What Would Happen If Humans Suddenly Disappeared?

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乙o尺o尺o尺o刀oム : Imagine if you are immortal and able to experience this?

Alijah Griffith : So basically if we left earth would be so much better

Moving free Norman : Not the worst scenario. Sad having to say that as a human...

Literally Streaming : This is called the Thanos Snap Theory

Sam710 : the next race will most likely rediscover our leftover structures and say "how did this morons build this using only a hammer". lol

Clear Sky : Someone needs to make a movie out of this!

Christopher Decker : Anyone else think Morgan freeman should narrate a movie like this?

David Suttles Jr. : What Would Happen If Humans Suddenly Disappeared? The greatest healing project ever created.

uchiha c : Future archaeologists will have plenty of things to dig up....

EMAN67 (Movies,politics,commentary) : Sadly things will be better off. Hate to say.

Sujith’s #life : I don’t know why...I love this earth with no humans .☮️

Pashute : why eerie silence? bird songs are beautiful. frogs and cicadas make loud sounds in the morning and evenings. and mamallian calls have their own beauty.

jim halpert : Don't use pictures of Nuclear power plants to place stigma on society. they are zero emmission, least waste producing most efficient source of power in the world, and the "chemicals" you see coming out of the towers are pure water steam. Do not fool the public

Nargrakhan : Yes, humans are destructive. Yes, humans can be stupid. However one day all life on this planet will end, with or without us. The Sun will go boom or some interstellar phenomena will doom it. Given enough time and a lot of technological advancement, we may be the one thing that preserves life on our homeworld... if only for nostalgia or museum value. All this talk that the world is better off without us, forgets this world has been through multiple of mass extinction events without us. We may cause one ourselves, but it was going to happen. The Brachiopods got smoked. Poor Tiktaalik probably thought it was unfair, seeing how they contributed zero pollution to the planet. Anyone ask how the Lystrosaurus did with their zero carbon footprint? So yes... humans are evil little things... but Earth? She's a cruel mother who smothers her children on a regular basis. And doesn't even care...

Bert Cochran : Only Nancy Pelosi would be left.

realpqleur : No one would hear it but the earth would surely let out a huge sigh of relief.

Zbygniev Prlwytzkofski : Finally something to be optimistic about.

Richard : I reckon the rats and cockroaches deserve a chance -their intentions are far more honourable than ours....

Joe Cap : The narrator suggesting it would be a good idea is people disappeared is free to start with himself, his family, and any other Snowflake that agrees with him.

J B : Lets put SJW in charge and the earth will be doomed a lot sooner.

Joshua_ Prime : Animals whould be like *YES!*

twisted1800 : I wish I could be here to experience the new earth after 10,000 years, that would be so awesome.

MAZIA FLIPS : Apes will probably become as smart as us then they will make a video titled: "what if apes suddenly disappeared" then an ape will comment: "whales will probably become as smart as us, then they will make a video titles: "What if whales suddenly disappeared" ", then a whale will comment...alright you got the point I will shut up now and go get a life

Hello Everyone : I don’t understand this... Who is the camera man ?!

engrtun : How long until another intelligent species evolove, takeover and ruin the planet once again?

iOSProHacker : Earth is heaven without humans

True Texan : The world would be a much better place if only all the Democrats disappeared.

Paul E : New york just turns into a desert

LeBron won and Warriors blew 3-1 lead : I like how he keeps saying animals when we humans are animals...

David H : Yes we are doing a lot of damage to the planet but we are also the only animal species who will have any chance of preventing it being totally destroyed by inevitable extinction events . The Sun will not last forever (we take life out and into other Solar Systems ... Asteroid impacts (we deflect them). So by saving the planet (Life) in that way we will balance the harm and damage we are doing to it now. If humans did suddenly disappear completely and no alternative to humans appeared, Earth and everything on is completely doomed.

Shahab Saeed : Why doesn't any of this happen in the walking dead. I'll never know

Vinyl Spell : We are like fleas for the earth

Brucifer Mephistopheles : The planet would breath a sigh of relief!

Blossom Gaming : *technology will die aswell*

Big Texas : This should definitely be an upcoming movie of 2019, what you just saw was the extended trailer. LOL

Fionabug : If humans disappeared every other living thing in this world would benefit

blindwillie99 : Umm.. the Dark Ages is a period of human history. If all the humans go, there is no one to return to the Dark Ages. Did some 5 year old put this together while on the toilet?

RiFFxxx : What idiot decided nuclear energy was a good idea?

Jaden King : Wow this fascinating a world without humans that would be very peaceful

Funerals In The Rain : Animals would thrive and the Earth Would be Saved.

George Vreeland Hill : The smell would be awful at first, but in time, the earth would be better off.

chapofreshcobar : I blame it on thanos

Vincent de Guard : ...one day the Earth will again be devoid of humans ...she won't miss-us ...the Universe won't us ...we are not important in the slightest in the grand cosmic scheme of things. even if we are/were the only self-aware beings...makes no difference

Astoria Blaz Eincaster : I hope we don't go extinct because then there will be nobody to take care of my kyat.

Adam Kirk : *what will happen when humans suddenly disappeared?* they will come back ( monkies will evolve again to become humans and this will all start again :(

Richard lee : Can we at least get a 5 minute warning so I can let the cat out?

Just Imagine : What a Debbie Downer.

Nico Gambino : There can be only one...may it be Duncan MacLeod...

Andrea Vandergragt : Without mankind, the earth is pointless. More importantly, we are not going anywhere. I realize this is an academic exercise, but it needs to be based on truth, not on environmentally driven fantasy.

Harold Jaussi : tell you what ...........YOU and your eco-homies disappear FIRST.!!!