"Nice Guy"

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This is a song about "Nice" Guys. LYRICS: I have no interesting skills My personality’s lacking depth My only hobby is the internet My ambitions are wrapped up in sex And I’ve got my eye on you A perfect target for my compliments To say you’re flawless wouldn’t be a stretch Let’s hang out sometime, it’s common sense I’m sure you see that I’m a nice guy, I’m a nice guy There’s really no one nicer I deserve some of your time Now give me what I desire I would treat you like a princess Show you basic decency Pretend to like you as a person In the hopes you’ll sleep with me I’m a nice guy Why are you being stuck up? I called you beautiful and liked your pics If you came over do you think we’d kiss Haha maybe you would suck my dick? You took that the wrong way It was accident, I just mispoke Or I was joking, can’t you take a joke? You stupid slut I hope you fucking choke Haha I'm kidding I’m a nice guy, I’m a nice guy Girl I swear I didn’t mean it Please don’t block me, I am sorry Did this cause a rift between us? Are you there? I know you saw this message, please respond, you bitch Cause I’ve been nothing but a gentleman, I swear that I am different I’m a nice guy All you females are the same The only guys you’ll fuck are assholes Well I'll show you what an asshole really is I was pleasant, you’re pathetic One day soon you will regret it And your boyfriend is a stupid piece of shit I bet he hits you I’m a nice guy, I’m a nice guy That whore wasn’t worth my time I guess chivalry is dead ‘Cause I just watched it fucking die I am moving on to someone new Gonna message my next victim Hoping this one is more docile Boy, I sure know how to pick them I’m a nice guy