Romance is bad for both shows and movies

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Justin Y. : Ok so how does this apply to hentai

KneeCaps : I wasn't joking about the lonely part though :( feelsbadman

EdenOVA : No taxation without representation

Rondy Fox : Thank you for addressing this. I hate romance especially in apocalyptic movies/shows. Like bruh it's the end of the world YOU DON'T NEED A RELATIONSHIP RIGHT NOW. That's why I like Attack on Titans. While everyone does care for one another, they still have the concept that it's the end of the world and they litterally don't have time to build a relationship with anyone because they're too busy saving the world. But sometimes it can work. Take A Quiet Place for example. While the father and the mother love one another, they are aware of the danger and they are afraid. they are afraid together.


Nickeem : NYEGA pin this i need to get laid

ElkkuH ._. : *"Kissy kissy shit"*

I'm Just Saiyan : "Love is the only reason why there's pain"

Sonicbolt : The first chapter out of 2647 of Knee's incel manifesto

Junkey V2 : 4:01 *AHHHHHHHHH WE'RE GOLDEN WIIIIIIIND" Masterfully placed jojoke good sir

Astral Zero : Someone else noticed KneeCaps singing the Golden Wind torture dance scene song?

Don181, you'r a frickin Neanderthal : Im gonna say the n-word... Knee-Caps

BlockyBookworm : SWORD ART ONLINE SPOILERS-  You missed the part where Asuna actually dies. She dies, gets basically chopped in half, and you didn't even mention it. I feel betrayed. Where's that beautiful moment where Kirito's soul is broken, where his entire life is ruined? Where's that, huh, Kneecaps? no, I'm not actually a sadist Just imagine it in Kneecaps' voice and it's funny, trust me

Samy thecat : this is the first stage of an incel

Dave Strider : *realizing a show doesn’t have to have romance to be good*

DM P : Romance in shows and films are for functional members of society that “socialize”

Coy Boi : This is by far the most underrated Chanel I’ve seen. Also a personal favourite.

dan brad : How kneecaps sees every love story: why do good girls like bad guys?

Daddy Meme Master : I don't like it either when the actual shows' premise has nothing to do with romance. I like actual romance shows though.

kanimo24 : I actually agree. Mostly because the vast majority of them are really poorly written/paced. It's really hard to flesh out a convincing romance within a two hour timeframe for movies, and TV drags them out so shippers keep watching the "will they wont they" thing.

Acidic Juice : Congrats on being lonely and relating to lonely anime characters

Crazelord91 : At least you can admit that. You got all these gross incel nyegas on the internet blaming women in general for it

baked crumpet : Now I see the problem you watched SAO to begin with

A Drum Tsukumogami : *This is it chief*

Suite Life of Dio Brando : 2d Romance>3d romance 😎👌

Eclipse YT : My nyega, you need to step your game up. Just walk to a girl and ask for a quick game for a quick kiss, works every time.

Crazelord91 : The worst case of this is in *Tombstone* . You got one of the coolest guy movies of all time (filled with one liners, action, and borderline homoerotic bromances) juxtaposed with some boring out of place romance scenes with some thot. I'm not even lonely (I'm married) and I have to fast forward those scenes on every rewatch.

92 PLUS : Not only that, but it sets a fake ideal on what finding love is about. Because everyone wants to be like some character in a film. They a boss.

Yori Yoshi : The woman shouting at you at the end is your true love

Kol Hakavod : Knee Caps’ lonlieness may be a more interesting story than we thought.

Old Genesys : Romance it's bad in general.... Why can we have an assigned couple just for reproduction?

Timida Kun/Chan : Being lonely af is just sad Especially when someone kissed another in anime when they only known each other for 5 MINUTES-

Iconic Lord : I’m scared of SAO

Commando Knight : Who is the BECH Nyega at the end :)

Zai Stephens : You sound like your about to throw some people straight into the TV world.

Diana and Anna Anna Show : *This whole entire Video is an enormous mood*

CheesyBlox : or you just gay

Sockamine : _Hurry men godammit and assemble the Thot-Zord_

F L A S K O : When you expect a criticism of romance in media but you remember that it's kneecaps

JustCallMeSteve : This is what they gonna pull up in court when you get charged for the murder

Vidyagamesnake : I played school days This isn't true

Ophec Funis : I exclusively watch romance highschool animes so :(

Daton Guyis : WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa YOU'RE GONNA WIN ***incoherent Japanese words***

Gloria Borger : Kinda glad this came out. Was hella in my feelings being single still with all my friends dating. Was getting tired of taking and deleting numbers of guys that thought I just wanted to fuck and was thinking I'm just gonna have to be alone yet another year. I was just wishing this part of my life would just end already, but then this video was uploaded. Thanks kneecaps, this video made my day. Reminded me I'm not the only one in this tough place rn.

mrmeatman : But is it bad for romance movies?

Delta Xi : It's about time, you haven't uploaded since last year.

PhantomIX : High school musical? Nah fam, miss me with that shit. Gimmie some High school DxD.

Random Kiwi : I heard that Torture Dance music, you can't hide it.

xaytms pofyqs : You're not alone bro and that's why Jojo bizarre adventure and hunter x hunter are the best animes at the moment

I nut on birds : Tv Romance is just a lazy trick to inspire prepubescent boners without having to show titty