Why I don't like IGN's new "Speedrun" trend... (How they can better benefit speedrunners)

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Shigatura : i rate this video 10/10-IGN. to much water

Ten Duchys : "I've been ItsJabo" Does that mean that you are ItsNotJabo now?

smoker g : I blame the runners. If IGN has figured out a way to milk $$ from WR videos, the only people to blame are the those stupid enough to give IGN permission to reupload their records for nothing in return. It's just a lack of experience on the runner's part. It should be very easy for someone to negotiate a deal with IGN where they get paid a percentage of the revenue or a sum of money for permission to use the video itself, but most speedrunners don't bother going through that process and just accept the "exposure" from IGN. Good video though, but I think your message should have been directed at the runners instead of IGN, since the runners are the only people who can put this change into action. Subbed.

ThaRixer : Great video. You raise some pretty good points.

Namekian Jedi : Never really trusted ign. They feel way too much like a business to me.

Lucas Flores : Interesting point of view, but at the end of the day, everything for the corporate suits is money, nothing else matters for them


Emily Quinn : a well put together video!! good job Jabo