Magical Faberge flower valued at £1 million - Antiques Roadshow - BBC One

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SUBSCRIBE to the OFFICIAL BBC YouTube channel: LAUNCH BBC iPlayer to access Live TV and Box Sets: Programme website: The Antiques Roadshow visits the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley, where surprising finds include a Faberge ornament destined to become one of the most valuable items ever seen on the show. Jewellery specialist Geoffrey Munn is left breathless by the majestic beauty of the regimental jewel, commissioned by the Countess of Dudley in 1903 for the Queen's Own Worcestershire Hussars in honour of their service in the Boer War.

Comments from Youtube

newcoyote : Hey! How about stop jabbing at it with your big finger.

Spur-of-the-Mountain : If only those Beanie Babies up in the attic were worth anything.

Cosmic grace ss : Really a master piece

Guzeebo : I couldn't help but notice that the Brits and French military are the only troops in the world that know how to properly wear a beret.

RIXRADvidz : I've seen several of these objects, in exhibitions, museums and collections, they Are every bit of a work of Magic as well as skills with the tools. if you ever get a chance, you will kick yourself if you don't. Go See These Things.

ZS 15 : If he must touch it he should have cotton gloves on. He's stabbing his sausage fingers in it.

Philly Mouse : Absolutely breathtaking! Faberge was an amazing genius whose like we will not see again.

moo moo : :54...I thought he was gonna knock it off the stand flopping his hand around like that...

landseer lover : Oh... I don't know... surely a breathtaking work of art from Faberge, but I do not think for a second, that the regiment was unaware of the value. Two guards, blocking any access to the piece, from the rear. They knew full well what they had.......... but it makes for good tele I suppose.

Hjordis Torfa : This is so magnificent beauty it's a true pleasure to have been able see it.. Thank you Antique Road show for your interesting educational information 💕✌💖

greg Jones : I love this show always have done but I absolutely despise it when all the old croaks in the background gasp when they find out the value of the object and act all over the top!!

Sabrina 1979 : However I would of loved to seen the lining of the inside of the box..

Sabrina 1979 : Never seen anything like it. It is absolutely beautiful and elegant. Love it

itsasin1969 : I like it when the owner doesn't know what they have and finds out it's worth a mill.

Mark Asfahani : Anyone else freaked out when he kept on touching that delicate item?

20zzxxx : That time when the consignor looked like the expert auctioneer.

Greg Dundee : All the key words are there: gold, silver, jade, diamonds

Dbow H : 1million 😅 madness beautiful but madness

Steven Fox : the one soldier is like hmmm interesting.. what is for lunch

3RT : I threw one out a few years back wish I'd kept it now

JimShadyUK : The soldiers need to work on their poker faces - ha! Seriously though, what a gorgeous piece and an utterly moving backstory.

Order in Chaos : It looks like it's fresh off the boat from China. British bourgeoisie "Not for sale"...

Paul Neugass : 'Funny' the value we ascribe go physical objects, eh?

All Will Be Well : Wish he would stop touching it. Why doesn't he use a pointer?

Stefan m : but then, if it will never be for sale. isn't the item just priceless?

Grettel Cruz : The lady in the back, with short blonde hair and glasses reacted with jealousy at hearing the exorbitant amount. Compare her facial expression to other's

Vit. G : I got really pissed when this old guy started touching/jabbing a piece of history and luxury, such poor behavior.

rugby james : I remember this being on tv and I wasn’t paying attention to it but as soon as I said £1million I just gasped and looked to see what on earth it was 😂

Simon Sykes : ... then a drone fell out the sky and smashed it!

mike gossner : This show was always after the show Littlest Hobo

Uncle Kyle : Holly wood, magical, get it.....Hollywoods all smoke n mirrors....beautiful flower tho

Sunny Wakefield : BEAUTIFUL !!!!

da96103 : A million pounds! Bring in the bodyguards. (in this case the Faberge guards)

Sagan : Fantastic looking piece. Real quality craftsmanship.

Callie Masters : Charity shop price: £6.95.

Betty Page-Crocker : What a beautiful piece! Lovely backstory as well...

Jay Smith : the gasps...

chru cas : Simply fantastic/beautiful/wonderful!

Terminally Chill : okay you can stop touching it lol

David Edwards : That probably won't be getting stuffed under any more beds, but will be secures in the company safe.

gary james : To have something made buy one of the greatest rulers Carl Faberge was just breathtaking Geoffrey Munn says it's worth a million pound and spot on because in my opinion it's the greatest object ever found on the Antiques Roadshow

MrBonners : There is no need to be touching it, especially by this twitchy guy.

qhsperson : He left off the "and you'd better start taking better care of it." Although you'd think being surrounded by military forces would be enough protection, it isn't.

Videogal 11 : Absolute scenes

Therapist Gus : This is stunning and nostalgic and so old world .. thanks for sharing

Elisa Castillo : Beautiful!!

MrHighgate123 : I actually thought it was in water really amazing but im afraid i would sell it.

crazzi-j north : Damn whoever made that was a genius craftsman

Scott Gallagher : I wish he’d stop touching it when talking about a certain part 😂