Eminem as a Talking Heads song
Eminem as a Talking Heads song

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Super Deluxe deleted all of my old videos so I'm re-uploading here. Cheers! Composed, Performed and Edited by Nick Lutsko: https://twitter.com/NickLutsko https://facebook.com/NickLutsko Graphic Design by Jesse Benjamin: http://jessebenjamin.com Produced by Jason Richards and Super Deluxe.


Gena Louise : HOWWWW is this so good omG?!

SPUTNIK. : This is simultaneausly the best Eminem song and the worst Talking Heads song

beautiful nightmare : I actually like this. My friends are mad at me for singing the orange part on repeat lol

Pagliacci : Best Emenim song I've heard.

theworst junkie : Also the lyrics could actually be taken from an actual Talking heads song...

SHINJI GETS GROUNDED : I just randomly remembered this video and u reuploaded it 3 hours ago wow

Madeline Actrice : Yeah this is probably the best out of the parodies and God damn dude you nailed talking heads so hard

Epicytper : Absolute gem, put this up on Spotify

Robert Escher : This is now my favorite emimem song ever...

SullySadface : I'm uncomfortable

Draven Stump : This man need a grammy

Paul Mclaughlin : I"m on view 5 or so and I found it today... tomorrow it will continue to climb.

Akuma Ukpo : Jack: What instrument do you play? Me:

boogersculptor : nice. hope they dont claim it on ya. i think its CC now anyways right?

Neo : This was brilliant!

LowcountryJoe2 : Same as it ever was

Daerrol DHSJ : This is the best thing ever.

Kashimaro Clickclick : I learnt a lot about oranges

Chris Chamberlain : Better than all his tracks

Jeff Lawrence : holy smolly this is great, waiting for this to blow up

Trev : Fantastic compilation, love this :)

roguecactus7 : “Huh hat”. Brilliant.

Sean Lazar : Haha, Genius!

MT Flatbed, LLC Maree Benner : I'm loving this!

Shishuraj Karmalkar : Why did super deluxe do that?

David O'Leary : How has this only got 75K views?

YouTube Public Relations Dept. : This is just perfect!

Pagliacci : O.k,,, I'm impressed.

Nick PapaGeorgio : Is there an allotment to how many times I can watch/hear this daily?

Sub to PewDiePie Fuck you T-series : 1.25x become a 80s song

Jorge Alcaraz Caratachea : Este cabron es un genio, muy ingenioso su idea que planea con diferente tipo de género musical ante un rapero y aparte decir las palabras que eminem dice atraves de las entrevistas y vídeos en el que sale él, convertirlo en rimas mientras el las va acomodando para darle un ritmo acordé al genero. Mis respetos 👌👍

YouTube Public Relations Dept. : This is just perfect!

SecretSauce : This reminds me of Bad Lip Reading.

Grallis : This is good

Ollie Francis : I will love this forever

ÇøŁŤ : Amazing. Lol

Cube Xombi : I'm dying...

Dormiveglia : I think it's time for an 80's revival. Beats the absolute crap that's out there of late

dzk : This is better than any song Eminem has ever done

Ends by Yo mom : This is so cool!

lily 06 : Why did super deluxe delete your videos

Rdizz Automotive : HI this is a random real comment saying this is good. Please excuse all the bots and bible bashers. Have a nice day

Nicholas DiProspero : This is excellent.

BURGERSHOT 13 : save youtube.

Yotam Ravid : Damn.

manko eater : This is so wrong, but so right 😂🔥

Mark R : how to people come up with this?

Belén Armada : amazing

Steven H : PEPEGA