'Similar to fireworks, but a lot cooler.' Watch Intel's effort to break drone record

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Nico NL : I thought that you could see fireworks from space due to the thumbnail

TSN Vibes : That was sick

S6N 6F G6D : i would like to see medieval people react to this.

Philippe Prince : My dog thinks this is way better than regular fireworks..

Tim Leijten : That's some serious engineering and software there!

SuperPussyFinger : *Imagine trying to recharge all those drones.*

Crocodile : Use it to shoutout PewDiePie so T-Series won't win.

deni shang : Well thats an eco friendly fireworks 🤣🤣🤣🤣

ZixqEditing : Thats alot of batteries to charge for a 5 minute show

Nothing Less Than Epic : Please inform people better when you perform because theirs several thousand people that think we've been invaded by aliens.

error idk : AMD disliked this

ウーシ・ルーシー : They should just start playing Tetris in the sky lmao

Daddy Meme Master : Was half expecting some redneck shouting "THOSE ARE ALIENS!".

Mike Tayon : I have been seriously interested in, and amazed by, technology and electronics for most of my 56 years of life, and have seen advances that blow the mind, BUT THIS TAKES THE CAKE!!!! LOL

SSGB : *tHe eARth iS fLAT wdYm*

Gato A Jato : This is eco and dog friendly as well 😌

DeepByteDigger : If one drone fails and falls down to my house..thank you~!

MIND CONTROL : when u see god in the sky , don't trust him , it's an hologram :D

FireworksCloud : This is not Fireworks its art

Snapbomb !! : Can't lie I thought It would be one of dose click bait but dis shit is fire 🔥 Would have put a poop emoji but don't have one the closest I have is a 🏈

Gray Flame : 360 dislikes are AMD workers

〈Clex〉 : Suddenly you hear a million tiny guns reloading in the sky and the lights all turn red

Nivar : This be the timer for the purge in the future 💀

WuzNab : Mega mind.

Carsten C. : Looks awesome but fireworks still has the magic which this hasn't. It's no alternative to me, just something new and awesome

Shina Mashiro : 2:47 looked like an Egg cell.

メグミ : -Intel Inside- *Intel Outside*

Tom Visser : Imagine how many wireless signals during that. HELLO CANCER

Katelyn Michel : judging by the thumbnail I thought it was something scientific that exploded on earth and was recorded

Prime Gaming : All drones , returning to base , I repeat returning to base . Clear the runway .

Derptor Who : Imagine a swarm of drones flying to make a large sign for ads at night

Jay Eff : 6 flat earthers are offended

Oscar Lopez : I see this becoming a disney thing in the near future. Maybe replace the firework show

- Zage - : some people walking by, might think we are being invaded by aliens.

Hello Goodbye : A lot better for the envirement at least

zard 6 : Thank you AMD very cool

Ahmes Syahda : I can see the *_m e m e p o t e n t i a l_*

kristian redd's : If they didn't drew a giant D in the sky... They are not cool anymore

Excuse you thats my toe : *aliens have left the chat*

PARALLEL PEOPLE : Better than fireworks. Everything seems to be devoloping....

MX DM : Turns out the sky is just drones projecting the image anyway..

Ken Davidson : To all those complaining about the potential for collision and bits of drone falling on heads: what's the main competition? Cardboard tubes filled with gunpowder. Now, let's talk about safety...

Shahfiz Danial : Safer to the environment tbh. No shock sound no explosion

Leche : Imagine how many lines of code that took omg

SéanDrew Balilo : Mediavel Humans:It's a WitchCraft!! Run! Dodododododododo!

TheGamingIndian : SO beautiful beautiful night, amazing clear night sky with family watching an amazing show. What a golden moment that is.

I waited 2 years to change my name to this : This is amazing

aerski : I thought they were going to place drones in the sky at certain points of the earth and then take a picture of it from space

Toobula : Technical Grade: A+. It is a great technical achievement to control all those drones in concert. Design Grade: F, I mean WTF, their logo twice and a globe? Is that the best their graphics designers (who are probably just engineers pretending to be artists) could come up with?? Boring.

Siddhant Dandotiya : Where on earth tech companies do these things... India is boring....!!!!!!!