HOW TO: Low Maintenance Nano Aquascape

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Check out my website: Support me on Patreon: How to keep an aquascape low maintenance? It all comes down to four things. Dennerle sells two identical tanks with different packaging. Both tanks are below: Tank in this video: Tank in this video: Please subscribe to Tank Tested if you haven't already and follow me on Facebook. Dustin's review of competition scapes: Kit I used to make videos: Camera: Nikon D5300: Lenses: AF-S Nikkor 50mm 1.4G: AF-S Nikkor 18-33 ED: Sigma 18-35 Art: Sigma 105 EX Macro: Slider: Rhino Automated Slider: Audio: Zoom H5: Music licensed under creative commons. Music by Chris Zabriskie.

Comments from Youtube

EatRyanBread : The internet feels so starved of clam and informational content. THIS is a breath of fresh air! You've made a YouTube video feel like a podcast and I love it so much. Thank you for info, the inspiration, and a quiet 5 minutes to relax to. Please coordinate a collab with the wonderful Rachel O'leary because you two would be incredible together! <3 <3 <3

Joseph Jose : Amazing setup, but What about the main things? Like, what substrate, did you use any root tabs for initial growth, do you fertilize regularly, how many hours is the light on, what kind of filteration for the water, how much water change and how often, how often do you feed them? Thanks!

dclxvi : You and Dustin doing a video together will probably be an evil scheme to burst everybody's ear drums. One whispers like a hypnotist. Everybody happily raises their volume. And then BAM! The other shouts like a maniac. ENT doctors around the world won't know what hit them. Then Alex Jones will take out a video saying the aquarium hobby makes people go deaf. And it will all spiral into Trump getting reelected. Please don't do that.

Anthony LC : Why are you WHISPERING(in a whispering voice)????????

chillstep4life : Is it just me or is it kind of difficult to hear your voice? It's very strange. It sounds like your trying to talk quietly but not necessarily whispering.

Rachel O'Leary : nice video Alex!

IMC IMC : Shss, Alex is talking.

Sagar Sheth : I loved your video and specialy your aquarium. Your voice is good

Dave Alan : Asmr af. Love it. Subbed.

MD Fish Tanks : Love this. Similar to my own nano aquascape

Stephany Svorinić : I love your video! So peaceful and well made. Beautiful tank! I love that you chose soothing many people choose awful music for videos, but this your choice of sound is a deep relief. I am a full time musician and fish hobbyist, so seeing a video like this with appropriate and soothing music was so awesome. Thank you! Great scape!!!

good samaritan : Please make a video...on how you weaned it off this seems to be one of the most key aspects that lead to the success of this tank. A great and honest effort...indeed. Its so refreshing to see someone who actually deacribes in detail on how he actually arrived at such a lovely tank. Your efforts will greatly benefit those who are just getting themselves into this beautiful hobby.

Nanli : Hello random person looking at the comments 😊 That is amazing! This is my goal for my aquarium to look very natural... right now I have a better fish in a three gallon but I hope to update the setup to make a nano tank!

Bob Carter : I really look forward to your videos, they feel so “zen” but with the added bonus of learning something new. Thank you so much!

Leandros Vasilakis : Beautifull tank, very good job. You made a short and enjoyable video on a beautifull aquascape. Very good man keep it up.

Alexander Zhukov : A stunningly beautiful tank. What kind of fish do you have there?

Ben Woolgar : this is like fish tank asmr

Rational Mind : I liked the way he was calming

Cook Forever : I love Alex's voice! His videos are relaxing as well as informative!

M 7 : Great video man.l love the way u explain things

NihlusGreen : Loving the tank, especially the offset placement to include the house plant!

Aidan Silva : I LOVE how you filmed and edited this video. I look forward to watching more content from you! Also I don't find your voice creepy at all! Don't let others discourage you!

Bob T : One of the nicest tanks I have seen. Also your narration is spot-on, very relaxing which goes with the tank/video.

Neil Waight : The 4th item on your lisp?

Ama Teur : Love the scape with the petrified wood and of course enhanced by the Espe's! I have the same Dennerle (I'm in Canada) system and agree wholeheartedly with your assessment and excellent tank to scape with that footprint and the light is excellent. I replace the internal filter for a HOB but other than that without CO2, no problems. Thanks again for sharing and keep up the great vids.

Paul Conway : Really appreciate this kind of video. Good clear information delivered in a calm voice with unobtrusive background music. Please do your substrate comparison video, it's so important to get the substrate right and would be great to see what results you get.

Jeff Rendered : Your commentating got me to watch a 7 minute video about aquarium maintenance...I don’t own one and have no interest in the field. 👍

Skye Cohen : I really like your videos, I watched the Rachel oleary fish room tour video and was so impressed first with her and her seemingly ceaseless energy and creationism(using that word in my own creative way) but then I was just so taken by the production quality of that video and I've been watching a lot more of your content. I have a busy life and really find it calming to melt into your world, you also have a very relaxing voice.. Anyway keep doing what you're doing it's really awesome and I appreciate it

Alex : ive been obsessively watching every aquascaping video on youtube for the last three months and this one is my favorite.

Bruno FM: The Rebel Radio : Got one of these tanks for free at aquatic experience! Still havent set it up,now I want to copy yours.

mellywell : Reading your responses, you are hysterical. Love the video. Thanks a bunch.

pecktec : Looks really really beautiful. Great job!

Pure Primrose : I've found eventually a tank without co2 will need co2, even slow growing plants, if they don't get enough they become stunted and attract algae and red cherry shrimps eat more detritus than algae

Lyndon Stevens : That voice! Its quite mesmerizing. You were on H2O plants so I came over, and that voice just got me. Love that tank, since I am starting to scape slowly so this was great for me. Now I will be getting some Buce and hair grass. New sub.

Aquatasy : Absolutely fantastic! Beautiful scape, great advice, and excellent production values. How did I not know about your channel until now? (Excuse me while I go subscribe and work my way through your other videos.)

Ti'ia Friisvall : ASMR/National Geographic vibe

FUBOL7 : Loved it! I want to get into Aquascaping.

YuGe Aquaponics : amazing video, amazing presentation.....calm and cool !!!!

Xuan Lai Pham : Can we set up a tank like this without Bio-filter?

My Buce Tank : I've discovered your channel and i have to say thats very impressive!! i love how you make your videos and the content itselfs. Do you add carbon in other form? like seachem excel? i would like to know how and when you fertilize your tanks! Gratz!! one more sub here! i would say you to check my channel but its in spanish :D

Strongpowerthankyou Swaggers : This is so relaxing to listen to

A Yun : your voice is so soothing and warm :') love your content! subscribed

tombraider3586 : American Psycho vibe 🤭

Jose Montalvo : Amazing tank! One of the best tanks I ever seen! Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed watching! Cool music too! By the way, the whispering is fine, don’t sweat it!

Zach Jones : Always makes me laugh when people talk like this guy in the video - trying so hard to make it sound like stupid "asmr" that he sounds like he has a blocked nose verging on cystic fibrosis. Thank god there's a screen between us because, with all the saliva he'd be spitting whilst talking, by the end of this video I might as well have just dunked my head in his bloody fish tank I'd be so soaked.

Damian Bloodstone : Great vid and amazing tank.

Katie Abraham : I’m a new sub and I’m really struck by this scape, I haven’t seen anything quite like it. You’ve also convinced me to go with Dennerle but I’m UK based so can’t help you out purchasing through your links. Keep up the amazing, high quality videos.

Amiral Hafidz : holy hell your voice is so soothing i almost fell asleep. nice video tho

L Dillman : ASMR LOL