Dying dad has last dance with daughter at wedding

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: https://sc.mp/subscribe-youtube A cancer sufferer in Alabama, in the United States, was determined to dance with his daughter on her wedding day, despite having to use a wheelchair. He died two weeks after the wedding. Footage: Blue Room Photography

Comments from Youtube

Findyourwayred : God damn I tried not to cry but I did. Hope he rests in peace. 😭❤️

Slowlikehoney Too : This video touched me in so many ways! He had his last dance with his daughter and it was a perfect ending..... My condolences to the family as well as congratulations to the bride and groom.

mOan taeil127 : This is so sad and beautiful at the same time. 😢💖

CLOUĐS and RØSES _ : I couldn't fight my tears when I saw him crying and the date he had moved to a better place... It was really sad to know that it happened yesterday....

Karen Oakley : This was one of the most beautiful videos and tributes I have ever seen. THANK YOU for posting something so endearing and positive. I have no doubt it was hard to share but this is a beautiful example of what it is to live life in it's fullest - even when facing hardships. This brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart. I hope more can learn from you for sharing life - the beauty, the hardships, but true love that exists in families.

Stanley Marzec : That is beautiful and very sad.

Jezebel Isabul : Dad : ultimate super hero of daughter

The Hidden : He got that end which everyone desires

Dustin Perez : This is sooo touching and beautiful. May The love and peace of Jesus Christ be with your dad and your new family going forward into eternity. Love this!

R. Bruno : May he rest in peace.

Tinmania : God bless you both. Thank you for sharing this moment.

Michael Nablo : I hope human appreciate the gift of Nature 😇 Nature is the healer not synthetic drugs😎

Cédrick Phan Lafrenière : Rest and peace Jim Robert👍 Your daughter will never forget what you did for her☺

Prateek Verma : After Watching this video *All I want Daughter* 💗

NPC 01001011 : "last dance" kinda rude lol

STAUSERT YT : I cant understand why people dislike this

April Rosales TV Blog : so sweet got tears on my eyes😭😭

Yat Kai : the last dance that reminds and inspires us that love is what we treasure most

Ahmad Alami : Heartbreaking video to watch ...

Yh Ong : Damnit the sand in my eye.

Ana Banana : this is sad 😢

추트씨 : Can’t stop the tears 😭

Gabo Prado : The legend says He still alive

RAKA YAN : 女儿是父亲上辈子的情人

Sania Hussain : This is so touching

Jersey Representing : I'm sorry for your loss, family of this man who obviously held out as long as he could.

Yan Kwong : May he rest in peace

sushmabanshi banshi : How heart touching

Yunita Rizki : It's touched me

Jacintha May : Bruh I cried

S.Y ARMY! : So sweet💜

Anis Farizan Yahaya : Beautiful

Guess Who : At least he died in happiness

Tommy wongso : #TheMan

Heidi Rodis : My dad died 2 years ago. I will never get to dance with him on my wedding. Glad this lady was able to. Shout-out to all the kids here: y'all don't forget to love your parents and show them and tell them that you do. Regardless of how small they are in your immature minds. I hope that you always see the king behind the sheperd boy, when you look at your dads. I know I always didn't and I have so many regrets now that he's gone. Would do anything to dance with my dad again.

chenny chen chenny : 😭😭😭😭

Kathy Sherman : 😭😭😭😭

June : Those dislikes are evil.

daniel silavong : Great story!

Chris Gonzalez : Another sad story

yemail5555 : So touching

Nacimzarem Halawi : 😭😭😭

Deddie Debbie : Woooooow awesome I love its

Terence Ng : My sister cancer is back.. What should I do?

Jay Raval : it was a sad story...

David Cheney : What got to do with Hong Kong news events?

Kafu Lester : attention whore

Kalmilon yweng : Does this have anything to do with this channel called the “SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST”