Do Good Die Great. Little Kid is too innocent for VRchat

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Syrmor : If y'all would like to help support the channel: You can get a DO GOOD DIE GREAT sweater or other merch at After talking to Jordan's mom he's received one himself


P for Potato_GAMING : It's more beautiful when you realize the first kid in Jordan's story is his dad.

Cami_Cosmos : He’s too precious! His parents obviously raised him to have great manners and to be polite. And it’s amazing when you transfer that politeness over to the internet. He’s going to do some great things someday!


mo ri : I love how nice you were to him. I often see grown-ups bully children in online gaming; and I don't mean subtle trolling or teasing, but straight harassment (especially on Fortnite). I think it's absolutely ridiculous for older people to do that and feel great about themselves because roasting kids is ~soo funny uwu~… Often those kids are really nice, too, and I hope they don't adapt such stupid behavior. Also, I hope Jordan never meets any of those dumb people I just referred to.

Elzeta : I want to protect him

Marissa Lies : " don't believe in God..?" Broke my heart honestly. We believe in God for you Jordan!

Hokonu : What a adorable child. He isn’t edgy, toxic or just dumb...he is innocent. I think he is the only boy with a clean browser history ever and it will never get *cough* *cough* you know...

twitchyflash : I love how everyone works together to be nice to Jordan

trash. : I really thought the video were going to be another "kid trolling" on vrchat. Nowadays it's common a 10-11 years old kid just cussing and screaming at you for anything on a lot of online multiplayer games, so we just laugh at them, because there's really nothing to do about it. And seeing this kid just having fun on a online game, talking with other people, making friends, spreading positivity and good messages... *i just can't..*

SolFunc : Such Innocence must be protected

Jay : Do good. Die great. Oh my god, who knew that could come out of a kid

Flamebriar DelphoxGamer : I love him so much. They even added his quote to VRChat it self when loading into a world!

Frank Ponce : I would just like to share a story. Jordan's words were somehow what my dad always used to tell me when I was a kid. Malupit ang mundo, hindi mabait ang mundo. ... Madaming mananakit sa'yo. Pero, maging mabuti (na tao) ka, yun na ang pinaka magandang ganti mo. [The world is cruel, it will not be kind to you. ... A lot of people will hurt you. But be good, that's the [best] revenge you could give] And (I'll just directly translate it to english) if you do good, it will surely come back to you--maybe not directly to you, but to the people you love/close to you. When I was a young (teens), I can't seem to understand how he's like that. You see, he came from a troubled family: my grandfather is a pure Filipino Muslim, and my grandmother is a Mestiza (rich Filipina-Spanish family). Their family obviously did not approved of that, they were forced to migrate to another province. However, they were tracked down and my grandfather was killed. My father was 12 then. Since he was the eldest male in the family, he was forced to take the mantle of responsibility. He became the bread winner, doing odd jobs to make ends meet. He was always in trouble when he was young because he never wanted to be looked down upon. He became a soldier, and was assigned to different combat zones, until he was assigned to one province where he met my mom. And that's when he mellowed down. He later became a police officer after the Constabulary was abolished. He had faced many different life struggles, yet he was always firm in his belief that doing good will "pay back" someday. I never really took it seriously then, but when he started getting sick, the amount of help we received was unbelievable. From hospital bills, to the processing of his service records, even at the bank, and many more, there were really a lot who helped us. My father really a loyal police... To a fault. He is the only officer who hadn't owned mansions or fancy cars even compared to his juniors. He even got mad at our elsest brother when he joked "Pa, maybe it's time to make kurakot na(corruption) Hahaha He died last May at the age of 76. But only then did I learn how great my father is. He never liked to brag. He never told us anything about his life, he never told us all the heroic things he did. We all only knew these things based from the people he helped. He never talked much, only when necessary. The amount of people who came, the amount of help we received when we are in need, I could even attribute our luck and success, and all the blessings we received to him. He did lived good, and died great. The amount of love and help surely came back a thousand folds. I could never come as close as how awesome my dad is. But when I had my own family, I'd surely want my kids to be proud of me as well. I hope Jordan will be guided well throughout his life's journey, I know he'll go far in life P.S. thanks Syrmor for being a great virtual older brother to Jordan hahahaha

The Appleflaps : This kid is a lot wiser than most of us

CHMmusic : I showed this video to my girlfriend. At the end when Jordan says "Do good, die great" she started crying. Jordan is awesome.

Damian Kim : We must protect this smoll one 1 like= one more person to protect him

Siberian Pup : just wanted to say- i watch this video daily. i watch it before i go to bed and right when i get up in the morning. it puts me in such a great mood and has helped me through a LOT of tough stuff. this video has been amazing and has actually improved my mental health a bit, because it makes me laugh and smile. i love jordan. his positive outlook on life is inspiring and it makes me feel better after a bad day or helps me start a great one. thank you, syrmor and jordan :)

everybuddy : That background music at the end with Jordan saying "if people hate you don't hate them" and "do good die great" is soooo fitttiingggg!! What song is that?

everybuddy : 5:06 "If people hate you, don't hate them" "do good die great" MY GOD THAT ENDINGGG

simpleplanfan011 : "We're all good angels." I'M NOT CRYING, YOU ARE.

Azure Rosé : "I think god is a cloud" I can't-

Justin X : "Do good die great" Jordan.

Michael Lang : "You want to grab a bomb, go up here, and just chuck it. And that could have killed someone" This quote makes my day every time lol

Nycolle A Mendez : He's so pure Omg I can't I'm a little cold person But this kid omg

NateIsLame : this is the most wholesome video i've ever seen i love it

Weltfenos : We must protect this little innocent nugget

Jademau6 : we should all be a little more like jordan

Lois jane brown : He got banned from vrchat , what a sweetie though ✌️❤️

Fright Or Fury : Jordan 2K18 "Do Good Die Great".

LEGOSAURUS : My heart just melted

Skolastika Winta : Aaaaw i just want to hug him. It's so nice that you guys didn't underestimate him and just play along.. thankyou guys for that

Gamer Amanda : We must protect Jordan he is too precious

JohnIsPlaying : "Thanks" to the new TOS for VRChat, only 13+ year olds are allowed. im holding back tears.. this *TOS* is so powerful...

Akatashi Ramen : i want a friend like you syrmor ;)


Itz Cryptik : I need more Jordan ;(

Breanna Nicole : I love him❤ he has a beautiful and kind soul💜

Starlight Fox : Yep. Most of us can agree that Jordan is as sweet as A angel. 😇😇

Don't mind me : This kid is amazing. He’s so cute and well mannered. My gosh, thank you for posting this. Now I know how to raise my future children;((

CuteC3 : OMG that Jordan quote at the end made me cry <3 What a beautiful soul

SatyrToon Animation : You are just so sweet. I rarely see people on this game actually be nice to kids. It's great to see. I wish I had friends like this in VR chat.

AnnaTheArtPerson : Do good, Die Great!!! FOR JORDAN!!! ✊

Hifzhan R : Man i still can't stop rewatching this for days!

Alice Gibson : Love the extra detail on the wife at the start.

DJayeRemixTheFox : Jordan is a precious kid omlllllll

KustomiseT : "Do good, Die great" I cried for some reason.

Vladimir Valenzuela : 3:42 looks like Jordan knows da way, da new true way.

Ariana F : “do good die great” PLEASE PROTECC THIS CHILD