1971: Tomorrow's World: Cassette Navigation

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Paul Potter : That was pretty amazing for its time.

Midi Play Box : I will ask Techmoan to demonstrate this!

Simir Johnson : Witchcraft! Stay clear from this devils work.

Davey R : My Satnav is on 8 Track.

JonnyInfinite : God, I haven't been asked for directions for years....I almost miss it

Andy Jarman : A cassette of tape no less! That'll show Jonny foreigner a clean set heels I'll be bound! I trust they'll be selecting a voice with better diction for the production model.

Tavy Hintz : Awesome invention, I want that! Is it still produced? I bet the instructions are on CD now :)

Mai Nem : Just wow! As long as there's no diversions, this works even better than modern SatNav ... you get much more detailed instructions "turn right just before McDonalds into Eddington Road" etc. I like how they cleverly linked the distance travelled to the car's mileometer.

Joojoo Jurrila : A clever invention, but obviously not very practical. A map was more versatile than this.

Betaman : “Cassette Of Tape”

Crazy Jay : Britain leads the world again

speak freeley : The ending then & now. No change there.

Ravedaze : Do we have to drive a VW Beetle to make this work?.... I’m sold 😃

Tim : you would only need the tape once

davidf2281 : I love how so much of Tomorrow's World was just complete and utter bollocks.

twphotographic : The equipment is now at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, Hampshire

Geert365 : Haha (seems i laughed at the end).

Robbie Crosbie : You would need a boot full of tapes lol

HalfAnon : MAPS, ever heard of them???

Nathan A : God dam the creation of GPS its designed to irritate the driver

Stephen o malley : Easily get you home from the pub pissed lol

pigknickers : "cassette of tape" - I like it!

Ex Sparky : Great a glove box full of cassettes ....

SIMPLE SPIN : Someone knew the future would have this technology

xxx xxx : Looks like we’ve got a solution for the post Brexit satnav system! And to think those stupid Europeans use satellites to find their way about 🤣

Gino Foto : Navigation without a satellite system would be fully feasible today, it would be enough to mark all roads with plenty of sensors, this world need GPS backup anyway.

DJosephWells : A device that gives you directions while driving? What kind of sorcery is this? ;-)

Drama Alert : Ideas comes today, Reality becomes tomorrow.

kevlandy : Michael Rodd!

nibu nibu : I wonder why this was recorded in black and white? Didn't they have new fangled futuristic colour by 1971?

blood mapedit : That's terrific! For the future I envision some kind of silvery miniature elpee that can store 150 minutes of speech in mono, so no need for heeps of cassettes or winding anymore|!.

Paul martin : Is that Alan Partridge's dad?

Paul Westwood : Tomorrows World in 1971 still in black & white?

Javier Garcia Alvarez : What have we here, laddie? Mysterious scribblings? A secret code? No! Poems, no less! Poems, everybody! The laddie reckons himself a poet!

Green Apple : ha ha ha

BennyB5555 : When rich Americans are spending “hundreds” of dollars on their cars! LOL (Try everyone spending thousands these days)