Anti speeding advert from New Zealand show devastating consequ

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Vincent : This.... Is powerful

Sammy Gunz : I'm from US: He went 100 Freaking Miles per Hour.

4EVAVIVALARAZA : Try watch the Northern Ireland versions of these they are brutal!

wocko1 : They showed this ad here in New South Wales, Australia. Though the difference is that they photoshopped the number plates to yellow NSW plates. Though the NZ road markings still exist, like the word STOP on the road.

wuzzum : Pull wheel sideways, drive into the field by the side of the road

Conor S : Why didn't he grab the kid from the car before he got back in Logic'd.

Ultimate Fan : Joel?

Keahi Imakyure : so powerful. I watched this years ago and I still come back to it today...

Koder : I am driving car reckless and can't change it. If allow max speed is 50km/h i fly 119 km/h 70 km/h -139km/h 110 km/h - 169 km/h I understand his is danger, but can't change myself

Matthew Stewart : Bet that'll be the last time he does that.

记副书 : 陈翔6点半

Maricris Celestino : In the Australian version it didn't show the car crashing into the other.

Tony Wony : This is also in australia

ogichi32 : WHAT IS IT WITH THESE ADVERTS?! I saw an Irish one that was just as devastating as this!

Brasívo : What movie name

Paul Harper : The nissan wouldnt have stopped even if it was doing bang on 100. Still, there isnt as glaring a hole in this theory as the other slow down advert going around nz

CoatRack21 : Better run faster than my car