The Razzle is the only carnival game to be banned in the entire world

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Reflectedpower : It honestly blew my mind when he said he would miscount on purpose to make the person believe they scored 5 points. I never considered that they would lie and trickle points to the participant at frequent-enough intervals to keep them interested while also being able to control how close to 10 points they actually get.

It's Jabo : Can someone make me feel better and tell me they gave the kid his money back XD

Don Del Grande : I always wondered how they always seem to get 5 points at the start - here, it's obvious; the scammer points out the score chart to the player, who stares at it while he does an inflated count

TubeSurfer69841 : Apparently its Paul's favourite con of all...

zornas spices : Welcome to gambling, where the odds are fixed and you lose every time

Henry VIII : Gotta love The Real Hustle. I watch a lot of episodes.

stewie 242 : Yooooo! I remember watching the show when I was a kid, this brings back memories the show is called the real Hustle😀😲

zephyrsimon : "It's cool"

Chris L. : I found it interesting that the kid was a student, but it wasn't until the 4th prize choice that he picked something that could actually be used for studying (a laptop)... especially considering he was, according to him, using his student loan money to play.

Edward Bliss : How about throwing the marbles and his face and scream Razzle Dazzle! Instant winner

Aria and Prescott Modeling Industries : 3:05 did he actually take the money out of that mans hand, definitely illegal to take money straight out of a person's hand before they stretch their arm across the counter and hand it to the carnival attendant.

big-guy6’7 : This happened to me in Ga discount mall.

Adlin Ling : Some things never change.

Bodragon : (5:22) "I'll go for the wee" "My girlfriend wants a wee." *_Priceless_* .

bhindu64 : razzle dazzle glitz and glam

Daraius Murrell : Luckily its the real hustle and he got his money back.

geefreck : Play this but with fake currency. Then after you've spent around 200, The cops that you called 20 minutes ago show up to inspect the booth for counterfeiting.

Félix Hurteau : Make a ball disapear and scam the scammer

brandon baker : Worst count ever

Martin Guerrero : I lost 400 dlls in Tijuana Mexico

Andy Schaefer : This is illegal in the USofA

RedPred : "Chances of winning are nil" Well that's not true, would just take a few thousand tries.

577AllWell : If this exists in real life, why couldn't they just find a game and do some undercover filming?

Mike Rose : That game is a hustlers paradise

Mshojat : Well you _CAN_ win at the Razzle Dazzle (particularly if given a significant boost), just chances are _incredibly_ against you; it's worse than buying lottery tickets or playing slots. However even if you win there's a _chance_ (not necessarily that high, since if people discover it they could call the police) that the prizes aren't even real.

nick2s : A subtle thing, you will notice the point board is not in order. If you were to sort it, I bet easily you would see an entire order of consecutive numbers will give you nothing

Tom Lord : https://github.com/tom-lord/razzle_dazzle

Chris Campbell :

James Morris : Play stupid games...win stupid prizes

InsertFlashyName : fuuuuuucking excellent

Travis Knapp-Prasek : Ask the scammer to let you count the marble points with them. Or use your phone to take a photo each time and fact check them. Slow down the hustle.

Markus Magnon : 9 minutes of video. Can someone explain to me why you cannot hit those numbers. I would understand that if there is only a 2, 4, 6, 8, on the board you cannot add up to 25 or 57.

James Rotock : I fell for this exact same scam in my mid twenties around twenty something years ago and was rooked out of $300! That was enough to teach me a lesson I've never forgotten and haven't gambled or been suckered into games like this ever again!

Gwifitz : How is this even legal?? XD

OneSober Guy : This guy admits to swindling people by counting incorrectly, basically stealing money out of people's pockets and is still walking? Awesome work dude!

A Floyd : *game console. Singular.


Ryan : Harry Potter almost won a Wii U!!!

RoadDoggFL : What's that song playing at the start?

Johnathan M. : More importantly, who's the hot chick in the booth?

The Joker : *I would have spent a million pounds and won the prizes eventually. Would have been worth every pound to see that scammers face win I finally won!* *LOL* *who's the sucker now!*

kiwin111 : kind of stupid video. it isn't clear at all how the scam works. I know that is kind of the point, but if you don't explain it AT ALL, then how am I supposed to believe you explained it to the mark, and that they aren't just paid actors. And who the hell gets a student loan of 150 bucks? *so i rewatched that shit, and it seems you have to roll a specific number to even get one point. anyone with half a brain would know that the odds of landing any specific number out of the sum of eight marbles is incredibly low

Robert Lozyniak : This game seems to be some kind of bug exploit for the human brain. (I wonder what the bug is, exactly?)

Bodragon : But how the fuck does it work. You never actually explained or demonstrated the deception. .

ExplosionChimp : How does that guy even sleep at night? I would never be able to do a job like that, I would just walk around all day thinking... "Man, I make a living being a complete scumbag"

Jesse Kleve : The Razzle is the only carnival game to be banned in the entire world! https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/b2vz1t/the_razzle_is_the_only_carnival_game_to_be_banned/

Candace Lunsford : I hate these people...they are at the flea mkt and always ripping ppl off

83450 : The most retarded part is that he went for a wii that probably costs around £200 instead of the £1,000 macbok

Nicholas Stevens : Ugh gypsy and a dirty bitch