Casually Explained: Tipping
Casually Explained Tipping

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In this episode, I go around to subscriber's housesm, forcing them to watch ads and taking their spare change. Streaming Weekdays 2pm-8pm PST (but not this week I'm on a trip and giving those tips) ► Check out the new merch if you'd like: ► ► ► ►


TheOutsidersPost : They do not tip in Japan. It is considered disrespectful.

Willie J : Ok mr. Pink you convinced me, give me back my dollar.

Jake Newland-Griffin : australia sorry but we don't ficking tip i've never tipped anywhere in australia

mili boye : We don’t tip in Australia because we pay for the service in the first place and workers aren’t underpayed lol

CMDR Hells x Pyro : Japan doesn't like tips. "Service should always be outstanding".

J4MIE96 : Americans say "if you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to eat out" I say "if you can't afford to pay your staff properly, you can't afford to do business"

William Shreckengost : As long as tipping is an obscenely expected practice here, I'll at least do it for delivery, because those folks know where I live.

BigBobby5595 : "Literally Mr. Beast" 😂

Henrix98 : Tipping is for countries that don't pay their employees enough

Banana Raptor : "You guys are getting paid?"

Sophie J : “The surgeon is legally allowed to keep 15% of it” That doesn’t sound right but I don’t know enough about America to disprove it...

ignore : Why should I have to give 15% for good service, am I not supposed to get good service anyway??

Dylan Kennedy : I just give the server my debit card and say "keep the change"

Brendon Yu : Steve Buscemi would've loved this in Reservoir Dogs.

Steven Matthews : Male US babies: *get born* Doctors: I'll take the tip off that

Brett : Casually explained: the employer should pay employees a competitive wage, not the customer compensating for employers greed

Stephanie Thompson : There is no tipping in New Zealand, staff aren't allowed to keep them anyway (maybe the odd exception but generally no). Minimum wage is over $17 an hour.

PAW Team : "Tips in Japan" Me: Why do I hear Boss Music

Edgar3305 : I’m a server and I’m in college and I’ll tell you this, no way I would quit my job. You take home every night anywhere from $50-150

Jereth Khan : "I don't tip because I'm not a coward" is my new favorite excuse.

Agent Snorlson : Australian here. We don't tip. A very few places put a tip jar out but since the minimum wage here is relatively good, we don't.

Heratran : First world countries: *highlights Brazil* We are not quite there yet, buddy

Christopher Ramsey : “There’s one noticeable exception: the United States of America.” (“And one less noticeable exception: Canada.”)

gbullock2598 : Its amazing how people defend a system (tipping) thats created for the employeer to benefit and not the customer. If society says do it, yall just go for it.

ValTheCatPerson : “I dont tip because im not a coward” “I looked up if I had to tip the delivery guy”

Adam C. : You might as well be doing matrix algebra. Math flashbacks intensify

Mason Clarke : I can't believe you didn't add that scene from Reservoir Dogs.

harry tang : Did you just say Ireland is part of the UK???

FroyoHead Animation : _And here I thought Tipping was a city in China_

Chris Steyn : In South Africa wait staff get no pay and there only income is tips xd

Ayr Neto : Anyone: Good morning Americans: OMG THANK YOOOOU!!! HERE'S $5

SchwarzerRegen : America - " tip me or I'll spit in your drink , that or we'll chase you out of the country" The UK - " your welcome to tip if you feel like I did a good job " Japan - " don't tip me please it makes me feel bad as if I didn't do a good job" America and it's tipping system is insane there's prompts for tipping at fast food places now jfc

Michael Johnson : Please Casually explain Strip Clubs and getting a lap dance! I will die happy!

Rashad Charles : “I don’t declare my income” IRS has joined the chat. edit*

Pickle Inajar : I never understood why customers have to pay for food and wages the restersunt should pay it

Ratrix : "Africa *if* they had extra money" What's that supposed to mean? F*ck this guy.

Ryan M. : The only people you tip in the uk are waiters and once in a hundred bar staff or counter staff

José Sosa : Tipping being casually explained but it's 5 minutes long? BOII

Physics-guy : The only thing I'm tipping is my fedora, m'lady

Stycks Gaming : You should do a collab with oversimplified, it'd be awesome (in my opinion)

Justin Green : She doesn't want the tip , she wants the whole dam thing!!

Matt : We now know you live in Canada... your identity slowly unfolds.

Elijah Reagan : Here in Seattle we servers get $15 an hour and sweet tips. Basically a engineer's salary

Edgar Flores : I just leave 15% of my food on the plate and don't tip.

ste tuck : Here’s a tip! Dont circle Ireland when you say the UK

MrMasterDebate : Tipping is an American tradition to rob the worker and drive down incomes

Weeb : Hey, just wanted to say i love your videos and i love listening to them while i do my college projects because you voice its really beautiful and relaxing~ Hope you re doing well.

Pietro Fernandes : Casually explained identity exposed: he's Mr Pink from Reseivoir Dogs using a voice modulator.

INSECUREdrAgon TIMes : Tipping in Japan is a big no no. They find it disrespectful