HOW TO: Low Maintenance Nano Aquascape

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Silver : This feels like an asmr video

EatRyanBread : The internet feels so starved of clam and informational content. THIS is a breath of fresh air! You've made a YouTube video feel like a podcast and I love it so much. Thank you for info, the inspiration, and a quiet 5 minutes to relax to. Please coordinate a collab with the wonderful Rachel O'leary because you two would be incredible together! <3 <3 <3

zaddy musk : your voice creeps me tf out

chillstep4life : Is it just me or is it kind of difficult to hear your voice? It's very strange. It sounds like your trying to talk quietly but not necessarily whispering.

dclxvi : You and Dustin doing a video together will probably be an evil scheme to burst everybody's ear drums. One whispers like a hypnotist. Everybody happily raises their volume. And then BAM! The other shouts like a maniac. ENT doctors around the world won't know what hit them. Then Alex Jones will take out a video saying the aquarium hobby makes people go deaf. And it will all spiral into Trump getting reelected. Please don't do that.

Rachel O'Leary : nice video Alex!

good samaritan : Please make a video...on how you weaned it off this seems to be one of the most key aspects that lead to the success of this tank. A great and honest effort...indeed. Its so refreshing to see someone who actually deacribes in detail on how he actually arrived at such a lovely tank. Your efforts will greatly benefit those who are just getting themselves into this beautiful hobby.

Travis Taylor : I like all the information, all is well shot, however, if you could maybe talk in a way that doesn't sound like you are trying to be quiet from other people i just think it may help.

Joseph Jose : Amazing setup, but What about the main things? Like, what substrate, did you use any root tabs for initial growth, do you fertilize regularly, how many hours is the light on, what kind of filteration for the water, how much water change and how often, how often do you feed them? Thanks!

MD Fish Tanks : Love this. Similar to my own nano aquascape

Lyndon Stevens : That voice! Its quite mesmerizing. You were on H2O plants so I came over, and that voice just got me. Love that tank, since I am starting to scape slowly so this was great for me. Now I will be getting some Buce and hair grass. New sub.

Nanli : Hello random person looking at the comments 😊 That is amazing! This is my goal for my aquarium to look very natural... right now I have a better fish in a three gallon but I hope to update the setup to make a nano tank!

IMC IMC : Shss, Alex is talking.

Tristan Gurnea : Your voice makes me uncomfortable.

pecktec : Looks really really beautiful. Great job!

graphite : Well, i was just watching Rachel O'Leary's live stream and your name popped up........... i subbed.

Ben Woolgar : this is like fish tank asmr

NihlusGreen : Loving the tank, especially the offset placement to include the house plant!

Paul Conway : Really appreciate this kind of video. Good clear information delivered in a calm voice with unobtrusive background music. Please do your substrate comparison video, it's so important to get the substrate right and would be great to see what results you get.

M 7 : Great video man.l love the way u explain things

Bob Carter : I really look forward to your videos, they feel so “zen” but with the added bonus of learning something new. Thank you so much!

Michał Kondratowicz : It look strange for me. Why? Lack of CO2 + lack of light = even well sutied plants to such condition will start to stretch up and won't look so good as on the footage. If there are no water changes and fishes are not constantly starving, the water would be rich in nitrogen and phosphorus with potasium defficiency. Such conditions result in algae overgrowth (yes, some algae can perfectly develop under low CO2 and low lighting conditions). Therefore I am a little bit sceptic about how low maintance in requires. I think that the matter of fact it is similar to any low tech tank.

RR26 : Cannot believe only 5 watt led, which is at about 14 inches high in the video, is good enough for these carpet plants.

L Dillman : ASMR LOL

Benjamin Bormann : Nice video - i really like it. I´ve got a question. I noticed that tiny little snails (the white ones) - you can see it at 1:40 - 1:41 (four of them in that frame). Do someone know which species this is? I got many of them - no matter how hard I try to eliminate them - there is always one more left (and it must be hermaphrodite). Thank you :>

Billy Bob : Very nice thank you for sharing

Ama Teur : Love the scape with the petrified wood and of course enhanced by the Espe's! I have the same Dennerle (I'm in Canada) system and agree wholeheartedly with your assessment and excellent tank to scape with that footprint and the light is excellent. I replace the internal filter for a HOB but other than that without CO2, no problems. Thanks again for sharing and keep up the great vids.

