'Similar to fireworks, but a lot cooler.' Watch Intel's effort to break drone record

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Nico NL : I thought that you could see fireworks from space due to the thumbnail

〈Clex〉 : Suddenly you hear a million tiny guns reloading in the sky and the lights all turn red

Ken Davidson : To all those complaining about the potential for collision and bits of drone falling on heads: what's the main competition? Cardboard tubes filled with gunpowder. Now, let's talk about safety...

I waited 2 years to change my name to this : This is amazing

Mavin Marque : flat earthers gonna be pissed....

Jay Eff : 6 flat earthers are offended

Sutekh The Destroyer : Buys, 10000 drones. Flies them over the sky. Makes penis. Everyone: nice

Ahmes Syahda : I can see the *_m e m e p o t e n t i a l_*

Tim Olson : Amazing. Imagine you look in the sky and you See: „Coca-Cola - taste the feeling“

Jude Lau : In before some rich YouTuber bought a bunch of drones and display a massive phallic object in the sky just for the lols. I'm looking at you Mr. beast

The Capacitor : I'm 23 and I'm already feeling like I'm in the future, can't imagine this world in another 23 years.

Matthew Lemelin : "you would not believe your eyes if ten million fireflies. Lit up the world as I fell asleep."

Don't Be A Dumbass : 10 years ago i would've never thought this would be a thing. Not for like 30 years lol

Milaan Armstrong : -Intel Inside- *Intel Outside*

sac396 : *battery dies in one and knocks down the rest*

Caolán O'Hagan : We gonna get some some Bladerunner looking advertising soon

SoCalFreelance : It's actually somewhat frightening if you think about malicious applications of a vast flying swarm

Roy Harrell : Awesome potential. I hope it remains the "ooh, ahh, wow" awesome and doesnt become the "oh, ow, ouch" awesome.

roy romano : Uhh, Why does this not have more views?

Matinator : Fireworks are actually extremely harmful to the environment - so this has huge potential in that regard too

East Supreme Kai : This is just a scene from Megamind.

Yannick Rix : Minute 3:51 appears a meteor under the N from intel

EKoS26 : Watching 3D porn has come to the next level

Pyro Doll : can you make them explode please?

Crocodile : Use it to shoutout PewDiePie so T-Series won't win.

Jacob Dunn : totally breathtaking... I would love to see a display of drones like this in person.

NinjaMBR : ppl who dont know that would be, tf is that aliens ?

_ C_ : I mean nothing beats blowing stuff up, especially in the USA but this is far cooler

Ethan Kilburn : They could easily do the largest screen. With this tec. And from a distance it could appear HD as well.

ShadowHunter : 3:10 looks like aliens tryna talk with us

Morty Smith : Imagine actually being able to see the Milky Way

Nothing Less Than Epic : Please inform people better when you perform because theirs several thousand people that think we've been invaded by aliens.

Dean Phillips : Flat earthers all AROUND THE GLOBE are gonna be triggered 😂

HeyItz Andrea : It was so cool to be here and watch it! Thanks for interviewing me!

Matthew Park : *I as a flat earther do not believe this is acceptable, delete the video*

BASStion : Could you make a giant tv

Shikhar Verma : I was in my uber when i crossed this and my driver flipped out thinking it was a UFO .. hehe

3names Aloud : Im sorry but nothing will ever beat the sound and smell of classic fireworks.. (not a pyro)

xXpistonXx ! : Absolutely amazing! I would love to be there myself to take In all of the experience

Rod : You know what happens when a swarm of killer bees attacks a person, right? Now multiply that by attacking a hole city.

Picchi Pacchi : AAAAWWWESSSOME!!!! 'I see UFOs' 😀

Whale Cat : Nothing is as cool as American sky-explosives

: bu..buh..but the light pollution... ohh fugg it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Xammon Designs : Its way better than fireworks, just due to the fact that there is nothing you have to clean up afterwards! :D

Shubham Jaiswal : who all actually thought the thumbnail was a clickbait.

ShufflebotUPonYOU : It’s cool. But not as excellent and exciting as fireworks. Fireworks>drones.

Vu Le : I can't wait for the official youtube upload from Intel with high quality visual and music!

James Quinn : This is cool and all but seriously fireworks are WAY cooler

Pyrosammy 323g : The dislikes are the flat earthers😂😂

SneakerCloud : Now lets charge them and repeat the show :D