Batman The Animated Series Opening (High Quality)

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Jb Sprinkles : One of the few cartoon intros that didn't display the title card because everyone know who batman is

James Palma : You know once this show started you would be in the zone. It's like you would drop whatever your doing and watch.

Jarosław Sobiński : A show that was so awesome, it didn't even need a title screen.

Dylan Rowland : Even if I was watching this cartoon in the middle of the day with all the windows open, as soon as this theme song played it felt like night time.

Esokol88 : Even after all these year I still feel the same excitement I felt as a child when this show would come on. For a cartoon that was intended for children, it still had more depth then most live action shows intended for adults. If anything I enjoy and appreciate the animated series more as an adult then I did as a kid.

Jamie B : I miss being a kid in the 90's so much it hurts.

Mad Hatter : The best animated cartoon superhero show in existence, followed by X-men and 90s Spiderman then Spectacular.

77J : I am vengeance, I am the night, I AM BATMAN!

Roman Reigns : i really miss the 90' time for animated tv series

JaysonSR : I miss the art style and the level of overall quality from this Batman. This is the good stuff!

zazelby : Something about this opening that I hadn't realized until now is that it doesn't actually show the series title. It has no superimposed text anywhere.

Janoi TheAuraTrainer : The only intro that doesn't need a title,voices,logo or any letters to tell it's batman. And this scene is just about his everyday crime. So awesome. He standing there be like "I stand on this building because I'm fucking *lightning strikes* Batman."

L.A. Prodigy : This was it.......that's all I have to say about it

yadro : on the first 7 seconds you gotta love the music with those classic Danny Elfman choirs...

loki odinson : Best cartoon ever...

Dinosophoon : this is the batman show i grew up with

Łukasz Golowanow : When the Batmobile starts up and drives between those pillars of light, that short sequence is worth more than the entire Dawn of Justice movie.

Milton Mendes : This is a classic! This is a masterpiece! This is...BATMAN!

Derek Knowles : I miss the old Cartoon network when showed this at night

Dirk Singh : still one of the best intros for a cartoon ever !

Thizlamic : 0:58 FOREVER.

PikaDanny : It is fuuny how Kids WB has DC comics cartoons and that Fox kids had Marvel comics cartoons. Has anyone noticed that?

journeymanX : chris nolan faps to this

The Name's Revan, Darth Revan : Basically the Tim burton batman theme. I awaits thought the Tim burton movies and batman tas was in the same continuity when I was a kid

Jordan Peterson : Thank god I was born in 95' to experience this shit.

CJ R : Man! This was my childhood! I would watch this, the X-men cartoon, Spider-Man cartoon and Superman: the animated series!

SuperJumpReviews : the cartoons back then did more justice to the super heroes then the movies do nowadays.

deepfriedtnecks : 0:19 There's gotta be a more discreet way to rob a bank than by blowing up the front door.

Ian Winter : My childhood!

Michael Ashton : 0:38 Batman's death glare

TokijinSacGunBlade : I AAAMMMMMMMMM BATMAN!!!!! >:U

Luis angel The coldness : finally, a show that doesn't have cussing words.

Stovokor41 : Wow what a great intro.

beatlessilenthill : another great intro for the famous hall !!

Victor Arêas : The greatest opening ever made. Nothing comes closer.

Silver Mirai : fantastic animation style

Edgar FireDagger : As a kid this intro always gave me chills. Its so good!

Rex Nemorensis : Kind of odd to watch this without the narrator saying _"BATMAN!"_ as lightning strikes (as they did in my country).

Dante Kiyoshi : Goddamn the 90s were amazing! I feel so bad for the crap the kids have nowadays

Nelo Wolf : Too think it was tim Burton's film that inspired the film

Crurned Travels and Other Stories : Chills

tehcks : So I randomly got here after the Ghost in the Shell soundtrack. Question: Who would win? Batman v. the Major? Keep in mind it's not as simple as Batman using a zappy batarang like he has; she's probably insulated.

Danish : I hope the new batman movie will have this intro.

Agentshadowolf : Seriously this is the best Batman show that they ever made and no other Batman cartoon comes even close. Still holds up well over the years I must say not to mention it had a dark mature thing to it but at the same time it was still a kid show

cam3lopard : In one of the first grades i got first prize and as a reward my teacher handed me an album with stickers of this show ha ha. Iirc i was more enamored with the villains, especially Poison ivy and Mr Freeze than with Batman or Robin. Maybe because i never liked bats much. The art both scared and intrigued me, i wonder what was in her head when she did that. Not that i'm complaining, just with how are things today it seems unusual.

John Smith : "high quality" now availible in low quality

Kevin Adams Productions : Man I loved this show.. everything about it was perfect. LOVE the music. If you guys like epic cinematic music like this, check out my channel!

Yellow 13 : This, static shock, justice league and x-men evolution <3

madd marquis : Batman gave those two men permanent brain damage and PTSD that would prove too severe to be cured with modern medicine. One of them was a father.

sculptureofsound2 : i c o n i c