Homer and marge at the candy convention

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The Stuport : "For The Greater Good"....How delightfully unselfish of Bart and Lisa to feel this way about their Beloved Family!!

fedos : For the greater good.

vitor kennedy : Hey. Hey! Hey! I have asked you nicely not to mangle my merchandise. You leave me no choice but to...ask you nicely again.

Joseph Barnes : Frink: Where the hell is the Candy? Homer: (mouth puckered up) I don't know.

Jeremy Teo : homer makes the best grenade ever on a moment notice

tubekxb : 22 years later - the explosion still makes me laugh out loud.

Neon : Why can't they make iconic Simpsons episodes like this again brings back so many memories. The writers back then were geniuses.

dj12699 : I love the Super Sour Ball part.

Mike Rennie : "You're going to have to put some sugar on that celery or get out, ma'am"

Aaron Samuels : Kool, Homer has a candy grenade

JStryker47 : And yet everyone lets THIS slide, while jumping all over Homer for allegedly harrassing some college girl.

J J : "I feel like a kid in some kind of a store!" XD

lisvender : I have to admit, Ashley's right about the video cartridges.

Shishi : *AFTER HIM!!!! HE HAS ZA GUMMY!!!!*


TheGreatDane : Aww, the scene with the candy lips has ben cut out.

Who Else but Zane? : the modern joke would be diet coke and mentos

StarWarsTrains : 5 minutes?! Come on, man! That's not enough time to play videogames!

ScumbagSteve : This 4:32 clip is 1000 times funnier than anything on TV today

AJA Ryan1994 : 4:13 not gonna lie, that was pretty badass.

Henry .LT : He just murdered like a hundred people lol

kaijinu : if only pop rocks and soda work like that...

sixstringman : I can't believe no one mentions the very first joke! Ewwww Bart, don't put the non marshmellow pieces back in the box. They go in the trash.

jonavuka : lol that ending is so fucking funny

Ciaran O'Connell : ''hollowed out wheelchair''. LOL.

Steven Fallon : Homer has been reading "The Poor Man's James Bond" book series.

Gaia Froeschke : SEE YOU IN HELL,CANDY BOYS!!!!

hexagon523 : "Disemboweler 4" that sounds like a really cool game.

ElvisLivesUpstairs : Somebody had to take the babysitter home. Then I noticed she was sitting on her sweet can I grabbed her sweet can Oh, just thinking about her can I just wish I had her sweet, sweet, sweet can.

Issack Darur : Lisa, the original SJW.

drzerogi : Bart was right: she is a maniac.

Peter Ding : Omg old Simpsons episodes waere sooooo good

Chandra Sekhar : welcome to candy convention Room 1 also candy-shaped Rat poison room 1.. LMAO

NightPanther 95 : SEE YOU HELL.......CANDY BOYS!!! Hilarious

ResinLip B Face : never noticed the mistake before but the candy goes over the women in pink 3:48

ultimaT : "I feel like a kid in some kind of a store!"

christopher Moscrop : i remember as a kid trying out the rock pops and cola trick... i was Dissapointed.

Gearoid Mc Naught : Where the hell is the candy?

Kelaiah01 : Homer flying in the air after the "candy explosion" never fails to make me laugh. XD

Gifting Phoenix : Ah when the show used to be funny.

FRAAANKY SUUUPER!! : So Bart read Roman numerals before the Lemon of Troy episode in this one. But yet claims he doesn't really read understand them in Lemon of Troy...

Sonic_K 2JZ Powered : "you'd spit them out you would!" *fist slam*

Bassettt : That's a dream convention

crescentfreshbret : Marge has big, ropey muscles.

Necros Dragosani : Best sequence:  "I Don't Know."  Bwa-hahahahahahaaa!

Casey Harley : I like the part where Homer mixes that drink with the pop rocks that's totally me in a nutshell I'm getting the hell out of that see you in hell candy boys I tossed a grenade

DOSRetroGamer : i had totally forgotten the candy-shaped rat poison :D

cody vegas : Classic Simpsons.

Derek Hamby : Announcer: "Mr Goodbar to the front desk. The front desk is looking for Mr Goodbar." Hahaha!

blindjustice316 : I miss when the simpsons were good