heart melt,, Protect him in vr chat at all costs <33 No but seriously there could be trolls out there >:(

CHMmusic : I showed this video to my girlfriend. At the end when Jordan says "Do good, die great" she started crying. Jordan is awesome.

Misus Yaya : This is the cutest thing I've seen today ^^

Lunala Doll : I love him

-トワイス : uwu intensified

il_ lumi : oh no he's so cute i love how well you guys handled the kid-- it's really, really nice to see something like this

Barricade2091 : Not gonna lie his quote "if people hate you, don't hate them" is actually very amazing. Crazy that a kid would think of something like that. It's a good way to handle life and not let others bring you down. If someone hates you or talks bad about you just ignore it. Don't waste your energy on something pointless. Life is too short to let someone's opinion of you, weigh you down. Smart kid.

Ignacio : At least someone is having fun in vrchat nowadays

B4shar : My heart this is so adorable such an innocent fella this video made my day ❤

t h e w a v e 1999 : how you keep fiding the most adorible people on vr chat ?

Key Strix : What a cool kid.

Nicolle : real life cat bug omg

Dehua Liu : I’ve been keep watching this video for like thousands times

Kevin Peddecord : too cute! always nice seeing such cute innocence, Jordan, keep being awesome man! thanks for making this video, faith in humanity is restored

Faith Isn’t full : So pure


DJayeRemixTheFox : Jordan is a precious kid omlllllll

Kathryn Sutton : He is too innocent ;>

Aconitus : I envy the innocence of children, for their innocence is the only thing which causes me to weep existential tears of joy.

Cynthia munoz : When he said do good die great made me soo sad I almost cried 😭💖😭😭💖💖