'Similar to fireworks, but a lot cooler.' Watch Intel's effort to break drone record

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Intel dazzled its Folsom audience on July 15, 2018 with a spectacular light show designed to feature 1,500 drones, in an effort to outdo its previous world record of 1,218 Intel Shooting Star drones. The performance displayed multicolored choreography including bright, fireworks-like orbs. A single pilot mans the entire fleet of light-emitting remotely controlled machines. Video by Paul Kitagaki Jr. Read more: https://www.sacbee.com/news/local/article214950460.html More from The Sacramento Bee: Subscribe: https://bit.ly/2taRLFR Twitter: https://twitter.com/sacbee_news Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sacramentobee Website: www.sacbee.com


Tim Leijten : That's some serious engineering and software there!

Philippe Prince : My dog thinks this is way better than regular fireworks..

SuperPussyFinger : *Imagine trying to recharge all those drones.*

〈Clex〉 : Suddenly you hear a million tiny guns reloading in the sky and the lights all turn red

deni shang : Well thats an eco friendly fireworks 🤣🤣🤣🤣

TSN Vibes : That was sick

ZixqEditing : Thats alot of batteries to charge for a 5 minute show

error idk : AMD disliked this

Nothing Less Than Epic : Please inform people better when you perform because theirs several thousand people that think we've been invaded by aliens.

Mike Tayon : I have been seriously interested in, and amazed by, technology and electronics for most of my 56 years of life, and have seen advances that blow the mind, BUT THIS TAKES THE CAKE!!!! LOL

ウーシ・ルーシー : They should just start playing Tetris in the sky lmao

Daddy Meme Master : Was half expecting some redneck shouting "THOSE ARE ALIENS!".

Nico NL : I thought that you could see fireworks from space due to the thumbnail

Gray Flame : 360 dislikes are AMD workers

SSGB : *tHe eARth iS fLAT wdYm*

Photelegy : I want this as a 3D, 4K outdoor-cinema 😜

DeepByteDigger : If one drone fails and falls down to my house..thank you~!

メグミ : -Intel Inside- *Intel Outside*

Laura W. : This is not Fireworks its art

TLED TL display : I'm tired. Change your mind. True sky media is TLED

Shina Mashiro : 2:47 looked like an Egg cell.

Ewer Crot : Wow amazing human, introduce me from mars 👽

Ahmes Syahda : I can see the *_m e m e p o t e n t i a l_*

LaumiRez : There was no wind that day That's the main thing I'm concerned about >__<

Katelyn Michel : judging by the thumbnail I thought it was something scientific that exploded on earth and was recorded

Prime Gaming : All drones , returning to base , I repeat returning to base . Clear the runway .

Chris : This is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen

Jay Eff : 6 flat earthers are offended

Kayla R : THAT'S WHAT I SAW :O There were a couple on new years and I was like: wth

Nivar : This be the timer for the purge in the future 💀

Samantha Mcfetridge : Would be a great alternative to fireworks on independence day since so many veterans who fought for our country don't like fireworks since the loud booms remind them about when they were deployed in combat zones

Ethonodon : *sees AMD *backs away slowly from Intel *buys from AMD

Mavin Marque : flat earthers gonna be pissed....

WuzNab : Mega mind.

Oscar Lopez : I see this becoming a disney thing in the near future. Maybe replace the firework show

TheGamingIndian : SO beautiful beautiful night, amazing clear night sky with family watching an amazing show. What a golden moment that is.

OxyGeN : Charging gonna be like: NOW THERE İS A LOT OF DAMAGE

Ken Davidson : To all those complaining about the potential for collision and bits of drone falling on heads: what's the main competition? Cardboard tubes filled with gunpowder. Now, let's talk about safety...

SéanDrew Balilo : Mediavel Humans:It's a WitchCraft!! Run! Dodododododododo!

Carsten C. : Looks awesome but fireworks still has the magic which this hasn't. It's no alternative to me, just something new and awesome

WhiteTP0ison : If they could do this just for entertainment... the possibilities are endless.

aufladekabel83 : Dogs and cats like this silence firework 👍

Nao Tomori : Ladies and gentlemen Welcome to the future

LanceGaming 091706 : For me, it's cool but boring to watch.. Fireworks are still the best

Rudra : One man is doing all of this? ..... "We are the gods now"

Rıdvan Gönül : A lot of software a lot of math a lot of brain and boom. Really good job. 👏👏

ツᴢαɢє : some people walking by, might think we are being invaded by aliens.

justinstalled : the future is now

Oh hi : The Earth part is amazing