Homer and marge at the candy convention

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vitor kennedy : Hey. Hey! Hey! I have asked you nicely not to mangle my merchandise. You leave me no choice but to...ask you nicely again.

ultimaT : "I feel like a kid in some kind of a store!"

tubekxb : 22 years later - the explosion still makes me laugh out loud.

The Stuport : "For The Greater Good"....How delightfully unselfish of Bart and Lisa to feel this way about their Beloved Family!!

Ban Hammer : There are so many fantastic jokes and moments packed into this four minute clip, it's insane.

Mike Rennie : "You're going to have to put some sugar on that celery or get out, ma'am"

Jeremy Teo : homer makes the best grenade ever on a moment notice

Joseph Barnes : Frink: Where the hell is the Candy? Homer: (mouth puckered up) I don't know.

drzerogi : Bart was right: she is a maniac.

Neon : Why can't they make iconic Simpsons episodes like this again brings back so many memories. The writers back then were geniuses.

sixstringman : I can't believe no one mentions the very first joke! Ewwww Bart, don't put the non marshmellow pieces back in the box. They go in the trash.

AJA Ryan1994 : 4:13 not gonna lie, that was pretty badass.

J J : "I feel like a kid in some kind of a store!" XD

Georgy Ramone : "You're gonna have to put some sugar on that celery or get out, ma'am" lmao

Ciaran O'Connell : ''hollowed out wheelchair''. LOL.

birdmantd : My tombstone will read "See you in hell in Candy Boys". Ah yes...it must be done.

fedos : For the greater good.

Henry .LT : He just murdered like a hundred people lol

StarWarsTrains : 5 minutes?! Come on, man! That's not enough time to play videogames!


lisvender : I have to admit, Ashley's right about the video cartridges.

dj12699 : I love the Super Sour Ball part.

TheBestBumInW1 : Somebody had to take the babysitter home. Then I noticed she was sitting on her sweet can I grabbed her sweet can Oh, just thinking about her can I just wish I had her sweet, sweet, sweet can.

JStryker47 : And yet everyone lets THIS slide, while jumping all over Homer for allegedly harrassing some college girl.

Shishi : *AFTER HIM!!!! HE HAS ZA GUMMY!!!!*

ResinLip B Face : never noticed the mistake before but the candy goes over the women in pink 3:48

Gaia Froeschke : SEE YOU IN HELL,CANDY BOYS!!!!

Z A N E : the modern joke would be diet coke and mentos

Quantum singularity : "Disemboweler 4" that sounds like a really cool game.

Aaron Samuels : Kool, Homer has a candy grenade

Adam Sukenick : Hey. Hey! Hey! I have asked you nicely not to mangle my merchandise. You leave me no chice but to...ask you nicely again. Apu is usually tougher than that. Seems like something Ned would say.

Chandra Sekhar : welcome to candy convention Room 1 also candy-shaped Rat poison room 1.. LMAO

EdMario274 : 3:07 you're gonna have to put some suger on that celiri or get out mam...LOL

kaijinu : if only pop rocks and soda work like that...

TheGreatDane : Aww, the scene with the candy lips has ben cut out.

Peter Ding : Omg old Simpsons episodes waere sooooo good

mikkelnpetersen : 4:14 DIY grenade recipe 3 1 BUZZ cola (can) 1 Pop rox (small bag) ----------------------------------- 1. Open can. 2. Open bag. 3. Place bag over the open can. 4. Shake. 5. Throw and run like hell.

Nuigi 12 : Me: HOW DARE SHE! MEN DON'T ALWAYS PLAY VIDEO GAMES! goes the Computer to play Minecraft

Disgaealikerasap : anyone else surprised how fast marge can run in heels and a trench coat filled with candy?

Issack Darur : Lisa, the original SJW.

ScumbagSteve : This 4:32 clip is 1000 times funnier than anything on TV today

crescentfreshbret : Marge has big, ropey muscles.

NightPanther 95 : SEE YOU HELL.......CANDY BOYS!!! Hilarious

Ho Le Fuk : poor bart, to be babysat by an SJW

Kelaiah01 : Homer flying in the air after the "candy explosion" never fails to make me laugh. XD

FRAAANKY SUUUPER!! : So Bart read Roman numerals before the Lemon of Troy episode in this one. But yet claims he doesn't really read understand them in Lemon of Troy...

Derek Hamby : Announcer: "Mr Goodbar to the front desk. The front desk is looking for Mr Goodbar." Hahaha!

Bethany O'Neal : Zat is the rarest gummy of zem all! The Gummy Venus De Milo! Carved by gummy artisans who work exclusively in ze medium of gummy!

Steven Fallon : Homer has been reading "The Poor Man's James Bond" book series.

christopher Moscrop : i remember as a kid trying out the rock pops and cola trick... i was Dissapointed.