Magical Faberge flower valued at £1 million - Antiques Roadshow - BBC One

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Spur-of-the-Mountain : If only those Beanie Babies up in the attic were worth anything.

Renzo Colameo : 💙

Cosmic grace ss : Really a master piece

Philly Mouse : Absolutely breathtaking! Faberge was an amazing genius whose like we will not see again.

Guzeebo : I couldn't help but notice that the Brits and French military are the only troops in the world that know how to properly wear a beret.

mtkesari : Is that the original piece ? He was touching it, as if it was an immaterial replica ! 🤔

Ravi Teja : WHAT THE ACTUAL FUUUUUUUU- I thought the the item in question was inside the box!! I kept thinking that's a nice little decorative plant they got there, I wonder when they'lll open the box and show us the Flower!! This is something else. Jesus..

itsasin1969 : I like it when the owner doesn't know what they have and finds out it's worth a mill.

Alan Shore : Made in Russia.

C. S. : Breathtakingly beautiful!!!

Devil's Advocate : £1m . . Bargain ! Cheaper than a house in London.

melqui rivera : So the base is not glass but stone wow that is a masterpiece alone

Joanna Rees-Jones : Amazing work

Just Me : I have the book Faberge-House Jeweler to the Czars (actually it's in German, as is the entire book. It is breathtakingly beautiful. His work is unparalleled.

Cordelia Gaerhny : It's absolutely beautiful!!!!

gary abbot : lovely. Make a nice ashtray that would.

gg lol : First

camelpissflavour : i could make that

David : a million pounds

RIXRADvidz : I've seen several of these objects, in exhibitions, museums and collections, they Are every bit of a work of Magic as well as skills with the tools. if you ever get a chance, you will kick yourself if you don't. Go See These Things.

Callie Masters : Charity shop price: £6.95.

Dr stranglove. : going to fake a few of this and sell em in car boot sales.

Magic Hands : And where can I find said bed were said object is stuffed under? Just...curious.

Mildina : Better hide it from Teresa may of she might sell it so she can drop more bombs.

Twin City Shredder : Absolutely stunning piece. I think many of our soldiers deserve a nice gift like this.

nazgul wraith : how ironic ... the materials came from Russia lol ..... great example of being a parasite

Aqeel Yaqoob : The shock!!!!

Иван Калиткин : Modern Britain in a nutshell

Chris : I have a pair of these knick knacks, use them as bookends

Soli2de : I found the reaction from the ladies in the background most intriguing. lol. The one looked in complete shock and it almost looked as tho she started plotting the idea of stealing the object just out of sheer jealousy as most of us have thought at one point. Specifically the lady w/blonde hair n the blue flowery look'n dress.

qhsperson : He left off the "and you'd better start taking better care of it." Although you'd think being surrounded by military forces would be enough protection, it isn't.

Andy Saenz : Wow, the antique owner is dressed much better than the appraiser!

SeaBass Gorka : “So do I get the €1 million from you? Or do you mail a check? How’s that work?

James Cyrus : can someone appraise my Beanie Babies?

DeMarie Jones : Guess he should be happy that he brought guards with him! Beautiful work though..

Khaled K : ♥️