Magical Faberge flower valued at £1 million - Antiques Roadshow - BBC One

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Spur-of-the-Mountain : If only those Beanie Babies up in the attic were worth anything.

melqui rivera : So the base is not glass but stone wow that is a masterpiece alone

Guzeebo : I couldn't help but notice that the Brits and French military are the only troops in the world that know how to properly wear a beret.

landseer lover : Oh... I don't know... surely a breathtaking work of art from Faberge, but I do not think for a second, that the regiment was unaware of the value. Two guards, blocking any access to the piece, from the rear. They knew full well what they had.......... but it makes for good tele I suppose.

Philly Mouse : Absolutely breathtaking! Faberge was an amazing genius whose like we will not see again.

Cosmic grace ss : Really a master piece

newcoyote : Hey! How about stop jabbing at it with your big finger.

RIXRADvidz : I've seen several of these objects, in exhibitions, museums and collections, they Are every bit of a work of Magic as well as skills with the tools. if you ever get a chance, you will kick yourself if you don't. Go See These Things.

mtkesari : Is that the original piece ? He was touching it, as if it was an immaterial replica ! 🤔

moo moo : :54...I thought he was gonna knock it off the stand flopping his hand around like that...

itsasin1969 : I like it when the owner doesn't know what they have and finds out it's worth a mill.

gary abbot : lovely. Make a nice ashtray that would.

Twin City Shredder : Absolutely stunning piece. I think many of our soldiers deserve a nice gift like this.

Ravi Teja : WHAT THE ACTUAL FUUUUUUUU- I thought the the item in question was inside the box!! I kept thinking that's a nice little decorative plant they got there, I wonder when they'lll open the box and show us the Flower!! This is something else. Jesus..

Just Me : I have the book Faberge-House Jeweler to the Czars (actually it's in German, as is the entire book. It is breathtakingly beautiful. His work is unparalleled.

Di Smith : a shrieking pitch of perfection

Simon Sykes : ... then a drone fell out the sky and smashed it!

crazzi-j north : Damn whoever made that was a genius craftsman

Magic Hands : And where can I find said bed were said object is stuffed under? Just...curious.

Simon Sykes : I love the lady in the back wearing glasses .. she looks like shes thinking ''Ohhh you lucky bastard'

Scott Gallagher : I wish he’d stop touching it when talking about a certain part 😂

Tell the truth. : going to fake a few of this and sell em in car boot sales.

David Creasey : I held my breath the whole time he was jamming his fat finger at it... ridiculous how much disrespect was shown to it by him really.

Kilt Xan : Would rather buy a nice house and travel than that peice of crap. Doesn't even do anything.

Dan W : I'll just stuff my fat finger in there and try break off a leaf for you ok chaps, cheerio.

Renzo Colameo : 💙

Soli2de : I found the reaction from the ladies in the background most intriguing. lol. The one looked in complete shock and it almost looked as tho she started plotting the idea of stealing the object just out of sheer jealousy as most of us have thought at one point. Specifically the lady w/blonde hair n the blue flowery look'n dress.

Joanna Rees-Jones : Amazing work

D L : He sat on it in his car on his way home.

Adam X : kmart will have the same thing soon 19.95

Alan Shore : Made in Russia.

safeinmyheart1 : That thing was safer stuffed under the bed than having that guy paw at it. #yourfingersarefkngupmyflower

Cristina Vannucci : It's absolutely beautiful!!!!

Order in Chaos : It looks like it's fresh off the boat from China. British bourgeoisie "Not for sale"...

Aqeel Yaqoob : The shock!!!!

S S : No one wants to give a toss to the beautiful creations of the Earth. A copy of natur's creation gets millions but no one appreciate the nature enough to keep this planet alive. Where millionaire will go with these stupid flowers if the earth cease to exist?

M4D5K1L2 : wow, white people in England

ابناء الشعب : اتمنى لو هناك احدا يشرح باللغة العربية.فالتحفة راءعة جدا

Boutrous Boutrous ghallli : This faberge chappie makes damn good chocolate eggs too.

C. S. : Breathtakingly beautiful!!!

Jonathan Thomas : “Mind-bogging” is the only word to describe the masterful craftsmanship of this simple flower sprig! The fact that the container and the water is rock crystal and not glass is amazing in and of itself...😲

camelpissflavour : i could make that

Dorcus MBone : Dope flower yo, much thanx for posting

poposisa : man those females love money.

themonkeyhand : Something, something Mr. Brown and NNNNIIIINNNNOOOO

David : a million pounds

gg lol : First

yaz offline : 4:35

Paul Neugass : 'Funny' the value we ascribe go physical objects, eh?

chad kab : @:25 sec I think the old guy in the background smells a fart