FACEIT London Major 2018 - Player Profiles - Ropz - Mousesports

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Jake Lucky : Dang it's crazy the things you never know about these guys, what a legend Ropz.

P9nda : Holy.. Ropz has such a strong mentality!

Rustybits : These Faceit 2018 player profiles are the highest quality ones i've ever seen.

NadeKing : ❤️

Caolán Murphy : Ohhh wow my heart dropped when he said what happened his father! Love you Ropz ❤️

Maybe1337 : His father would be proud of him

Oli Harding : These player profiles are so important so people actually realise there's a person behind the player in game/match. Powerful.

super nova : Not a single Estonian in this video is unattractive. How are they so beautiful smh

Mathew Sciarra : Wow what a touching story

Inkka : Huge passion. Feel sad about his father. Still great how proud his mom is And he is one of very few who didnt get introduced to CSGO by his older brother

Brennig Neal : I'm not crying, you're crying!

preusyloxx : omg wanted to write " iw would bang mother 10/10" but thats a sad story

ForcePlayZ : Deep respect for this guy, also about what happened with his father of course. We all here and just supporting all of the eSport/FaceIT/Esea players.

LucaS : His mum is so nice and positive she really is a shining example of great parenting

Mark Darryl : Ropz has 3 younger bros! 3 future cs pros incoming.

Thewillshow123 : This should’ve been released while they were still in the major.

osamahey : Well here come all the comments about his mom..

best l : Is it only me who has tears in my eyes?

Bogeymanh Gaming : Where are all these onion cutting ninjas coming from

Harry : Ropz has such a Kool name

Ariess : Next #1 player in the world

mkl csgo : Legit maailma kõige toredam inimene, kunagi ei unusta kui sinuga lennukis kohtusin :D <3

Mark McKeown : These videos are great. High production value, and interesting insight to the players.


ㅤItsCronk : Hearing Estonian is so odd while studying Finnish.

JBlack1 : Im not a mouse fan but I’m a ropz fan now

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos? : atleast everyone in his school look like actual highschoolers, the freshman in my school legit look like elementary school kids

fan wee : Ropz has become one of my favorite players in CS, his story and the success hes had, differentiates him from other pros. Mouz is no longer a underdog team. They are an A-class team now, no doubt.

XYZIO : *All these amazing players seem to have had some really challenging times in their lives. It's incredible they've managed to pull through and get to where they are today!*

GCX789 : I've been to Estonia! Amazing country!

Someone you know : so basically he's a genius 😮😮👍

Jay : Beautiful mom

T_bus : Ropz has always been one of my favourite players, so cool to learn about him as a person. (No pun intended btw)

Nobody Has Tobacco : The grandma bit almost make me cry. Amazing story. Great work FACEIT, keep it up!

Savant : too bad teachers in america aren't organized enough to give you assignments ahead of time like that

Sigma Sirkuza : Damn his mom is hot AF. In most respectful way as possible coz Ropz is a legend

tommi karvonen : Listening to someone speaking in estonian as a finnish person is really weird. It sounds so similiar and you can make out some sentences that his mother says.

ABAX1AL : Finally a Pro player who don't have elder brother

Daniel dabootv : why is this published at 12:30 EU times?!

xdly : Very moving story you got my sympathy

Moritz : this was cute as heck

Jake Bachmann : Nicely done, Rip to his dad very sad news.

Albert Zhmyshenko : Sorry for question. He is 18 year old why he still in school ? Or its University ?

Aris Kun : Hot MOM 😍👍

Bad Goyim : What a milf

ClNR sCkF : Очень трогательная история Ropz ,но он сильный духом и справляется со всем!

The Unusual Dispenser : 8:03 is Estonia and Finland attached to each other in the map ?

Leo Hunter : I've gained a lot of respect from ropz sincerely what a great kid.

T B : Could have put money on Faceit doing a player profile on their poster boy for FPL

RubeN : Such a beautiful story, and a great player aswell! Much love