Pumpkin Song - Jack Stauber

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Comments from Youtube

Cesar Cruz : The fact that the pumpkin has control over the speed of time is horrifying. You could be tortured for what seems like an eternity when in reality it’s only been 5 minutes.

Noescope : At least he can buy a coffee or two with all those teeth

Andrea Mikoda : The boys terrified whines made this unnerving

Garl Vinland : Absolutely terrifying to think that he makes time feel slower, so you have to endure those other tortures for even longer...

bones : better to remove the teeth now so the cat doesn't accidentally eat any

corey : That relatable moment when you get into a house in the woods and meet a singing pumpkin who so happens to be the devil's reincarnate that wants to feed you to his cats.

Metallic Bunny : Always glad to see a caring cat owner

CanWe Not : Never speed up/slow down a Jack Stauber video. Ever.

sleepy kitkats : It should be called "over the garden wall deleted scene".

4Sythia Shaymin : I love the pumpkin’s voice, I need more songs sang in his voice!!! Seriously it’s so eerily enchanting

snatched batch : Jack Stauber: makes a video TikTok: *it’s free real estate*

SDanimation 100 : TOP 10 anime betrayals

Exio : 0:17 for endless repeats

Logan Morley Clark : Each thing that the pumpkin has to do with drugs, example dizziness equals nicotine, tickle your nose equals cocaine, time slow equals marijuana, teeth fall out equals methamphetamine, boards creak equals hallucinations, blind I'm not sure

K-Blue : For some reason I can't stop seeing the lit window of the house at the very beginning and end of the vid as the pause symbol

Dynamite : Wow what a different style from your regular videos, but still feels like a good old Stauber upload, love it.

Lord of Cascade : I show these videos to my mom alot and I think she's gonna disown me

Emily Barclay : This is literally what a nightmare feels like

Smorgasborddd : Why does that kid look like Ted Cruz?

KawaiiCanon : *I think i'll skip carving pumpkins next Halloween.*

Brandon Rogers : Brilliant as usual

Ashley M. : Bro some of these videos could be the basis for nightmares. I love it.

💕Sister•Sinning💕 : **my anxiety has entered the chat**

Outsyder Nyte : Cuphead DLC looking good.

CrappyContent Studios : *Walt Disney Wants to know your location.*

chloe moriondo : very unsettling, made me very unsettled. 11/10

TheOfficials Real : It all went down so fast

Birtycle 204 : Breaking news: kid got tortured by a pumpkin and then fed to a cat

Jeremy : I'm goin' say this one more damn time: Never, *ever* trust a pumpkin. Even one that can talk, that's a no go my bro. He let the little boy into his house like a little pumpkin kidnapper. Oh, and he can be tortured for like two seconds, he can make "the world seem slow" so that everything that happened just seems like forever. And he will use that to his advantage. This poor little boy just wanted to see a magic trick or two. But no, of course not. He went blind, lost all of his teeth, and he's dizzy. Like, spare the poor boy. Just for a second, come on my pumpkin bro. Okay, okay. That's all I wanted to say.

Memedoc Thiccals : Tik tok ruined this beautiful creation

Growsomestrawbs : hmm don’t remember this one from over the garden wall

Spooky Medium : This is one very spooky spook

Domoking 102 : Put your short songs like this and bumblebees are out on Spotify

☆StormySkiez☆ : Watch on 240p to get the full aesthetic

Local Llamas : Why is this actually kinda of scary

Kaylee Hughes : I love the unsettling feeling this gives me. The dark words but cheerful seeming song and people.

Dark Shadow : I love Bendy and the Ink Machine 2017

cryptic ??? : At least he treats his cat well.

Irma Silva : That twist of the gut when the boys teeth fall out reminds me of when my dreams suddenly turn into nightmares. This one time I dreamt that I was lying with my mom on her bed and we were laughing and joking around and we looked at each other and smiled and suddenly as I looked at her one of her eyes turned inward so that it was all white and she made a terrible clicking noise while she kept smiling at me. This felt exactly like that moment. I haven't felt genuine fear like that in a while. 10/10 👏👏👏

Spongy Meme Sause : The new cuphead boss looks great

Callum Kelly : Absolute masterpiece Jack, so dark & heavy yet has me bopping around every time I watch this. Love every second of your work

Flashex341 xx : Hearing the sudden shift in attitude and time is so unsettling. The fact that the boy doesn't reemerge in the end is worse. ...Jack Stauber is a *genius*

Arrow 10777 : to be fair, he wasn't really wearing a costume on (what I can assume to be) Halloween.

the Fat cat : This weird even for me

Liam Alisson Majillano : I heard in the end im gonna feed you to my cat

Random person18 : I don’t think I’ll be eating any pumpkin pie any time soon

jeepers kreepers : jack stauber: * makes content * tik tok: *_its free real estate_*

Loѵe : **Sanity has left the chat**

Agent Mothman : I like the way the pumpkin makes the lights go out and you get a subliminal feeling of uneasiness, but everything is all happy so you ignore it. Then he makes the world go slow and you realise 'ok, this pumpkin has godlike powers, something isn't right here' and that feeling of uneasiness sets in once again, but he tickles the kid's nose to lull you into a false sense of security. Then comes subtle lowering in the pitch of the pumpkin's voice and shit gets real dark real fast. The best part is when you (inevitably) watch the video again and notice the pumpkin slam the door closed once the kid comes in and realise the pumpkin had bad intentions from the very beginning.