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hippiecheezburger : This little speech is why Bill was so special to the world, his message was nothing but truth love and laughter

Strider-Ragnarok : At 04:02 someone in the crow was hit with a concussive, heavy blow of knowledge.

Alex Dawson : Truer words have never been spoken

Blair Abdullah : Yeah the hero usually dies at the end

DMT Infinity : A true genius.

komah3113 : God bless this man

darche gil : All you need is love...

Slavka Craig : People need to hear this now more then ever. It was true then and it's still true now. Trump as president, Brexit, wars...The more people hear this and wake up, the better.

The Hunted : Dreaming of that face again

Max : Its sad how many people wont get this.. Too hypnotized by trivialities and medicated from the government

BlackDogsMatter : It's a great message, but completely contrary to irrational human behavior. We have a lot of evolving to do. Bill was a few steps ahead of your standard hairless ape.

Chris Campbell : Today's comedians are our modern-day prophets.

Alistair : i love you bill. always have always will.

Michael Savio : Any Tool fans in here?

Ken Cranston : Bill putting on a show knowing and hiding his secret.

Easlebum : Bill Hicks, man. A great endorser for WORLD PEACE. My grandchildren will suffer under the evil of Eastern domination

Sir Auryn : I know as an undebatable fact there's no god because I never got to see Hicks!

R H : Pizzagate

Saul Cifuentes : Does the ride end?

budvido .budvido : Bill must have listened to Alan Watts.

Closet Heterosexual : Don't forget, Bill Hicks also said that Hitler had the right idea 😎👉

Honeys feel it deep in they're placenta : Even the smartest dummies cant read the language of Egyptian mummies put a flag on the moon but cant find food for the starving tummies.. -Damian Marley

James Hall : looks like Alex Jones.

Bjamin M : Going through a pretty freaky existential crisis. I needed this video to pop up in my feed. Thanks Bill, miss you x

Angela Kearsley : He was spot on, like George Carlin on the American Dream

Timothy Mena : Wow. Pretty Awesome. I don't know how I managed to live my life to the very. I am at right now, facing the path of time, without having Ben aware of such a truly brilliant comic and individual. Actually this isn't entirely true, there is a brief clip of Mr Hicks' stand up routine on one of my very favorite rock CDs of all time. Aenima by Tool. Thank you so much for pointing this out to me +Beatnickchick B ! I will continue my research and appreciation of Mr Hicks in the coming days. I'm so glad to have you in my circles.

8trigrammer : Decades ahead of his time.

Cerbera82 : This man and the brilliant David Icke have changed my entire perception of my time in this life. I wish so much that he was still around.

Gethin Thomas : One consciousness. We are. Always have been.

jojojorisjhjosef : alex jones confirmed.

MAKEPEACENOTWAR stevo : genius more than a comic a legend

JOhn Dawg : The sample that tool uses in one of there albums made me seek out bill hicks, love how the world works like that

Nathan Robinson : His last message: Sounds nice, but all it would do in the real world is create 300 new government departments. The US already spends far, far, far more on social security and safety nets than the military.

Anonymous Chosen : Look it's Alex Jones

Jason : Alex Jones !!!

UDT116 : Phosphorus desert buttons

Anonymous Radio Redux : Oh yea. Just a trip. The stories we are told we regard as truth. What is truth?

juan altredo : Imagine Bill Hicks as president instead of... well, you know "what". Education and compassion with a bit of humor for everybody, that'd be the day

Zach : Bill Hicks is my favorite all time comedian.  I do like George Carlin but I love Bill Hicks' work.  And his 'It's Just A Ride' routine is the stuff of legends.  I would love to see another Bill Hicks type comedian come up.  He's a relevant today as he was in 1990.  You are missed good sir.

RodMyGod : After knowing about robin and george, getting to know about this guy just completes the trinity,as one guy said on a video from robin on a live

Nancy Pelosi : Not sure I agree with him. We are not one we are individual conscious beings and the more free shit you give to someone they worse they get. Better to be taught the given a fish.

aeaeaeaeeee : Thanks Amanda

E Bozovic : A very important message from a very funny man.

Oscar Hou : Thank you Anuk

revolutionche1982 : Its cool runnings from now on baby i got you

57badarse : We lost a bright light when this man passed

Ethan K : Why is the ride a choice? I don't feel like this ride this is a choice. If it was a choice, why are we always on it? I feel like I'm on this ride forever, but I can adapt to it and become stronger within the ups and downs, twists and turns.

Mister Unglaublich : So easy to understand, but in the same time its not. Crazy :D

HughieDixon : Ne'er a truer word said.

Phoenix Knight : Spending more on eliminating poverty will create less need for military spending.