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iHeisenburger : cut zoom in cut more zoom cut zoom out cut zoom out more ' show earth cut faster cuts zoom in more more imoaaaar

It's Jabo : Can someone make me feel better and tell me they gave the kid his money back XD

Henry VIII : Gotta love The Real Hustle. I watch a lot of episodes.

Don Del Grande : I always wondered how they always seem to get 5 points at the start - here, it's obvious; the scammer points out the score chart to the player, who stares at it while he does an inflated count

big-guy6’7 : This happened to me in Ga discount mall.

Daraius Murrell : Luckily its the real hustle and he got his money back.

Edward Bliss : How about throwing the marbles and his face and scream Razzle Dazzle! Instant winner

geefreck : Play this but with fake currency. Then after you've spent around 200, The cops that you called 20 minutes ago show up to inspect the booth for counterfeiting.

TubeSurfer69841 : Apparently its Paul's favourite con of all...

nick2s : A subtle thing, you will notice the point board is not in order. If you were to sort it, I bet easily you would see an entire order of consecutive numbers will give you nothing

bhindu64 : razzle dazzle glitz and glam

brandon baker : Worst count ever

Adlin Ling : Some things never change.

Félix Hurteau : Make a ball disapear and scam the scammer

zornas spices : Welcome to gambling, where the odds are fixed and you lose every time

A Floyd : *game console. Singular.

zephyrsimon : "It's cool"

Gwifitz : How is this even legal?? XD

Tom Lord : https://github.com/tom-lord/razzle_dazzle

InsertFlashyName : fuuuuuucking excellent

Chris Campbell :

Martin Guerrero : I lost 400 dlls in Tijuana Mexico


Markus Magnon : 9 minutes of video. Can someone explain to me why you cannot hit those numbers. I would understand that if there is only a 2, 4, 6, 8, on the board you cannot add up to 25 or 57.

Travis Knapp-Prasek : Ask the scammer to let you count the marble points with them. Or use your phone to take a photo each time and fact check them. Slow down the hustle.

OneSober Guy : This guy admits to swindling people by counting incorrectly, basically stealing money out of people's pockets and is still walking? Awesome work dude!

Ryan : Harry Potter almost won a Wii U!!!

RoadDoggFL : What's that song playing at the start?

Johnathan M. : More importantly, who's the hot chick in the booth?

The Joker : *I would have spent a million pounds and won the prizes eventually. Would have been worth every pound to see that scammers face win I finally won!* *LOL* *who's the sucker now!*

kiwin111 : kind of stupid video. it isn't clear at all how the scam works. I know that is kind of the point, but if you don't explain it AT ALL, then how am I supposed to believe you explained it to the mark, and that they aren't just paid actors. And who the hell gets a student loan of 150 bucks? *so i rewatched that shit, and it seems you have to roll a specific number to even get one point. anyone with half a brain would know that the odds of landing any specific number out of the sum of eight marbles is incredibly low