Pumpkin Song - Jack Stauber

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Brandon Rogers : Brilliant as usual

chloe moriondo : very unsettling, made me very unsettled. 11/10

Gandy Atila/ガンディ アティラ : I can make the lights go out, I can make the wooden boards go rah-tah-tah! I can make the world seem slower, Tickle your nose, and after that, I can make your teeth fall out, I can make you go blind as a bat! I can make you feel dizzy, Fall asleep and i'll feed you to my cat.

mia i don’t want a last name youtube : I can make you go *_BLIND_*


YungCrippTV : This was the first piece of work of yours that I have ever seen and it was on Twitter, I instantly thought this was an old cartoon that just never got played. But I started looking into you more and you are easily becoming my new favorite creator of things. There is not been one thing that I have seen that I have not genuinely fallen in love with

Foot Lettuce : I like the way the pumpkin makes the lights go out and you get a subliminal feeling of uneasiness, but everything is all happy so you ignore it. Then he makes the world go slow and you realise 'ok, this pumpkin has godlike powers, something isn't right here' and that feeling of uneasiness sets in once again, but he tickles the kid's nose to lull you into a false sense of security. Then comes subtle lowering in the pitch of the pumpkin's voice and shit gets real dark real fast. The best part is when you (inevitably) watch the video again and notice the pumpkin slam the door closed once the kid comes in and realise the pumpkin had bad intentions from the very beginning.

Zero two : this is weirdly awesome

Kraison Frameworks : It's no mystery where he got the teeth from, then.

BizzarreProductions : Fun fact: Although it's often associated with saccharine musical numbers and bawlderized folk tales, cartoonists in the rubber hose era absolutely LOVED animating horror, and especially ghost/monster stories! If you warped back to the 1930s and used this as a portfolio piece, all the cartoon studios would probably fight over who got to hire you.

луйми слуйми : eating pumpkin makes your teeth go gray

Kleptophrenia : You haven't really watched this video if you havent been terrified by it. That's some scary shit bro. Imagine just going blind, and feeling all dizzy black out drunk like that holy shit.

Submarine Seb : Some furry is going to make a dark animation meme about this! I just have a feeling :p

Spongy Meme Sause : The new cuphead boss looks great

Tenchigo : Child: " _Wow!_ " *Proceeds to become a toothless bat-boy that is eaten by cat* Yeah. Pretty much the Jack Stauber trademark.

Growsomestrawbs : hmm don’t remember this one from over the garden wall

GlitchMaster2 : "wow this took a dark turn" it's jack what do you expect

LittleMissLouis : That's what happens when you stare and then *walk into* suspicious frickin' cabins in the woods!

Flame Werewolf : Oh god I actually didn’t think it would get creepy

EmotionalBlob : _I can make the lights go out~_ _I can make the wooden boards go ra-ta-ta~_ _I can make the world seem slower_ *slower* _Tickle your nose, and after that~_ *I can make your teeth fall out~* *I can make you go blind as a bat~* *I can make you feel dizzzy~* *Fall asleep, I'll feed you to my cat~*

Noah Davis : Serves him right though, snooping around in people's windows like that.

Jardy Giovan : what SCP is this?!

fafafagat : I don't want a spooky vid You don't wanna a spooky vid That's too spoo-oo-ky Well why'd you ask me for the vid? I don't know When did the spookyness begin? I dont know Is it spooky cause of me? Yeaaah

Good Boi : This is a heart warming story about a pumpkin who wants to feed his cat guys! It’s not dark at all! :)

Dead m E m E : I never trust that pumpkins smile for *THE START*

Akanai Senpai : I really want to live in your mind.

Giśs : Jack's done 3d animation, claymation, his own style of animation recorded through a VHS tape somehow, pixel animation and now the old cartoon style? A true madman

saule rinkeviciute : *S P O O K T O B E R*

Snakessi : epic to see you trying out the 1930s animations vibes! Creepy as ever, love it :D

Charblastaur : This is darker than my pal Tyrone.

Dynamite : Wow what a different style from your regular videos, but still feels like a good old Stauber upload, love it.

Ne0 : Lyrics: I can make the lights go out! I can make the wooden boards go rat-tat-tat! I can make the world seem slooooower Tickle your nose and after that I can make your teeth fall out! I cam make you go blind as a bat! I can make you feel diiizzyy Fall asleep and i'll feed you to my cat!

Tenzin Jorden Wujohktsang : the more you watch this the more you will see how detailed jack stauber worked on this video! loved it when the scary part came jack implemented the organ in it. what i loved even more though was that the child stopped screaming when the pumpkin was singing „fall asleep and i‘ll feed you to my cat“ meaning it fell asleep. other things like closing the door at the beginning meaning the pumpkin had evil intentions from the very beginning underrated genius

boredomes : that is absolutely horrifying I love it!

noah nitrogen : Agh this might be one of my favorites, the animation is so eerie and fits so well with his singing.

Zalzion : I was hoping you would end it with a creepy note

Tsolemn Beach : What psychological horror should be, you say?

Beckoning Chasm : Well, you know, as long as there aren't bad words like "peenids" then we're all okay here.

The Club : Well, I’m never going to sleep again

AdventureVanMan : my teeth fell out

Qwerty Art : Never speed up/slow down a Jack Stauber video. Ever.

Garl Vinland : Absolutely terrifying to think that he makes time feel slower, so you have to endure those other tortures for even longer...

Fuzzawuzzit : I was expecting something cute all the way through. I should have known better.

Hows ItGoing : I don't leave a lot of comments but I want to say how awesome your videos are! Every one has a unique flavor to it and somehow stays so varied from the last. From your videos, music, and drawings on instagram I love all of it, keep up the amazing work! <3

stale chips : Lol am i the only one who thought the pause button was in the wrong place at the first scene?

William See : This pumpkin must be contained.

BLT Player : It's funny almost. Most approval. Best kids flick 2018. World applauses-ing.

Xiycate : Please make an extended version!!!!!!!!!! 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝 PLEASE???????

smol choild : *_what a cute pumpkin_* **sees rest of video** *_Nevermind.._*

Magui D : Stand Name: |T H E P U M P K I N] Stand Master: [Jack Stauber]