FUBOL7 : Loved it! I want to get into Aquascaping.

Solve Everything : Beautiful video, what a shame it isn't 4k..

Clay Beatty : You are have the voice of a Roman Mars for aquascapes. This is really great quality stuff! Can't wait for more.

Zx Khor : Good quality video man

Katie Abraham : I’m a new sub and I’m really struck by this scape, I haven’t seen anything quite like it. You’ve also convinced me to go with Dennerle but I’m UK based so can’t help you out purchasing through your links. Keep up the amazing, high quality videos.

perkt : Good for you but your voice is very scary

Fishy Snowman : Awesome love the video. I subbed

Jacey Darling : Great video, beautiful tank!

Juan Carlos Senor-Clinton : Amazing video if you keep this up you will grow rapidly you remind me a lot of the clicksprings channel style

Theodore Uy : From Rachel O'Leary's live stream. Subscribed! 😍

Bob Skihoden : voice is so calming that I pooped mt hand

Leandros Vasilakis : Beautifull tank, very good job. You made a short and enjoyable video on a beautifull aquascape. Very good man keep it up.

Epic Nation : When everyone is asleep at 3am

Greg B : Wow, such a wonderful tiny well done space. Thank you for sharing I am a new subscriber 👍

Xander Cristofer : Your voice helps me get to sleep faster. Put on your earphones, close your eyes and listen to his voice. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs

J - : Super nice tank and you obviously know what you are doing, but this video is just horrible in terms of the actual information. Why would you do a "How to" and not talk about substrate used, fertilizer used (liqud? root tab?), how long for the CO2, how exactly did you wean it off, and such. It's pretty hard to believe this tank was anything low maintenance "to achieve" just looking at how well all these plants grew. I mean yeah, maybe you don't have to do much water change after it reached a equilibrium, and you can call that "low maintenance"; but the "reaching that balance" part must not have been that easy, and that's the most important part of this video that is completely left out (and these are not easy work). Obviously you had some great ideas here, but this is not even remotely comprehensive, and the fragmented information in this is altogether pretty useless for any beginners who has very little understanding in how to strife for a slow moving equilibrium for a low maintenance tank. I wish there is much more information for how to do this setup exactly, or at least similar set up. Talking about the plants you put (without discussing pros of each, light req, and growth condition) and the color of rocks is just pointless. It's making me upset mainly because I was hoping there are more concrete information to recreate what you have here, but instead this video is just confusing and it's gonna make a lot of people who doesn't have enough information fail their first planted aquarium because they saw something cool on Youtube and thought it would be easy to do on their own. Either you are not very good at teaching people, or this is just out right click baitly with a misleading title.

Pure Primrose : I've found eventually a tank without co2 will need co2, even slow growing plants, if they don't get enough they become stunted and attract algae and red cherry shrimps eat more detritus than algae

Robert Fletcher : Alex, what fertilizer are you using? Also the percentage water change?

anatoliy8212 : I run my aquarium almost a tree years no one problem, no one fish dyeing and never trim a plants because from the start put only plants that grow slow. Your fish is so small you even hot need a filter. But I have a bigger fish and have a fake bottom my filter sucking water from the bottom of aquarium. 6 month is nothing to talk about, but it is beautiful, beautiful rock.

Ricardo Junqueira : Holy smokes! Such a nice and informative video! Already subscribed! This is awesome!

My Buce Tank : I've discovered your channel and i have to say thats very impressive!! i love how you make your videos and the content itselfs. Do you add carbon in other form? like seachem excel? i would like to know how and when you fertilize your tanks! Gratz!! one more sub here! i would say you to check my channel but its in spanish :D

deltoid4 : Guys a legend fair play. So simple, but beautiful. Also subbed and liked