1971: Tomorrow's World: Cassette Navigation

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Jim Bob : When will this be available?

Chris Hewitt : Halfway through your journey you suddenly hear Showaddywaddy playing because your little brother recorded over it.

Gary Masters : A huge leap forward from the gramophone version.

Deon Van der Westhuizen : For 10 dollars more you could get the Raqual Welch voice.

bill2893 : Just need to record a separate tape for every possible combination of start point and end point in the entire country and we're good to go!

GitarStu : It's still more accurate than Apple Maps.

Harry Nield : My wife does this for free every trip.

Midi Play Box : I will ask Techmoan to demonstrate this!

Anthony Handcock : My home town in black and white just like it was when I was a kid. The Medway Towns wasn't in colour until 1976... We couldn't afford the licence.

Pangur Ban : Tomorrow’s world. I am 74 and remember the first showing of a laser; Concord’s first flight, the latest advances in computing and many other wonderful inventions. This TV programme and Sky at Night were compulsive viewing........happy days.

John Relf : it you want to travel around the UK you just need a boot full of cassettes.

TheVicar : I've used the moon a few times to navigate whilst driving. True satellite navigation

rpn000rpnca : Where's the recalculating tape?

James Hoad : That will never catch on! Next they'll be giving us phones that we can use anywhere without cables or wires!

Glyn Roberts : I don't approve of the working class having cars. It only encourages them to move around! :-)

Simir Johnson : Witchcraft! Stay clear from this devils work.

g13flat : Alone in the car, except maybe for a cameraman and a sound man?

Matthew Harris : amazing! and not a pot hole in sight!

Crazy Jay : Britain leads the world again

xxx xxx : Looks like we’ve got a solution for the post Brexit satnav system! And to think those stupid Europeans use satellites to find their way about 🤣

Ben Reaves : Amazing! A 1960 vw with a cassette player

Kerry Hicks : Sat nav , I don't need that, I have a wife , sat nag 😂

IntyMichael : Predicting how drivers steer their cars directly into rivers as directed by their navigation system. ;)

Travis Blaine : In 45 years we'll be laughing at the current self driving car videos like we are laughing at this one today. We'll some of us will, at least...I'll probably be dead.

Morris McKinnon : Cas Nav! Lol, if you missed a turn or went the wrong way the mileometer wouldn't know otherwise and would just stick to the pre recorded directions at where you should be! That would be fun!

Paul Potter : That was pretty amazing for its time.

numberstation : All I need is a simple astrolabe, sextant and compass....

j : Imagine living back then when everything was Black and White

Andy Jarman : A cassette of tape no less! That'll show Jonny foreigner a clean set heels I'll be bound! I trust they'll be selecting a voice with better diction for the production model.

davidf2281 : I love how so much of Tomorrow's World was just complete and utter bollocks.

Liberty Warrior : And if you make a wrong turn, all you have to do is drive back to your starting point and try again.

Horsepower Art : 3:44 That bloke broke his indicator lever off :D

twphotographic : The equipment is now at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, Hampshire

4stringz : My grandfather has a Lotus with this installed

Chubby Chubbs : If you were going from the south coast up to Scotland using just A and B roads it was a good idea to take a trailer to hold all the Cassettes of Tape.....

Paul Jackson : OK the technology is ancient and a bit laughable, but how about the fact that the presenter spoke excellent and clearly enunciated English, unlike the TV presenters that we have now? It seems the technology has advanced, but people have regressed.

zondaintheair : Strange world, no No Parking signs and no Car Parks saying £10/hr.

King Brilliant : imagine watching this and seeing a dead relative

Robbie Crosbie : You would need a boot full of tapes lol

Mark S : would I swop modern technology's for the empty roads. Hell yes!

OzzieGG Last Name : It's amazing how many of today's technologies were originally devised many years before they became practical. I think Cadillac had automatic headlight dippers in the 1950's using a valve (tube) operated device. It was unreliable but the idea was there.

AdRem45 A : So nice to see England when the streets were clean and full of decent working people instead of the third world crime ridden dumps our towns are now...

WITCH FINDER GENERAL : This was before cassette players were popular in cars... Hence his "cassette of tape" remark... It really was only a cassette (small case) of tape at that point

Tavy Hintz : Awesome invention, I want that! Is it still produced? I bet the instructions are on CD now :)

Davey R : My Satnav is on 8 Track.

Simon Webb : Britain really looked like Britain in those days. And I love how pleasant everybody was back then. Good English, and good manners. Not like the Riff Raff we have now!

James Dickenson : I used to have one of those but ended up having a serious traffic accident when the cassette player started spewing the tape all over the floor and jammed my feet on the pedals.

Betaman : “Cassette Of Tape”

goodchappy : Made by Garbage, Garmin's predecessor.

Lee Powers : "All it needs to know is what size tire I'm using." Totally rad,man.