Amazing Pistol Shrimp Stun "Gun" | World's Deadliest

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DJDelta0 : And Pokémon trainers say that Bubble is a stupid move...

the big man : one punch shrimp

Le Bech : i should be studying for finals now and im watching this

TBL : How soon can we weaponize it?

Ryan Annis : Shrimp-on-shrimp violence... what's this world coming to...

Nuinwing : Well since they did not mention these interesting facts on this video...let me mention them: 1.The snap of the claw is one of the loudest noises generated by any sea creature,on level with sperm whales and beluga whales. 2.The collapsing cavitation bubble that the claw snap shoots out can reach temperatures up to 5000 K in comparison the surface temperature of the sun is about 5800 K. K = Kelvin

Jane : Shrimps gettin real in the ocean streets.

Hyper Sonic : Now this video is making Pokemon logic look reasonable. A shrimp used bubble! It's super effective!!!

Dark0W7 : Never thought these little guys could be such Gs. It's hard out here for a shrimp.

The Unknown : imagine if these made gangs

Jeeper : op nerf plz

BootySquatch : Mantis shrimp vs pistol shrimp

bob smith : Stand user: Kira, Stand Killer Queen.

projectgreengamer : Killer queen's Stray cat

HaMeRuu : Pokemons do exist. Its a bubble gun

Alan Vangjeli : did you know that these shrimps make the bubble hot as the sun ???!!!!!!!

FFStudiosMain : one shot and to the rape dungeon

James Ambrocio : this and the mantis shrimp are the ultimate badass of the sea!

jjjakey : It's high noon...

Jake Wiley : Its the gangster shrimp

GreatMagiciaN : Shinra Tensei !!!

Marcus Demers : Underwater fus ro dah

13shivan : 0:37 omae wa mou shindeiru... nani ???

Abs Godwin : Crawdaunt used bubblebeam on corphish! Corphish fainted!

duskshine4 : I wonder if the water bullit will hurt your finger


HermaphroGynandro : The pistol shrimp should be a boss in Star Fox!

Vin Lee : That's how guile shoots his sonic boom

大笨蛋 : Who's from Good Mythical Morning?

Gillian Ellis : Fastest gun in the sea I always thought was Billy the squid

Shiela Esgana : that bubble is hot as the sun and the sound is louder than sonic boom

Ben Zombie : shrimp are cray!

Mustafa alzobaidy : I wonder if a shrimp that eats other shrimps still tastes like a shrimp

Luke Kent : when the shrimp uses its claws it closes very fast and causes a sonic boom this shrimps claws are actually faster than sound

BlackBeast : Deku shrimp

Loh Pro : Thanks Snapple! (Real Fact #770: Pistol shrimp can make a noise loud enough to break glass). That led me to this video.

Tim Mills : I didt know there was a animal that can use the ability water pulse in real life

Zspec1988 : The camera angles are like a Michael bay production. Way too many shots not enough seeing what going on...

BraveBear : how many shrimps do you have to eat... xD

plz sub me cause you know you dont have life : It's looks yummy

Ashton Flint : Didn't know they cannibalized

Keimori : Clauncher used Water Pulse! The opponent Corpfish became confused! 

cassor21 : سبحان الله

Starblax : and people hate and clawitzer why now?

vivahernando1 : sonic boom

Islam Muslims are evil Satan Devils : Pistol shrimp cannibalism exposed

Zacthes Tipsy : 0:32 Gomu Gomu no.. Jet. PISTOOLUU!!

Christopher Wu : Sonic Boom! K.O. Flawless Victory.

Pasquale Lobianco : POW, ha ha!

darkninjacorporation : Woah man, killing s cleaner shrimp? That's pretty low bro